I looked at her as she was talking and at how she would close her eyes before saying something funny.

We were at my place having some drinks after our dinner.

She was having wine while I had beer.

Me: "So are you an only child? "

She shook her head.

Retha: "I have a little sister. She's just 15"

Me: "So you're the eldest? "

She nodded.

Me: "Any qualifications? "

Retha: "I have one in beauty therapy. It's just hard finding a job in that field"

Me: "I think I need a massage. My shoulder has been giving me problems ever since our night "

She laughed shaking her head.

Retha: "I'm not stupid Lungisani"

Me: "Come on. I want to know what else those hands can do"

Retha: "Fine. Take off your shirt"

I took off my shirt as per her orders.

She made me lie on the couch on my stomach then got on top of me.

Her hands were doing magic to my back. It was amazing. I just closed my eyes and let her do her best.

I think I ended up falling asleep.

Things between Retha and I were good.

It was now a month later and she was a frequent visitor at my place.

It was Saturday when I woke up just in the Second week of February.

I could hear shouting and I knew my mother was here.

I went to take a shower first then got dressed in Nike shorts.

Me: "Ma ekseni so"

She rolled her eyes and put her bag on the counter.

Mom: "Who's this kid half naked on your kitchen? "

Retha was just looking down.

Me: "Rethabile. Mom you really have to be nice sometimes. Just try"

Mom: "Another gold digger? "

Me: "Mom I make my own money and she's not like that. It's too early for this shit really"

Mom: "You going to talk to me like that in front of her? "

I sighed.

Me: "I'm sorry mother. How are you? "

I said giving her squeeze.

Mom: "I'm good. When are you coming home? I miss you"

Me: "I'll come soon. I'm glad you're here"

Retha: "Excuse me"

Then she left.

Mom: "You can sure choose "

Me: "This is why I don't like you popping unannounced. You'll see what's not meant for your eyes "

Mom: "Lungisani! "

She warned.

I laughed.

Me: "But I mean it though. It wouldn't hurt to call first"

Mom: "Mxm. Make me some tea and stop annoying me"

Me: "Well I love you too"

She clicked her tongue and I just laughed.

My mom was really something else.

I made myself some cereal then brought her tea.

Mom: "Thank you "

My mom didn't stay for more than two hours and even cooked for me.

Being the last born meant being treated like a kid especially from my mom.

My dad didn't because he saw me as a man and was glad that I never allowed my mom to make me soft.

Retha: "Your mom is a good cook"

Me: "I know right. She knows the way to my heart "

Retha: "Can I ask? "

I nodded.

Retha: "What's going on between us? It's been a month now"

Me: "And you only asking now? "

She shrugged.

Retha: "I was scared "

Me: "You're not now? "

Retha: "Lungi please"

Me: "I'm asking. Have you gotten comfortable now? "

Retha: "What? Of course not"

My phone rang.

It was Fana.

Me: "I have to take this"

I heard her sigh as I answered walking outside.

Me: "Awe"

Fana: "Dog do you have plans tonight? "

Me: "No do you have plans tonight? "

Me: "No what's up? "

Fana: "I was thinking we go out if you up for it. You can bring Retha"

Me: "Fuck yeah. I'll come by your place "

Fana: "Cool dog"

I went back inside. She was clearing the table.

Me: "How about we go do some shopping for tonight? "

Retha: "Tonight? "

Me: "We going out. Go prepare yourself "

Retha: "OK "

I could see she was excited Even though she tried to hide it.



Me: "How about this one? "

Fana: "Yaz I wonder who you're trying to impress looking so sexy as if I won't be there "

I rolled my eyes and took off the dress.

Me: "You're not helping "

Fana: "Mara baby you have a beautiful body. "

Me: "Flattery won't get you anywhere Bafana "

Fana: "I don't want you wearing anything that's too revealing "

Me: "I left my mother at home last time I checked "

I sat on the bed.

