If I hadn't drank lots of water during and after drinking I would have a bad hangover but I woke up feeling fine just a bit tired.

Retha wasn't next to me.

I went to the bathroom where I took a shower then got dressed in shorts and sliders.

I could hear my mom's voice from the patio.

Last night I ended up coming with Retha home because I was not done with her yet and We didn't want any disturbance.

Me: "Morning ma "

I said stretching my arms.

Mom: "Hello boy "

I wondered where Retha disappeared to.

Me: "Did you perhaps find someone here? "

Mom: "No. I hope you're not saying you brought your bitches home"

Me: "Kodwa I wasn't done with her yet. We'd be going for breakfast or something "

She slapped me.

Me: "Ma! "

Mom: "You can't talk to me like that "

Me: "I'm your last born. I think I can "

My mom has three children. The eldest being my half sister whom she had during her teenage years then two with my father.

I'm the only male.

She clicked her tongue.

I just laughed.

I went back to my room after breakfast so I can get my phone.

I called Bafana. I needed her number.

Fana: "My nigger "

Me: "Awe man. I need Retha's number"

Fana: "Eh andinayo G"

Me: "Eish Sharp man"

Fana: "She did you that good"

I laughed.

Me: "Let's just say I need more of her"

He laughed.

Fana: "I'll make a plan talk to a few people "

Me: "Sure mfana "

Fana: "Awe"

How dare she leave before I even got her number.


I did let her know the kind of mother I had it was probably because of that.

Either way I needed to get her number.

Being a computer geek I was willing to use any means.



I prepared myself to go meet with Fana. I just told my mom that it's something that has to do with work.

I was excited because I missed him so much.

I spent most of my time with him when I'm in the city.

We lived in a location. My mom had a big yard and our house was just portable.

I wore a grey high waist cotton skirt with a black lace bodysuit. I had to wear heels to look a bit professional because of my lie.

I'm not a makeup fan but I do put it when I go to work.

I put on some makeup then combed my hair.

When I was done I took my bag and phone then went out.

Me: "I'm leaving ma "

Mom: "OK baby"

I kissed her cheek then left.

I got into my car and drove while listening to some music on my player.

We met up at Nandos. I found him there.

Fana: "I've already ordered "

Me: "No welcome kiss nyana? "

He chuckled and kissed me shortly then I sat down.

Fana: "You look beautiful babe. I can't even control myself "

Me: "I have to phela I need to keep reminding you what you have so you don't cheat"

He laughed.

Fana: "I would never cheat on you baby "

Me: "Good because you'd hate me"

Fana: "OK enough threats. I missed you "

Me: "How much?"

Fana: "Come sit next to me"

We had been facing each other. I went to sit next to him.

He took my hand and put it on his bulge.

Fana: "This much "

I laughed.

Me: "Good"

We kissed but it was disturbed by the waitress with our order.

After that we started eating.

Me: "What have you been up to in my absence? "

Fana: "Apart from missing you nothing. The house isn't the same without you"

Me: "I know you threw parties. I just hope you were not entertaining any girls "

Fana: "I wouldn't babe. You have no idea how I'm scared of you. I wouldn't do that "

Me: "Good but don't get too drunk. O Tla tsofala " (You'll age)

Fana: "I feel I'm already old"

Me: "You're not even thirty yet. Chill "

It was nice being with him. We went to watch a movie after then drove to his house. I was driving behind him.

It was quiet.

Anyway I got out and we went inside.

Me: "Uhm baby? "

He looked at me.

Fana: "I know you're on your periods"

I smiled.

Fana: "I didn't bring you here so we can have sex. I want us to spend time together "

Me: "OK "

Man. I was really blessed.



Grace: "Dinner is served "

I had just got back from taking a shower.

I left her in my house when I went out and because of her mood I didn't think she'd still be here or even cook.

Me: "I should have wifed you"

Grace: "Mxm. As if you can ever get married "

I laughed.

Me: "I don't understand why both of my baby mamas are single "

Grace: "You just never run out of shit to say "

Me: "Let's eat so I can give you what you came here for"

Grace: "And what is that? "

Me: "My dick"

She clicked her tongue.

I just laughed.

We ate dinner over comfortable silence. It was High time I fetched my kids because I missed them.

Me: "I'm coming. I'm just going to make a call "

I was done eating. She was busy cleaning up the table.

Grace: "OK "

I went to my room and called Leonor. She's the mother of my daughter Esihle. She's the "white" chick Grace was referring to.

Leonor: "Baby daddy "

Me: "I'm fetching Esihle on Wednesday. You have two days to make sure her shit is ready "

Leonor: "Uhm OK. See you on Wednesday then"

I hung up and went back. She was in the kitchen washing the dishes.

I stood behind her.

Me: "Now where were we? "

Grace: "I'm busy Hugh "

Me: "Come on"

I started kissing her on the neck. I knew that was her weak spot.

Grace: "Hugh"

She whispered.

I turned her around then kissed her lips.

She replied deepening the kiss.

I picked her up and put her on the kitchen counter then started taking off her clothes.

Our sex had always been spontaneous.

I loved that.

I don't want boring bedroom sex all the time. I want someone I can explore with and be spontaneous.

We can make love on the bed yes but it doesn't have to end there.

Grace: "I can't believe this is happening "

I was about to go down on her.

I peaked to look at her.

Me: "Oh shut the fuck up! "

We had sex on the kitchen counter the floor then ended on the couch with her on top.

You wouldn't think she's thick the way she knew her business.

Grace: "Fuck"

I kissed her forehead.

Me: "Sleep "

I picked her up and went to tuck her in my bed.

She was already sleeping

After that I showered then drove to my club.

I owned a club which was making me good money.

It was packed. You wouldn't even think it was a Monday.

I just went to my office and observed things from there.

Marcus my business partner came in.

We shared a handshake.

Me: "What's up man? "

Marcus: "I have a business meeting here. Interested? "

Me: "This late? What's up? "

Marcus: "Don't act like a saint Hugh. I think you know what's up"

I folded my arms and looked at him.

Me: "Shouldn't you be home with your wife and kids? "

He laughed.

Marcus: "Be like that "

Then he walked out.

The truth was I was trying to stay clean.

I had enough money now and having lost the person I love because of this life I realised it wasn't worth it.

We were cool now but the last thing I wanted was to make the same mistake twice.

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