I was back home like I had promised my mother.

This is my lady and I would never disappoint her.

I was happy to be here and to be away from the city for a little while.

Bafana had went home too but we'd talk a lot over the phone.

I missed him so much.

the weather was cold as typical of the July month.

I had just showered when mom came into my room.

Mom: "Good you've showered"

Me: "Morning Ma "

Mom: "I need you to get a few things for me. I want to make scones for the church ladies"

Me: "Kante where is Botshelo? "

Mom: "Have you ever seen him since you got here? No so I'm sending you"

Me: "But I'm tired"

Mom: "Keamogetse! "

Eish. I had no choice. To think it was difficult for me to even get up and now this.

I got dressed in tracksuits and sneakers then wore a beanie because it's cold.

She had given me the list and money.

I think the mistake I made was showering.

I got into my car and left. I was planning to have my breakfast at the mall anyway.

I went to Wimpy first for breakfast.

I was having coffee while waiting for my order.

The scent was familiar and I noticed a shadow over me.

Looking up it was really her. She smiled at me.

Me: "Wow! "

Maya: "I know hey. Get up and give me some love "

I giggled as I stood up and we hugged with her hands going over to my butt.

She was the only girlfriend I ever had. We had an on and off relationship for over three years.

She sat next to me and kissed my cheek.

Maya: "Still as beautiful "

I smiled.

Me: "Look at you all pretty and yellow"

She laughed.

Maya: "Been taking care of myself. I can't believe it's been two years "

Me: "I know hey. I never thought I'd see you again "

Maya: "You know why I left"

Me: "It's safe to say you got over me? "

She laughed shaking her head.

Maya: "No but I've learned to live without you"

Me: "Ouch"

Maya: "How's the boyfriend? "

Me: "Good. We've been good"

Maya: "You really left me for a dick? "

I laughed.

Me: "You cheated on me Maya not once or twice but many times"

She sighed.

Maya: "I know I know. Anyway I'd like us to start on a clean slate "

I smiled.

Me: "Cool with me"

We had breakfast together whilst just talking.

Maya had a slim body was tall with big boob's. She had sort of a model type of body and hardly had clothes on.

I think she was only covered now because of the weather.

She's coloured with a black father and white mom.

She was 26 only two years older than me.

Maya: "Give me your number "

She gave me her phone and I punched in my number.

Me: "And call"

She laughed.

Maya: "I will"

Then she perked my lips.

She had settled the bill so we went our separate ways.

It was good seeing her again but I had to keep in mind that I have a boyfriend who's been nothing but loving loyal and faithful to me.



Me: "I don't know Dee. I really don't "

Dee: "I don't get the big deal "

I had paid her a visit because I needed a little advice.

We were having coffee while chilling in the lounge.

Me: "She's been pestering me ever since I decided to call her. It's too much "

She laughed though I didn't get the joke.

Dee: "She likes you "

Me: "She's just too childish for a 25 year old"

Dee: "What do you want? Take out the poor girl on a date and stop being so uptight "

Me: "There's also this Leonor thing"

She rolled her eyes.

Dee: "Just put her in her place "

Me: "Don't you think I've tried? She won't stop. It's like she doesn't get that I don't want her"

Dee: "Are you going soft on me now?"

Me: "Maybe I have a soft spot for her"

She laughed.

Dee: "Then date her"

Me: "Yoh no. "

Dee: "I'd like to meet this Lihle girl though "

My phone rang.

Me: "See what I mean? "

She laughed as I answered.

Me: "Yes? "

Lihle: "Uhm hey"

Me: "What do you want Lihle? "

Lihle: "Can I see you? "

The last time we met was when I dropped her off.

She wasn't calling everyday just a bit too much. .OK Maybe about once a week to check up on me.

Me: "Are you sure? "

Lihle: "Yes"

Me: "Come to my house at 5pm. Don't be late"

Then I hung up on her.

Diana looked at me with her eyes squinted.

Me: "What? "

Dee: "What are you planning to do to the kid? "

Me: "I just want to give her a taste of me. "

Amora: "Mama! "

She screamed walking in with her father.

He was holding their son.

Me: "I think that's my cue"

Dee: "Tell me how it went"

Me: "Will do"

I drove to Leonor's work place after and found her in her office.

She smiled at me

walking in with her father.

He was holding their son.

Me: "I think that's my cue"

Dee: "Tell me how it went"

Me: "Will do"

I drove to Leonor's work place after and found her in her office.

She smiled at me stood up and we shared a hug.

Leonor: "So you finally remembered that I exist? "

I removed her hands from me.

Me: "What will it take for you to realise that we're just Esihle's parents? "

Leonor: "I... What do you mean? "

Me: "We haven't been intimate in months that should tell you something"

The last time we were was during that Grace scare.

Leonor: "I know but we... Not everything is about sex right? "

Me: "Leonor you should know your worth. You're beautiful and I'm sure any guy would be happy to have you but that's not me. Esihle is two years now and still we're not together. Stop holding on to whatever you think there is between us and move on"

She nodded.

I could see she wanted to cry. I just left hoping that she heard me.

I didn't think Lihle was going to come but she knocked on my door at 5pm sharp.

She was in a black tight dress with those thigh high boots and a jacket on top.

Lihle: "Hi"

I let her in.

After closing the door I pulled her to me and kissed her.

She gasped probably because she wasn't expecting it then kissed me back.

I picked her up not breaking the kiss and walked with her to the dining hall. I put her on the table broke the kiss and looked at her.

Me: "Are you good? "

She nodded and I kissed her again.



"Lungisani Ngcobo! "

Me: "Shit that's my girlfriend"

She was banging on the door.

I don't even know how she got into my house.

April looked at me. She looked a bit scared.

April: "What do we do? "

Retha didn't stop banging on the door. My bedroom door.

Me: "Just... Get dressed "

She nodded and got dressed.

Me: "Fix yourself up"

We were whispering.

I also got dressed and tried to fix the bed.. Thank God I locked.

I went to open she just pushed herself in.

Retha: "In our room? The same bed I sleep on when I'm here? "

She sounded so hurt.

Me: "Baby it's not what you think "

Retha: "You're caught red handed. You have love bites on your neck what do you mean? "

Me: "I... Uhm it's really not what you think "

She looked at April.

Retha: "Disappear bitch! "

Poor April ran off. Retha looked scary.

She came to me and started hitting me with her bag while tears ran down her cheeks.

Retha: "Why-won't-you-love-me? "

Every word came with a beating. I let her because I could see she was upset.

She got tired and stopped I hugged Her tightly though she tried escaping from my grip.

She couldn't.

Me: "I'm really sorry baby "

Retha: "Why do you hurt me like this? "

Me: "I'm an ass hole. I don't deserve you"

She got free from me and wiped her tears.

Retha: "I hate that I love you so much "

Me: "Baby"

She shook her head.

Retha: "I'll sleep in the guestroom. Tomorrow we're buying new sheets "

She went out after saying that and I threw myself on my bed.

I felt bad about this really bad.

I met April at that Easter braai and since then we've been hooking up once in a while.

We had never come to my house until this time.

Retha didn't deserve this but I also couldn't stay away from April.

I ended up going to take a shower Just to think of how I can make it up to her.

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