The beginning of January meant back to school was close and I was happy because I loved my job.

I love my babies and I missed them.

I also wanted a break from home because my mother is a real slave driver.

She was a neat freak and made us wake up at 6am every day and by 7 we should have all bathed.

One would think I wasn't old and turning 24. The other thing about her was that she never took no for an answer.

Honestly my father was the only person whom she couldn't control.

He's one stubborn man and everytime my mother and I would disagree she'd tell me how I'm so much like my father.

I wouldn't disagree really. I have my mother's body and face then my father's complexion and attitude.

I have my own personality and ideals though. I hate arguing. I hate lies and definitely hate when someone shouts at me. I trust a lot love wholeheartedly and love being happy.

I party a lot on weekends but only when I'm back at work.

I'm a size 34 medium height with an hourglass figure. I have a coffee like complexion a distinction between dark skinned and caramel.

"Keamogetse! "

Jehovah. My mom is such a jukebox. One would swear I've died.

I thought of pretending to be asleep but with her squeaky voice in my bedroom my ears would hurt.

Me: "Ma? "

I had to reply lest she barged into my bedroom.

Mom: "Tsoga and get ready. We have church today "

Me: "OK Ma"

I got up immediately. This is what I hated about home - being treated like a kid.

My parents have three kids and I'm the only girl.

I have a little brother who's 19 and my big brother who's 30.

It's Botshelo and Loago respectively.

My phone rang while I was busy trying to style my hair.

I smiled. It was Bafana my boyfriend of two years now.

Me: "Baby"

Fana: "Sthandwasam I miss you"

I giggled.

Me: "I'm coming back on Saturday "

It was Sunday.

Fana: "But it's too far. And I know you don't want me coming there"

Me: "You know how my mom treats me. "

He sighed.

Fana: "But we should meet tomorrow. You'll make up some lie"

Me: "You know I hate lying "

He laughed.

Fana: "No baby. You hate liars"

I chuckled.

Me: "Same difference "

He said that because I can be conniving if needs be.

When it came to relationships I'd say I'm loyal faithful and honest until someone cheats on me.

Fana: "So are we on? "

I sighed.

Me: "I'll make a plan "

Fana: "Thank you baby. I love you"

Me: "I love you too"

We had breakfast before going to church. Mom had already prepared it.

My mom lived with Botshelo and dad since Loago had his own house at another province but he'd come visit us.

He lived with his girlfriend who was pregnant now.

We all went into my Mini Cooper.

I was yawning through out the whole service. I had sneaked out the previous night.

I was so happy when the service ended because yoh I would have died.

Mom: "What a great message "

My father didn't bother with going to church. He was a bit too traditional and mom couldn't do anything about that.

Me: "Indeed"

But who was I kidding? I didn't even hear a thing.

I just wanted to go home and sleep.

I did that immediately when we got back home making sure to lock the door.

The last thing I wanted was to have my mother disturbing my peace.



The festive season has always been spent at home.

What I hated about it was constantly being asked when I'll get married.

Like I wasn't in any rush and I didn't know why they had to keep pushing.

I was only 27 turning 28 and I believed it was something that had to happen at its own time

Like I think I'd feel when I'm ready for such a big step but in the meantime I was enjoying my life.

Being raised by both parents was the results of that pressure but I was grateful.

It was just that we were a huge family I was enjoying my life.

Being raised by both parents was the results of that pressure but I was grateful.

It was just that we were a huge family where mostly people were married even those born after me while I had never even introduced a girl home.

My Mom was thought I was gay and I let her be.

I honestly didn't care what they thought but hated being asked the same question over and over again.

Immediately when we got back from church I went to the fridge and took out a can of beer.

Mom: "You don't even wait a second. I don't know why you went to church if you're still going to drink"

Me: "I don't know why you talk because it won't make a difference. I'm still going to drink"

She clicked her tongue and walked away.

My mom was a lot sometimes.

Me: "Ngiya phuma "

I said to my nephew.

Me: "Tell uMa NEH "

He nodded.

I took my car keys and left.