Me: "Maybe I should just stay behind"

Fana: "Wa gafa. Lungisani will be with his woman and you want be to be there looking at them being lovey dovey as if I don't have a wife? Hell no"

Me: "Then help me find something to wear and stop being a nuisance "

Fana: "Are you pregnant? "

I laughed.

Me: "Mxm"

I ended up getting dressed in a navy and white strips jumpsuit which was sleeveless and not tight.

It was only tight from the waist up but from my waist down it was not

I wore white Nike airforce then did my makeup.

From there I tied my braids up nicely took my purse and phone.

Fana: "Two hours. Two fucken hours"

I laughed and kissed his cheek.

Me: "Hi Lungi and the lady "

Lungi: "Hi babe you good? "

Me: "Yeah you? "

Lungi: "I'm great. You look beautiful. Can we leave now? "

Fana: "Yes please "

I started drinking when we got in the car they had hired.

These two got drunk like shit and I knew I was also planning to drink like a fish.

The girl was introduced as Retha and we got along just fine.

I was more focused on my man and the glass of wine that I had.

Me: "Which club? "

Fana: "Strip club "

He whispered and I laughed.

Me: "I don't want to go back there might end up making out with some white bitch"

He laughed.

Fana: "You turning me on"

He bit my lower lip.

Lungi: "OK cut it. We didn't come here for the bold and the beautiful "

Me: "Don't be jealous "

We got at the club.

Retha was wearing a short red dress with heels.

Her makeup was on fleek. She was beautiful no doubt.

Fana: "I know you don't like the VIP but it's too full"

Me: "It's OK baby"

He kissed my cheek.

We all went to the VIP.

Man I was just drinking and I'd also go dance with Retha and come back when I'm tired.

Me: "I'm going to the ladies"

I whispered to Fana.

Fana: "Should I come with? "

I shook my head. He was too drunk anyway.

I went to stand on the queue. it wasn't that long.

I felt someone pressing their body on mine.

"Nice butt"

His deep voice vibrated on my ears. I swear I stopped breathing for a while.

He just left me there and my heart sank. I almost thought I was in danger.

I went in when it was my turn then went back to the others when I was done.

Fana: "You OK? "

I nodded and kissed his lips.



I was woken up by the warmth of her mouth that had swallowed my dick.

Now that's one way of waking up.

I grabbed hold of her head as I immediately took control and fucked her mouth.

I pulled her to me when I was about to come and kissed her.

She smiled as she slid it in and started riding me like her life depended on it.

That was hectic.

Me: "Wow"

I said after such a morning glory.

She giggled and kissed my lips.

Leonor: "Morning daddy "

Me: "I'm hungry"

Leonor: "Let's go shower then go down for breakfast "

Me: "You telling me what to do now? "

Leonor: "Come on. Don't be like that "

Me: "Eish. I have to take Lonwabo to church. He'll kill me if I'm late "

Leonor: "So you're leaving? "

Me: "I'm not your boyfriend Leonor. It's high time you got that into that thick brain of yours"

I got up with her on me and walked us to the bathroom.

We took a shower together after which I dressed up in my previous clothes.

She had hired a chef who had already prepared breakfast for us.

I didn't understand why she couldn't just take cooking lessons.

I had drove here the previous night after I finished up my work at the club.

She had called me and spoke of how much she was missing me.

Leonor: "I... I love you "

I sighed.

Me: "Leonor"

Leonor: "I do Hugh and I can't hide that. I just want you to know how I feel"

Me: "You're making things awkward "

Leonor: "I can't hide it. Which is why sometimes I come as clingy. I've just fallen for you"

Me: "I can't give you what you want Leonor. You won't survive being with a guy like me. If you continue with this we won't even Fuck "

She sighed.

Leonor: "Sorry "

I left after breakfast and found Lonwabo with his mother.

He was already dressed up for church.

I wasn't in any mood for drama.

Grace: "We need to talk "

Me: "Morning Grace"

I kissed my boy and walked to my room.

She followed me.

Grace: "I'm pregnant "


I sent Leonor a text immediately.

"You better go buy emergency pills if you still value your life! "

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