Lihle: "I can only make breakfast"

Me: "What do you suppose I eat then? "

Lihle: "We can order something"

Me: "Or we can just fuck"

I said trying to kiss her but she pushed me.

Me: "What? "

Lihle: "Not before I know where we stand. I'm not about to become your random Fuck "

I really felt like rolling my eyes.

Me: "Am I suppose to beg? I'm not going to beg for pussy Lihle "

I thought of how it had been months since I had some now I was here with this girl who was acting like a Virgin.

I mean when we started kissing I thought I was really gonna get it until she stopped me halfway after I took off her clothes and she was in just her undies.

Lihle: "I didn't... I didn't say you should beg for it"

Me: "You don't want to cook for me you don't want to give me some what do you want vele? "

Lihle: "You don't have to be rude"

Me: "Answer me. Why did you come? Why did you want to See Me? "

Lihle: "Because I... I missed you"

I stood up from the couch.

This woman was frustrating me for no reason.

I went to the fridge and took out a can of beer.

Me: "It's getting late. You should leave"

Lihle: "You going to throw me out because I refused to sleep with you? "

Me: "This is my house. I can do what I want. "

Lihle: "I'm not going anywhere "

She said coming towards me.

Me: "I can just throw you out"

I said shrugging.

Lihle: "Do you have to be such an asshole? you're too handsome for that"

Me: "What do you want from me Lihle? "

Lihle: "Will I get what I want? "

Me: "Not when you haven't given me what I want "

Lihle: "I'll order is food and even pay for it but we're not having sex. I want us to be in a relationship "

Me: "What's a relationship without sex? You're 25 for heaven's sake. You're not a 16 year old and I'm too old to be playing cat and mouse"

Lihle: "There's nothing wrong with waiting and getting to know each other"

Me: "We can do that after the sex"

Lihle: "What if you run away? What if you don't enjoy it with me? What if I don't give it to you how you want it? What if I'm bad in bed? "

Me: "We'll cross that bridge when we get there "

She seemed like someone with insecurities. I could see it in her eyes.

It was like she had been through some worst experiences in that regard.

She sighed.

Lihle: "Maybe I should leave"

I watched her dress up.

'No no' my inner man said.

Me: "I... We can order. "

I just hoped I won't regret it.

Lihle: "You don't have to do me any favours"

Me: "Sukundidika. Sit your barely there ass down and order us something"

She frowned and sat down.

She took out her IPhone to order I think.

Me: "Now smile "

She rolled her eyes then faked a smile which made me laugh so she ended up laughing too.

Me: "Come here"

She stood up and came into my arms.

I hugged Her without saying anything then my hands went to her little butt.

Me: "Consider doing squats "

She pushed me away and I laughed.

She pulled out her middle finger.

Me: "Careful I might just Fuck you until you beg me to stop"

I swear she blushed at that.

Lihle. Lihle.



I had just taken a shower after waking up when I heard the radio playing.

I don't even know how I fell asleep the previous night with the way things were.

I did feel bad for Retha catching us like that and I never thought she'd come here.

Anyway I dressed up in track pants and a hoodie with my sleepers then went down the stairs.

I found her having breakfast.

Me: "Morning baby "

She didn't dare turn to look at me.

Me: "Rethabile! "

Retha: "What? "

Me: "I'm not about to stay in a house with someone who's not talking to me"

Retha: "If you want company why not call your white bitch? "

Me: "Don't talk to me like that. "

Retha: "How? "

I sighed and went to her.

She was sitting on the couch why not call your white bitch? "

Me: "Don't talk to me like that. "

Retha: "How? "

I sighed and went to her.

She was sitting on the couch in the lounge.

Me: "Baby I'm really sorry about that. "

Retha: "How long? "

Me: "What? "

Retha: "How long have you been cheating on me? "

Me: "I... A few months"

Retha: "Wow"

Me: "Look baby it was just sex"

Retha: "So I'm not giving it to you good enough? I don't satisfy you? Now I get why we haven't had sex in two months! Yes I've been counting "

Me: "Baby"

Retha: "Do you even want to be with me? "

Me: "Of course I do"

Retha: "You have a funny way of showing it shame"

Me: "I want us to be OK baby. I'm really sorry and I'll stop. "

She looked at me.

Retha: "Will you? "

I nodded.

Me: "I'll stop. "

Retha: "And if I didn't catch you? "

Me: "I'm sorry. I really am"

Retha: "I'll need your card"

I looked at her like she's crazy.

Me: "Uyaphambana! "

Retha: "I guess you don't want us to be OK"

Me: "Pack all your shit and leave my house. I'm not about to be in a relationship with a fucken gold digger! "

Retha: "I... What? Baby no"

Me: "Leave. Go! "

I was so pissed at her for thinking like that.

Then suddenly it made sense why she was here and to think it was because she actually felt something for me.

Me: "My mom was right about you. I'm giving you an hour. Your ass better not be here when I come back "

It should be something I do because I want to. Not her telling me to give her my card like we married in community of property.

It has to be something I want to do for her. Not this.

I went for a drive.

I was grateful that I got to see her true colours before we went any further.

As if I hadn't spent any money on her.

I couldn't believe this was happening yet again.



Me: "Baby"

Fana: "How are you babe? "

Me: "I'm good I just miss you. Are you well? "

Fana: "I am. We'll see each other soon don't worry "

Me: "That's not making me feel any better. What should I do when I'm horny? "

He chuckled.

Fana: "You're not being fair now baby "

Me: "I need to know. You're so far away. I miss getting it whenever I want "

Fana: "Mara Kea baby come on. Now you're making me seem like a bad husband"

Me: "You are. Who leaves their wife for so long? "

Fana: "I'll come soon. I promise and we'll make love all day long "

I giggled.

Me: "Good because I miss having you inside me"

Fana: "I miss being deep inside you too"

Me: "Yes and oh guess who's back in town? "

Fana: "I don't want to lie"

Me: "Maya. I saw her yesterday "

Fana: "Your ex Maya? "

Me: "Yes Her "

Fana: "Should I be worried? "

Me: "You don't trust me anymore? "

Fana: "You know how she is. Just stay away from her. "

Me: "I'm with you Bafana and I'll never go back to her. Not after what she did to me"

Fana: "Good. I have to go I'll call you later"

He hung up after that.

OK maybe telling him about Maya wasn't a good move.

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