Me: "Is it mine? "

She rolled her eyes.

Grace: "I never said it's yours. I just wanted you to know. I'm getting married "

I laughed like really laughed

This bitch just made me panic and now she was playing it cool like that.

Me: "You're crazy "

Grace: "Just be happy for me. "

Me: "I hope for your sake you haven't been introducing my son to your bitch ass niggers "

Grace: "He would have told you. Don't act like he never does"

Me: "How far are you? "

Grace: "Two months"

I breathed out in relief. There was no way she's carrying my seed.

Me: "Who's this fucker vele? Does he know you cheated on him with me? "

Grace: "He's non of your business and yes he knows. We're starting over on a clean slate "

Me: "Well at least you're no longer single "

Grace: "I wasn't single. I just... I made a mistake. Anyway I chose him over you so I came to let you know "

Me: "I was never yours to begin with. I'm just happy my dick will be free from your ass. Now if that's all"

She clicked her tongue and left my bedroom I just laughed.

At least Grace was out of the picture now though I was wondering who the hell she was talking about.

I had a buzz on my phone.

It was a message from Leonor.

"Too late for that "

OK this bitch was really fucking with me.

I ignored it. Maybe there was a certain explanation for that.

I'll just have to deal with her on another day.



Fana: "Baby are you OK? "

Me: "I'm fine"

Fana: "You've been like this since yesterday. Did something happen? "

Me: "Some guy came when I was waiting in line for the toilet then pressed his body on me. I feel so violated Bafana and I don't think I'll go out again "

Fana: "Did you see his face? "

I shook my head.

Me: "I just heard his voice. He has quite a deep voice "

Fana: "This is why I didn't want you to go alone. This wouldn't have happened. Askies baby"

He gave me a tight hug.

I was going back to my flat now.

Me: "Will you behave? "

He laughed.

Fana: "I always do. I don't know why don't you just move in"

Me: "You'll never put a ring on it if I'm here doing wifely duties "

Fana: "But you're my wife nje "

I giggled shaking my head.

Me: "As long as your uncles haven't gone home go kopa segosametsi I'm not"

He kissed my lips.

Fana: "I love you baby "

Me: "I love you too. Help me pack "

He helped me pack then after we went to eat before I could go.

Fana: "So my mom was asking about you"

Me: "Really? "

Fana: "Yes. She's coming over soon. I think you can finally meet "

Me: "That's... Uhm... Big"

Fana: "I'm serious about you Kea and she knows that. I'm always talking about you"

Me: "That's sweet baby. I can't wait to meet her"

I drove to my flat after we kissed one more time.

I hardly spent time there but it was better than cohabiting.

I don't think I would be able to survive that.

Anyway the first thing I did when I arrived was to clean. I was just getting rid of dust and stuff like that.

When I was done I poured myself a glass of wine and sat on the couch and watched movies.

I did love having my own space at some time.

On Monday I woke up and prepared myself for work.

I took a bath then when I was done with everything got dressed in a black formal dress with black heels and fixed my hair.

I didn't put makeup on this time just lipstick.

I took my bag then called Fana.

Fana: "You're on your way? "

I laughed.

Me: "You're still sleeping? "

Fana: "Nah but I'm trying to iron"

Me: "Shame as if you couldn't iron before me"

Fana: "I'm just used to you doing everything "

Me: "You'll be fine. You should have asked me to iron a few shirts for you"

Fana: "I didn't think of that "

We talked for a bit then I just had cereal.

After that I drove to work while listening to some music.



Retha: "I wish you didn't have to go"

Me: "But you know where I live nje "

Retha: "I also know your mother and how much she doesn't like me"

I laughed.

Me: "You guys will learn to get along"

I kissed her lips.

We were officially in a relationship and it was something I was yet to get used to.

Retha: "Do you see how tiny I am? I don't want that woman to kill me"

I laughed.

Me: "She won't do anything to you while I'm there. You don't have to worry "

Retha: "OK. Go well"

We kissed one last time then I got into my car.

Arriving at home I was welcomed by my mother who hugged me and kissed me all over the face.

Me: "Really mother? "

Dad: "Stop babying this man "

Mom: "He's my baby. My last born"

Me: "And please tell her to stop abusing my girlfriend "

Mom: "Mxm"

I laughed and went to my room.

It was Easter Holidays now and this time I was the only one at home.

I went out later on to the club.

I was sort of bored and in need of a break.

I met up with some guy I went to varsity with Sakhile.

Sakhile: "Eh it's really you"

I laughed.

Me: "Yeah man what's popping? "

Sakhile: "Hai nixx. Let's go sit down with the chicks"

I laughed as we went to sit down.

It was good just checking up.

He was sitting with another guy and about five chicks

We chilled there for some hours then left going to some house party.

He said a friend of his had thrown the party.

It was in the hood.

Anyway I drove with two chicks while he rode with the rest.



the situation with Grace was eye opening for me and proof that I really needed to get my life in order.

I told myself that if I were to have another child it would be with someone I love and see a future with.

I was just tired of having kids all over.

I love my children no doubt but I felt I had to set some example for them.

Anyway Esihle was visiting Leonor's parents while Lonwabo was with my mom.

I had thrown a party and it was going good.

Diana was helping me with the catering. She's a good friend of mine. Probably the only woman I ever loved too much. We didn't work out and she was married now.

Diana: "I have to go now"

I gave her a hug.

Me: "Thanks for coming "

Diana: "Don't make any babies"

I laughed.

Me: "I have lots of condoms in my room. Don't worry "

There were already a lot of people here.

Her husband was fetching her.

I waved her goodbye.

Sakhile a friend of mine came with some chicks.

I just laughed as we did a handshake.

Me: "When are you changing? "

Sakhile: "When I get married. As for now I'm a free agent "

I just laughed shaking my head.

I must admit that the ladies were on another level.

Me: "I hope they're also free agents"

He laughed.

Sakhile: "Yeah of course. "

Haike this seemed to be a good night.



When Fana said that I will meet his mother I didn't think it would be anytime soon.

I hadn't gone home for Easter.

His mother had arrived the previous day which was Thursday.

I was forced to Wake up early so I can make breakfast.

I had to impress.

She came while I was squeezing the orange to make juice.

Her: "Good morning "

Me: "Good morning Ma "

Her: "Call me Zintle"

Me: "I don't want to sound disrespectful"

She smiled.

Zintle: "I insist "

Me: "Well if you say so. I'm Keamogetse "

Zintle: "You're more beautiful face to face "

Fana told me she went to sleep right after she arrived.

She was nicer than I thought.

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