I went to the mall with hopes of buying my son something.

He had done well and had to be rewarded. Besides that I was also trying to distract myself from the whole Marcus and Minni saga.

Sakhile was still doing the digging so I was going to find out from him what I'm dealing with.

Marcus didn't scare me because he was married and I was pretty sure he wouldn't want his wife finding out that he's obsessed with another woman.

I didn't know what to get him. I thought of it and the only thing he didn't have was a phone.

Yes I was going to get him that.

I was with Esihle. It was Thursday.

Anyway we walked into the Apple Store and I got my son an iPhone.

Esihle: "Daddy me"

I laughed.

Me: "You're still a baby "

I said kissing her lips.

"Hey daddy "

Someone said behind me. It was Minni and this time she wasn't wearing heels so she looked like a school kid with two ponytails. She was with a girl who looked a bit like her.

She was probably Eight or nine. Probably Lonwabo's age. They were wearing matching outfits.

Me: "Hey"

Minni: "You good? I see you're still in one piece. I know Marcus can be an ass"

I chuckled.

Me: "There's a lot you don't know about me"

Minni: "Oh this is my first born Ashanti"

She also had her hair into two ponytails.

Me: "She's beautiful. Hi there"

Ashanti: "Hi"

Minni: "Saw you here and thought I should say hi"

Me: "Dinner tonight? I'll pick you up at 6h30. Hopefully the guards won't give me trouble "

She smiled.

Minni: "I would like that"

She waved as they left.

I went to a toy shop bought Esihle some doll house that she wanted then we went to McDonald's for her happy meal.

Getting home I found Marcus holding my daughter.

Grace was in the kitchen and I swear this nigger was testing me.

I put Esihle down.

Me: "Go test your toys in your room "

She ran off.

Marcus: "Hugh. Finally you're here"

Me: "Grace take Sisi and go to your room too"

She could have argued with me but she knew me too well and heard from my voice that I wasn't playing.

This guy has went too far.

Me: "What do you want in my house? "

Marcus: "There are a lot of women out there you can mess with definitely not Minni "

Me: "And how Is that your concern? Last time I checked you were married with three boys "

Marcus: "Get my wife out of this"

Me: "I wonder if she knows you care so much about another woman "

He chuckled.

Marcus: "You don't want to mess up with me"

Me: "Oh Marcus I think it's time you did a background check on me. Besides you're too old to be trying to start shit with me. Focus on your wife and kids "

He clicked his tongue and stood up.

Marcus: "She doesn't have kids with you. If you break her heart your kids will grow up fatherless "

To think I had just met this woman and we never even spoke of love.

I wasn't in any rush anyway.

I got ready for the dinner. I wore black jeans with a black T-shirt and a blazer. I wore black Nike sneakers then roughed my hair up with my hands.

I put on my watch and sprayed some cologne again.

Grace: "Oh wow "

She said when I came. She was drooling which made me laugh.

Me: "Don't wait up"

I winked at her and she rolled her eyes.

I got into my car. This time I didn't have to say anything as the guards just let me in.

Him: "You again "

His father said when he opened the door.

Me: "Mr Jacobs"

I said getting in.

Minenhle came down the stairs. She was wearing a black long dress which had a slit from her thigh and an open back.

Minni: "Don't wait up"

She said to her father who groaned.

I wanted to laugh.

Minni: "Where are we going? "

Me: "You'll see"

Minni: "I grew up here but I've never been in this hotel"

Me: "I own a portion of this"

Minni: "Impressive "

We were going to have our dinner in the honeymoon suite. Getting there there were roses on the floor and on the bed.

Me: "I didn't do this"

She giggled.

Minni: "I can't imagine you being romantic. No offence "

Me: "None taken. Our food will arrive soon"

We had our dinner in the balcony .

Me: "So why are you divorced at such a young age? "

She sighed.

