Me: "You're still here? "

I asked putting my keys on the table.

I wasn't even drunk. I just had one shot of whisky.

Retha: "We have to talk "

Me: "I don't have anything to say to you"

Retha: "Fair enough but I have a few things that I need to get off my chest "

Me: "You're brave "

I said with a snicker.

Retha: "We've been together for about six months and I've never asked anything from you. I've been taking care of you not expecting anything in return and the one time that I ask for your card you insult me and call me a gold digger. Just like that we're done. "

Me: "What's your point? "

Retha: "My point is you're very unfair. I'm your girlfriend there shouldn't be any problem with me asking for your card. Hey who knows? Maybe I want to book myself some therapy sessions to deal with your cheating. After what you did to me I don't see what's the big deal "

Me: "It's my money"

Retha: "Don't be stingy. "

Me: "Fine Rethabile you can have my card. Do whatever you want with it. "

Retha: "Thank you"

Me: "Just keep in mind that it's my hard earned money. We still have a long way to go"

She rolled her eyes.

Retha: "Fine"

Me: "And I'm sorry for lashing out. You also have to understand where I'm coming from. I was surprised because you had never asked for it before and you made it seem like I have to buy your forgiveness "

Retha: "Apology accepted. While at it I'll buy those new sheets"

I laughed.

Me: "I forgot about that"

I took out my platinum card and gave it to her.

Me: "And do your hair. I don't want to see you wearing a beanie"

Retha: "Hai fotshek"

Me: "Kiss? "

She came to me and we kissed.

Maybe I did overreact. Just a little.

Retha had Invested a lot in our relationship and had been nothing but good to me.

It was high time I started showing her some appreciation.



me: "You really moved on didn't you? "

I sighed and put my phone away.

It had been about a month or more since Hugh "broke up" with me.

He was right and I was a fool too. He had never given me any hints that he wants more than sex.

I was stupid.

I had been looking at his picture on my phone. That was the only thing I had of him.

We were really doing this co-parenting thing well but it ended there.

Who was I kidding? We hadn't had sex in months so I guess I should have read between the lines.

To think I was once in a relationship with a man whom I loved and we were the most envied and loved couple look at me now.

I had been miserable. I'd look at old pictures of me and Bandile my ex fiance and wonder where it all went wrong.

He was happy now with his wife and kids and all I had was my daughter.

September meant a new start for me.

I knew I had to get some grip on life and start living.

It was the first of September so the store was quite busy since people had gotten paid.

It was really all that kept me busy if I wasn't at home with my daughter.

She was two now and talked a lot.

Hugh made her speak Xhosa so sometimes I didn't even hear a word.

I was thinking of expanding since I was making great profit.

I wanted to add a beauty spa thingy and nails and hair.

I was still looking for a bigger venue and my mom loved the idea.

My parents were proud of me and what I had achieved.

I decided to go out of my office and just look at people.

While at it I saw a very untidy guy enter. His boots were soggy and dirty. He was making the floor dirty with every step.

I was mad at my assistants for not doing anything about this guy.

I went over to him.

Me: "Excuse me"

He turned and looked at me.

Him: "What? "

Me: "Can't you see that you're making my floor dirty? This isn't a place for hobos"

Him: "Oh? And you are? "

He had something like a British accent yet was dark and dirty in those overalls that had mud all over.

Me: "The owner"

He chuckled.

Him: "I see. Are you chasing me out? "

Me: "Yes. I don't even know how someone like you can even enter here"

Him: "Someone like me? "

Me: "Yes dirty and all muddy. Please leave because I can't afford to lose customers because of a dirty floor. "

He looked at me up and down clicked his tongue then left.

Me: "Get someone to clean this! "

I said to one of the assistants.

I still couldn't believe they had been so ignorant.



Me: "How was school boy? "

Lonwabo: "Good. Just that there was this girl who looked at me weirdly "

I laughed.

Me: "Is it? "

Lonwabo: "Yes but I got compliments clicked his tongue then left.

Me: "Get someone to clean this! "

I said to one of the assistants.

I still couldn't believe they had been so ignorant.



Me: "How was school boy? "

Lonwabo: "Good. Just that there was this girl who looked at me weirdly "

I laughed.

Me: "Is it? "

Lonwabo: "Yes but I got compliments even from my teacher"

They were wearing casual because it was spring day like it's called.

Me: "Who's your teacher? "

Lonwabo: "Momo. She's beautiful dad"

I chuckled.

Me: "Is it? "

Lonwabo: "Yes and there is no ring on her finger"

Mind you my son was just 8 so I wondered what he knows.

Me: "So? "

He laughed.

Me: "Hai I'm not asking your teacher out"

Lonwabo: "But mom will be married soon dad so... "

He shrugged.

Me: "This is not a competition "

He got out when I stopped at Esihle's day care to fetch her and that's when my phone rang.

Me: "Yeah? "

Lihle: "No baby lovey? "

Me: "Hai how are you? "

Lihle: "I miss you. I'm by your house uphi? "

Me: "Went to pick the kids. I'll be there in about fifteen minutes "

Lihle: "I'll wait. Good thing I came with a car "

Me: "Sharp"

I hung up.

Lonwabo came with Esihle and we left.

I drove straight home because I didn't want to keep her waiting for too long.

She got out of her car when I drove in.

It was a red polo vivo.

Me: "I didn't lock you should have just got in and made yourself comfortable "

Lihle: "You should have mentioned it when I called"

Me: "You should drop the attitude now"

Esihle: "Daddy! "

I picked her up and we went inside the house.

It smelled of food so I knew my mom had come to cook.

Me: "Go wash your hands. I'll dish up for you two "

Lihle: "I can do it"

Me: "Nah I got it"

Lihle: "Why are you drifting away from me?"

Me: "What are you talking about? "

Lihle: "You giving me mixed signals. One day we're good and the next you don't even call or text to check up on me"

Lonwabo: "Thank you "

Esihle: "Me too"

Me: "Yeah go eat in your room. Lonwabo make sure she finishes"

Lonwabo: "Yes sir"

They left.

Me: "Are you hungry? "

Lihle: "No"

Me: "Dish up for us"

Lihle: "You have just acted like I don't exist in front of your kids. You've never introduced me"

Me: "Will you stop fussing? "

She was beginning to irritate me now.

Lihle: "Hugh we're in a relationship! "

Me: "Firstly don't ever raise your voice at me. Secondly I'll never forget because you remind me every second. Stop trying to change me"

Lihle: "I'm not... no "

Me: "I'm not those guys who send you long ridiculous messages flowers and chocolates. Look let's just go with the flow. There's no rush just like I'm not rushing you to bend over for me"

Lihle: "But I... We... "

Me: "Shh. Food please "

Lihle: "Can we talk about this? "

Me: "We're done. Learn to move on sisi "

Lihle: "Wow"

Me: "And you shouldn't force it. I'm with you OK and I'll get the hang of this soon and we'll be good. Just relax"

Lihle: "I love you "

She whispered.

I looked at her.

Me: "Uhm OK? "

Lihle: "You don't? "

Me: "Lihle it's too soon to talk about... Look just dish up. This topic is depressing "

She didn't say anything after that.

What did I get myself into?

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Ntutu 2019-05-01 20:46:52

I am glad Lungisani and Retha worked out their misunderstanding yho Leonor i am glad you have accepted that you and Hugh will never be and the dirty hobo man could be your future hubby ke sisi just watch out lol Lihle is starting to grind my tits the wrong way nxa with all her demands