I woke up to music playing rather too loud.

From what was playing I knew I had a guest.

I took my phone from under the pillow and found out its almost noon.

Anyway I was well rested and needed to take a shower to refresh.

After my shower I got dressed in black Levi's jeans and adidas slip ons.

I didn't wear a shirt but just went out while pressing on my phone.

Me: "And then? "

There was a barely naked girl busy in my kitchen swaying her non existent ass in the air.

She turned to look at me and smiled.

Her: "Good you're up. Breakfast will be ready in a few"

Me: "It's after 12"

Her: "Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day "

She had a good English accent which told me she was a snob and smooth Caramel skin with tattoos that gave her a bad girl appearance. There was one below her perky breasts one on her thigh another on her inner left arm and the last one was on her back.

Me: "I'm sorry who the hell are you? "

She frowned looking rather adorable.

She had small rosy lips and a pointed nose that had a gold nose ring.

Her: "You don't remember me? "

I shook my head.

I didn't remember much from the events of the previous night.

I did remember seeing Sakhile and some nigger and a few chicks but apart from that nothing.

Me: "Who are you? "

Her: "I'm Lihle"

Me: "I think I'll have that breakfast"

Lihle: "Of course. I hope you'll like it"

I sat down and watched her as she danced like it's her fucken house.

After she dished up for me I ordered her to go switch off the music.

I needed my peace after such a night.

Me: "I didn't Fuck you NEH "

Lihle: "No. We just slept"

Me: "Did you want me to? "

Lihle: "I'm not that kind of girl Hugh. I might appear wild and what not but I'm not. I just like having a good time "

I looked around my house and she had cleaned.

Lihle: "Sorry. I'm a neat freak "

She was just in her bikini top and bottom.

I ate my breakfast while looking at her wondering if she knows what she's getting herself into.

She was more focused on her plate and I wondered why she stayed.

Me: "Why did you stay? "

She looked at me then shrugged.

Lihle: "I guess I wasn't ready to go home"

She said then sighed. I knew there was a story there.

I took out a can of beer and watchEd her as she did the dishes.

You wouldn't think she's domesticated by looking at her.

She turned to look at me. I was staring back at her which made her look down.

Lihle: "I was able to eat with you looking at me but it's hard now to do the dishes"

Me: "Dress up and I'll drive you home"

She looked at me shocked.

Lihle: "What? "

Me: "You're still here? "

Lihle: "I... OK "

Then she rushed out.

She looked young which made me wonder of her age.

There was something captivating about her Her little shyness and how carefree she was in the presence of a stranger.

She lived in the hood too do I concluded that she went to a good school.

I parked two houses from hers and looked at her.

She was fiddling with her fingers.

Me: "I'll call you"

Lihle: "You have my number? "

Me: "Goodbye Lihle "

I opened the door for her from inside and watched her leave.

As quiet as she seemed she was one brave girl.



Retha: "You've been yawning since you got here"

Me: "I had a rough night "

Retha: "Care to share? "

Me: "I went out and the drinking continued until today. I haven't slept "

Retha: "Thank you for seeing me then"

Me: "I missed you baby. I always do"

Retha: "I missed you too"

My mind and body were really tired but I forced to meet up with her.

The last thing I wanted was for her to feel I'm deserting her or something.

Retha: "Hayi Lungisani you should just go sleep "

Me: "But baby my body is stiff. I need a massage "

We were having late lunch at the hotel.

Retha: "Book a room here"

Me: "Can't we go home? "

Retha: "You know your mother"

Me: "I'll be more comfortable there"

I honestly didn't see why we had to book a room while my parents have a big house which was not that far away.

She sighed.

Retha: "Fine my body is stiff. I need a massage "

We were having late lunch at the hotel.

Retha: "Book a room here"

Me: "Can't we go home? "

Retha: "You know your mother"

Me: "I'll be more comfortable there"

I honestly didn't see why we had to book a room while my parents have a big house which was not that far away.

She sighed.

Retha: "Fine let's go"

I could hear it wasn't what she wanted but unfortunately it wasn't up to her.

I settled the bill and we left.

Me: "Can you drive? "

Retha: "I'm a bad driver "

I nodded.

I drove us home yawning all the way.

I was exhausted really and the alcohol made it worse.

My sister Thandi was in the kitchen when we arrived.

Thandi: "Haibo"

Me: "Don't say anything "

I knew what she was referring to and knowing her she had a loose mouth.

Retha: "Hello"

Thandi: "Hi girl unjani? "

Retha: "I'm good and you? "

Thandi: "I'm great. I'm Thandi his big sister "

Retha: "Rethabile. I'm the girlfriend "

Thandi: "Oh wow really? "

Me: "Retha let's go. I'm tired really "

I took her hand so we can escape my sister and whatever that was to follow after that statement.

Retha: "Is it just me or your sister was being weird? "

Me: "She's like that sometimes "

Retha: "Am I missing something? "

Me: "No baby "

I took off my clothes until I was left in my boxers.

Me: "Lock the door"

She went to lock the door.

I laid on my stomach and waited for her hands to do their magic.



My phone rang just after we had dinner.

I got to know more about Fana and how he grew up.

Although I was interested in knowing about his father whom he's never mentioned I never asked.

The last thing I wanted was to ruin everyone's dinner.

Anyway I took it and it was my mother calling.

I had to excuse myself so we can talk freely.

Me: "Mama"

Mom: "Keamogetse why didn't you come home? "

I sigh. This was something that I was expecting.

Me: "I have a lot of work Ma. You know I can't do anything when I'm at home"

She sighed.

Mom: "We miss you baby. It's not the same without you"

Me: "I miss you guys too and I promise I'll come at the end of the second term"

Mom: "That's far"

Me: "Ma I have a job. I'm no longer in varsity "

I could tell that she was rolling her eyes on the other end.

Mom: "Le Rona re rutegile kana " (We're also educated)

I laughed.

Me: "I know I know. I love you"

Mom: "I love you too baby. Do call"

Me: "I will"

I felt Fana's hands hug me from behind just after I hung up.

He started kissing me on the neck which was a bit ticklish.

Me: "Your mother "

Fana: "She went to lie down"

I was in the just in the kitchen after leaving them in the lounge.

I turned around and we kissed which I broke when I felt that it was going to lead somewhere.

Me: "Respect baby"

Fana: "My mom knows I'm not a virgin "

Me: "That doesn't mean we can have sex anywhere like she's not here"

Fana: "Fine"

He said then picked me up bridal style.

I couldn't help my giggles.

He threw me on our bed and I bounced a little.

Fana: "I'm glad you're getting along with my mom"

Me: "I'm actually surprised. I thought it was going to be hard"

Fana: "It makes me want to spoil you rotten"

Me: "Mm tell me more"

He got on top of me and kissed my chin.

Fana: "It's a surprise baby "

Me: "But -"

He shut me up with a hot kiss. I wondered if I would be able to control myself.

His hands were roaming all over my body. I was wearing a dress in respect of his mother.

I knew that he was a little old fashioned and of course I came here to impress.

Fana: "I never thought I'd love someone as I love you"

He said looking deeply into my eyes.

My dress was already ripped apart and I was just in my underwear and bra.

Me: "I love you too"

I said then perked his lips.

I could see in his eyes that he meant it and that just warmed my heart.

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