Grace left in the morning after making me breakfast.

I was to fetch Lonwano later during the day.

I must say I was pleased with the progress I had made and how easily I could decline an opportunity to make money.

I guess people do change.

I thought she would stay so that I can perhaps drop her off on my way to fetching our son but she was too much in a hurry probably because of what happened.

I didn't understand why she was running away though but I didn't beg her.

I took a shower after breakfast then dressed up.

I Spent the day just in my house doing nothing until it was time to fetch Lonwabo.

He ran to me immediately after I parked my car.

You would think he was turning 8.

I picked him up and kissed him on the face.

Me: "You good? "

He nodded.

Lonwabo: "I've been waiting for you since mom called"

Me: "She called you? "

He nodded again.

I put him down and we went into the house. My mom was baking. I kissed her cheek.

Me: "You good? "

Mom: "Yeah. Please just wait for me to finish. Lonwabo asked for this"

Me: "You shouldn't give in to all his demands "

She laughed.

Mom: "Hai suka. Where is Esihle? I miss her "

Me: "With her mother. I miss her too"

Mom: "Don't you think it's time you got a stable woman? These kids need a stable home"

Me: "Hai Ma. These kids are fine. I'm good not in any hurry "

Mom: "Kodwa you're approaching thirty now"

Me: "I know "

She just sighed.

I took a cookie while she was busy.

Me: "These are nice "

Mom: "I know. I'm the best "

I laughed.

Me: "Yes wena o'lady"

Mom: "I'm not old Hugh! "

I just laughed. Lonwabo and I left after she was done.

We were given three big containers of different baked goods.

My son had a sweet tooth and I knew Esihle was also going to indulge on them like her life depended on it.

She was just chubby and I loved it. I mostly loved her chubby cheeks. My baby is just perfection.

the following day which is a Wednesday I got myself and Lonwabo ready so we can go fetch Esihle.

He was excited. He had become his little sister's protector. I guess it was nice for him to have someone to look after.

We found Leonor reading some book while holding a glass of wine. I thought she would be at work.

She stood up and walked to us after noticing our presence.

Leonor: "Hi"

Me: "You seem excited "

She rolled her eyes.

Leonor: "Nwabo how are you? "

Lonwabo: "Ndi right wena? "

Leonor: "I'm good. Autumn is in the playroom "

He immediately left our presence after she said that.

She wrapped her arms around my neck.

Leonor: "I missed you"

The wine must have gotten to her.

Me: "Where's the nanny? "

Leonor: "Somewhere around the house"

Then she perked my lips

Me: "And why didn't you go to work? "

Leonor: "I wanted to see you"

She kissed me after saying that and I let her.

I broke it and removed her arms from my neck.

Me: "Go get my daughter "

Leonor: "Why are you so cold? "

Because Grace happened but you don't have to know that.

Me: "I hate it when you drink and you know that. Just go get Esihle "

She put the glass on the coffee table then left coming back with the two.

Lonwabo was holding Esihle.

Me: "I'll call you "

I said to the frowning Leonor and kissed her cheek.

I had both my baby mama's wanting a piece of me and it was exhausting.

Again I wondered why they didn't have boyfriends to keep them entertained.

Suddenly I remembered my mom's words and thought maybe she's right.

If I were to find a woman I wouldn't have to be entertaining them in any way.

As if that was easy. I was way too choosy which is why I couldn't date Leonor. She was just too snobbish and weak for me.

And being with Grace would be like dating myself it wouldn't work.

I wasn't in any hurry though.



It was finally time for me to leave home and I was excited.

I missed having my own space and doing as I please.

Mom just always cramped my space.

it was Saturday which meant I would report to work on Monday. the schools were opening on Wednesday.

Mom: "Are you sure you have everything? "

Me: "Yes mom and if I forgot something I can always come take it"

I was lying. I hardly come home unless it's a holiday.

She gave me a warm hug and kissed my lips.

Mom: "Travel safe"

I bumped into my father as I was about to turn and he turned that into an embrace.

Dad: "Don't forget us"

I laughed.