I needed to go somewhere to refresh my mind because drinking at home wasn't working.

I went to Bafana. We met at varsity and became friends there.

He was a lawyer. It was always popping at his house.

When I got there there was music playing.

I knew nje that it was going to be fun.

Fana: "My nigger"

We fist pumped.

Me: "Awe dog"

Fana: "I was just about to call you. I thought you were still at church "

Me: "Just got back. I tried drinking but it was boring. Bana ba kae? "

He laughed as we went to the pool.

He was having a pool party with lots of chicks but a few gents.

Fana: "Choice assorted my G. "

I laughed. I went to the cooler box and took out a can of Heineken.

Mind you I was still in my church clothes. Just a suit with no tie.

It was a nice vibe and I kept drinking while looking at the girls playing in the pool and some even making out.

You would think it was night already.

Me: "Where's your wife? "

Fana: "She's coming back on Saturday. I'm enjoying until then"

I laughed.

Me: "I don't get why a you'd let a kid control you "

Fana: "You don't know love. She's my everything "

Me: "But you become boring when she's here. No parties and she's always there when you're drinking "

He laughed.

Fana: "Let's stop talking about her. I can't believe I'm so scared of her. It's like I'm a sissy"

I laughed.

Me: "Exactly. These other girls don't know you like that "

Fana: "They're not her"

I was busy looking for my type of cake until I saw her.

Dark skinned short and slim with perky boob's.

She was also looking at me.

One thing I hated was a girl who wanted me to give her money.

Like if I want to I'll do it. Don't fucken ask unless we're serious which has never happened to me.

Me: "I'm coming man"

I said looking at my dark chocolate.

He laughed.

Fana: "Don't forget to condomise"

Me: "Tsek"

She was sitting by the pool with only her legs touching the water.

I stood next to her.

Me: "Hi"

She stood up. Those legs.. Mm

Her: "Hey"

Me: "Lungisani"

I said stretching my hand.

Her: "Rethabile"

Me: "Nice name. Let's get some privacy what do you think? "

Retha: "OK "

I took her hand and we went inside the house.

Plus I wanted us to talk without having to scream because of the noise.

Banana knew who to invite at these parties. The girls were hot.

Me: "How old are you? "

Another reason why I hadn't settled down was because of girls coming on to me because of my surname or what I could provide. Fucken gold diggers.

Retha: "I'm 22"

Yoh takalani but at least she wasn't under 20.

I would not be able to deal with a teenager.

Me: "Not bad"

She was now looking at me. She had beautiful big black eyes and her makeup also looked good on her.

Me: "Can I kiss you? "

She took a sip of her champagne.

Retha: "Do you want to? "

I pulled her closer to me. We were sitting in the lounge on a two-seater couch.

I didn't reply but just kissed her.



Me: "Don't you get tired of complaining? "

She looked at me and folded her arms.

Grace: "I'll not allow you to walk all over me"

Me: "It's the beginning of a New Year cheer up. You can't be coming with the same attitude "

Grace: "As if you've changed over the years "

Me: "What's the problem now? "

It was Monday morning and she had just barged into my house straight to my room.

She's the mother of Lonwabo my first born.

Grace: "I want my son. Your mom is being difficult "

Me: "Stop fighting with my mother Grace"

Grace: "She hates me. I don't get why she sees me as the wrong one while you're the reason Our relationship didn't work out"

Me: "It's been five years are you saying you're still hung up on me? "

She clicked her tongue.

Grace: "I don't know why I bother with you "

Me: "Then don't. Go make me breakfast while I shower since you decided to wake me up"

Grace: "I'm not your wife. Why don't you call your white chick so she can do that for you? "

Me: "She's not here is she? Now go"

Grace: "Mxm"

She walked out. I was just in my boxer so I went to the bathroom.

I took a cool shower then went to dress in my room when I was done with everything.

She was done with breakfast and eating.

Me: "I said make me breakfast not eat it. No wonder your ass is this huge"

She gave me a middle finger and I just laughed.

I took my plate and started eating too.

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