Minni: "Things fell apart when I got pregnant. He started cheating and I always found out. We tried working it out after I gave birth but things just weren't the same "

Me: "Thank God I've never been married. "

Minni: "Do you want to get married in the future? "

Me: "Maybe. If I find someone willing to accept three kids. They're the reason I got dumped "

Minni: "More wine please "

She said looking at me. Her eyes were burning with desire I think.

I stood up and took her by the hand. I pulled her to me clinging our bodies then kissed her.

I stopped it when her breathing had changed.

Me: "Let's shower then sleep "

She didn't decline but nodded.

We went back and to the bathroom. I undressed her then she undressed me her eyes running up and down my body.

Minni: "You have an amazing physique "

She said running her hand over my chest.

I was looking down at her.

Minni: "Let's go shower "

She took my hand and we walked to the shower.

Not everything was about sex to her I guess.



Her phone rang and I prayed she picks up.

She did and I breathed out which made her giggle.

Aphiwe: "What's up? "

Me: "I need you "

Aphiwe: "Are you OK? "

She said with panic and I giggled.

Me: "Yes I am but I need your help with something. Please "

Aphiwe: "OK I'm coming "

I waited for her while having a glass of wine.

I didn't go to work because of this dinner date.

I don't know why I was so nervous. It was probably because I hadn't been on a date in a long time.

She came and I stood up and hugged her.

Aphiwe: "What's going on? "

Me: "I have a date"

I said and she screamed making me laugh.

Me: "Really? "

Aphiwe: "Who is he? "

Me: "His name is David. Thing is I don't know where he's taking me and he's pretty unpredictable. I need an outfit "

Aphiwe: "I'm sure your closet is filled with clothes "

Me: "What if I wear fancy then he takes me to those hood places? I don't want to find myself overdressed. But he might take me somewhere fancy then I'm undressed. It's frustrating "

Aphiwe: "I actually don't know what to say. Diana would know "

Me: "Your sister and I aren't the best of friends "

Aphiwe: "Then wear something that's not over the top. I think it's called smart casual."

I bit my nail. She was onto something.

Me: "I don't think I have that "

Aphiwe: "Let's go shopping then"

I smiled.

Me: "Oh I love you"

Aphiwe: "Yeah yeah I know "

So I stood in front of my mirror looking at my reflection.

I was wearing navy blue jumpsuit with yellow block heels. I wasn't too fancy. In my opinion the outfit was too simple but I could rock it anywhere.

David: "I've been waiting "

He said leaving by my door frame.

I turned to him nervously.

Me: "Hi"

David: "Let's go. I'm looking forward to this"

I nodded and took my purse and phone.

He took my hand and we left.

I was so nervous. You'd swear I had just met him or something. It was just because these were different circumstances. It wasn't business.

David: "Why are you so nervous? "

Me: "Maybe because I don't know what awaits me and how this night is going to turn out "

David: "It will turn out with you breathing heavily under me but for now relax"

It was going to take me a while to get used to him talking like this.

So we had our dinner at a classy restaurant and the food was so amazing that I even had dessert.

David: "I had a good time. It's nice not talking about business "

Me: "You Still haven't told me more about you"

David: "You'll know me Leonor more especially because you'll be seeing more of me"

He said holding my hand. I blushed. He kissed my cheek then whispered in my ear "Let's get out of here"

He helped me up and we left. I didn't know where we were going and I didn't feel the need to ask.

As long as I'd be with him.



I was going home on Sunday and it was Saturday.

I missed my family. It had been such a long time since we spent time together not counting the lobola time.

Regardless I was happy to be going home more especially because of the SMS I once received.

Fana was probably working in his study.

He was taking this better than I was.

He came into the bedroom. I had went back to bed after taking a shower.

Fana: "Still good? "

I nodded not even looking at him.

I heard him sigh as he walked towards me.

Fana: "I thought I told you not to stress about this"

Me: "I'm sorry but I can't help it"

Fana: "Nothing is going to happen to me"

Me: "And how do I know that huh? I can't lose you "

Fana: "And you won't. I promise "

He pulled me in for a hug.

I hoped that he was right.

I really hoped that I don't lose him cause it would break me.


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