Me: "You guys talk like this is my first time leaving home"

Mom: "You're our only girl. Let us be"

Me: "I'll call you when I've arrived"

Dad: "Do you need anything? Money? "

Me: "Dad I can always come take it"

I was lying. I hardly come home unless it's a holiday.

She gave me a warm hug and kissed my lips.

Mom: "Travel safe"

I bumped into my father as I was about to turn and he turned that into an embrace.

Dad: "Don't forget us"

I laughed.

Me: "You guys talk like this is my first time leaving home"

Mom: "You're our only girl. Let us be"

Me: "I'll call you when I've arrived"

Dad: "Do you need anything? Money? "

Me: "Dad I work "

And I have a boyfriend who gives me money but of course I wouldn't say that to my father.

They think I'm just a little kid.

Dad: "Be safe then"

I got into my car beaming.

I played Sia as I drove off and sang along on the low.

I was happy excited and more thrilled that I'll get to spend so much time with my man.

I was driving straight to his place.

I arrived after about an hour.

He came out immediately when I stopped my car and he was topless with a smile.

I ran to him so excited to finally see him.

He picked me twirled and spun me around before putting me down.

He kissed me after that. Gosh I had missed him like I hadn't seen him on Monday.

Fana: "Hi"

He said after breaking the kiss and because I was still trying to catch my breath I nodded.

He chuckled and pulled my hand so we can go inside.

Me: "And my bags? "

Fana: "We'll see them later"

He kissed me again right after closing the door with my back against it.

I was hungry for him as he was for me.

He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist as we continued kissing.

My man is not really buffed up but he does work out.

He's not too tall than me and has caramel skin.

He had a few tattoos all over his body which made him more hot.

I found myself on the dinner table naked and with him eating me out.

I couldn't help but scream like my life depended on it.

He licked all my juices after I came then kissed me.

Fana: "Welcome home"

I blushed.

Me: "That's one helluva welcome "

He laughed as he took off his clothes.

We spent the whole weekend indoors making love wherever and whenever.

It was amazing but I did wonder if I'll even be able to work.

We were like some sex animals unable to keep our hands off each other.

I woke up on Monday and prepared myself for work.

I was always the one who got up first. I went to shower lotioned then got dressed.

I wore black formal bootleg pants with a navy blue long sleeved lace bodysuit and my red heels.

I put on my makeup then fixed my hair.

Me: "Are you going to work baby? "

Fana: "Morning to you too"

I giggled as I went over to kiss him.

Me: "Morning baby "

Fana: "And yes"

Me: "I'll iron your clothes. Go shower "

He spanked my butt.

Fana: "Yes ma'am "

I made breakfast after ironing his clothes and he came so we can eat together.

Fana: "I missed your food"

We had been ordering in over our hectic love making weekend.

I just smiled.

He offered to drop me off at work and we kissed before I got out.

My joy just escalated as I looked around me.

Oh how I love my job.



She walked in with her heels warring against the floor tiles.

Her short hair was dyed in pink and she was wearing a short black dress that revealed her smooth perfect legs.

She closed the door then looked at me.

She looked like a goddess on her simplicity and it was hard to believe that such beauty was all for me.

My dark chocolate. Oh how I'm already craving her.

Retha: "Hi"

Me: "Hey"

Retha: "I got lunch. I don't know if you're hungry"

'For you yes' but I couldn't say that to her.

Me: "How may I help you? "

Retha: "I've been apologising for a week now. Come on Lungi "

Me: "A week? You must have messed up with your math"

She sighed coming to my side.

I didn't have to find her because she called me the following day which is why she was saying it has been a week with her apologising.

Retha: "I'm really sorry for leaving you like that but what did you expect? You told me your mom is a monster "

I wanted to laugh but I couldn't.

Me: "How do you know where I work? "

Retha: "Because I work on the building next to yours. I saw you coming in"

Me: "It's not a big deal really. We had a good night and I get it"

Retha: "Oh come on"

Me: "Go sit down so we can eat "

I listened to her tell me more about what she does as we continued eating.

I wasn't mad at her. I was over it but I liked seeing her sweat.

I never thought I'd hear from her again.

Me: "Come here when you knock off. We can do dinner"

She nodded.

I walked her to the door and just gave her a hug.

I was interested in knowing her and exploring the kind of person she is more.

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