part 9 lemonade

BONGANI Noku: You just going to stand there? Me: Umm hi. Noku: Hi? Hi? Really? Me: It's just.. I'm surprised She chuckled in disbelief but I really didn't think she'd follow through with this. There was no escaping her. How the hell was I going to do this? Noku: I'll get dressed then. I felt my heartbeat turn normal it would have been something else. Sex with Mellisa is just different we once had a connection so everything just comes easy but with Noku I don't know. It would have been awkward for me since I had already slept with anyone. The following week she went back to being the quiet Noku. Sometimes I think too quiet and just too obedient. Anyway Mellisa left town on Tuesday and I guess that's just it. It was Thursday and as usual I woke up and took a bath prepared by Noku. After bathing I dried and lotioned then wore the clothes she had taken out for me. I finished everything up took my bag phone and car keys then went downstairs. Me: Good morning Noku: Morning Khumalo. I sat down she brought my plate of breakfast for me. Me: What's going on Noku? Noku: What do you mean? Me: You distant. Noku: Haven't I embarrassed myself enough? Me: I'm not following. Noku: How do you think I felt when you rejected me? I could smell her all over you. Me: I'm sorry Ke. But please can we start over? Noku: Is it the one from the store? Me: She's not important this is just hard for me. Noku: And it's easy for me? I was married off! I'm only 23 don't you think I wanted to explore life first and not just rush into marriage? I could see tears filling her eyes. Noku: it's hard for me. I tried to get you to notice me but nothing works. Do you realize how unappreciated I feel? I'm always going out of my way to please you but I don't see you treated me better. Now I felt really bad and guilty for everything. I don't know how I could have been so selfish it's really not me. I was only thinking about myself here not bothering to think about how she might feel. I made her stand up then hugged her as she cried on my chest. Me: I've been such a jerk I know but please forgive me. I kept brushing her back and saying sorry until she calmed down. Me: Can I take you out to dinner maybe? Just to apologize. She smiled I wiped her tears. Noku: I'd like that. Me: Now I have to change my shirt. She giggled. Noku: I'll go iron you another one. Me: Kiss me first I wanna see if I'm still a good teacher. She blushed. I put my hands on her waist brought our bodies together and we kissed. I was going to try and make things work it might not be my first time saying this but I meant it this time. I should start being a man of my word. . MILEY I've just been trying to think of a solution to the mess I had put myself in and couldn't reach one. I was in my room lying on my stomach. I was on my periods and a bit grumpy. There's nothing I hate like being on my periods it just annoys the shit out of me because somehow I don't feel all free. I still hadn't broken up with Vee and I had cut all communication with King I was actually trying so much to avoid him. It was just around 9am. My mom had long left for work. " Think you can run away from me" I swear at that point I wanted the earth to swallow me up. I buried my head on my pillow and groaned out in frustration. Me: Can't you Leave me alone? King: Trust me I try. It's been four days without seeing you and it's been hell. Me: I find that pretty hard to believe. I said sitting on my butt and putting a pillow on top of my lap. I was only facing him now and I must admit he looked handsome. He was wearing formal. King: I never lie cupcake. Just like I wasn't bluffing when I said I'm going to pop a cap on that boy. Me: You think I'm going to be with you after you kill him? Think again. He chuckled and came to sit next to me. King: Oh but you will. In fact you already mine. He said brushing my cheek with his thumb before he parted my lips slightly with his thumb he was watching me intensely. He brought his face closer only to bite my lower lip I swallowed hard he smirked. Me: Why me? King: Why not you? Me: I'm damaged goods I can't love anybody else cause I'm already battling to love myself. King: You'll learn to love me. He brought me into his chest and hugged me I lost myself in his embrace. He smelt so good. Me: How did you even get in? He chuckled. King: You didn't lock. Come I'm taking you out. Me: I don't wanna go out. King: Why? Me: I'm just not feeling like being around people. One of those days. King: You on your period? Me: Yes how did you even know. King: You grumpy. I pushed him away a bit he laughed then picked me up. Me: Put me down. King: I don't want to. I started hitting him he had put me over his shoulder. We went to the kitchen then he put me on the counter. Me: Ain't you suppose to be at work or something? King: I wanna be with you. Me: Where do you work again? You always so formal. King: I'm a criminal lawyer and the outfit is just a formality. Me: And how old are you? King: I'm old enough. He kissed my nose. King: We going out

I'll go get your shoes. Me: I still haven't agreed. King: I really don't care. With that said he disappeared into the house and I didn't even stop him. He came with some sneakers and I wore them. I was wearing a legging and a Nike hoodie. I locked the house and we left with him insisting on holding my hand. Me: Where are you taking me again? King: We going to the mall. Me: What for? King: You'll tell me when we get there. The rest of the ride was filled with comfortable silence I didn't want to fight with him. It didn't help cause he still didn't back off so why not just tolerate him? . BONGANI I received a call from my mom during lunch and that was a surprise to me. I answered on the second ring. Me: Ma? Mom: Bongani my child how are you? Me: I'm fine olady you? Mom: I'm okay. How's Noku? Me: She's fine too. Mom: I was calling about the wedding. Me: What wedding? Mom: You guys should start preparing for your official wedding where she's actually going to change into a Khumalo and we give her her new name. Me: I think it's too soon. Mom: It's been more than four months it was long overdue. Me: You'll talk to her about that ke. Mom: It's your wedding too. Me: A wedding that I never wanted and still don't. Mom: I thought you loved her. Me: Love is a strong word. If that's all.. Mom: I'll call Noku. Bye then I love you.. Me: Goodbye. I hung up on her. I was just feeling emotionless about everything. I really wasn't ready for marriage but again I'm the heir of the Khumalo so I need to represent them well. I wouldn't want to start disappointing my parents now. Time went on and soon I knocked off. I took my bag phone and car keys then I left. I got in my car then drove off. Getting there I kissed Noku on the cheek then went upstairs where I took a quick shower. She was all ready for dinner. I wore jeans a tee and sneakers. I took my wallet and car keys then went back downstairs. Noku: Now I feel so overdressed. I chuckled. She was wearing a beautiful navy blue body hugging dress with black heels and let her long hair loose. Me: Actually you perfect. You look beautiful. Noku: Thank you. Me: Let's go. When we got to my car I opened the door for her and she got in closed the door then went to my side. I drove us to Spur where we had some dinner over a light chat. Me: So do you see yourself having kids in the future? Noku: Yes I love babies so much and I've always thought about having them. Me: And here I was thinking you'll say no. She chuckled. Noku: Sorry to disappoint. We ordered some dessert after then I paid and we left. Me: I hope you enjoyed It as much as I did. Noku: I enjoyed it too. Me: I'm glad. Arriving at home I opened the door for her and she got out. I still hadn't said anything about the wedding I just didn't think I was ready I knew this was bound to happen but a whole big part of me thought it was just too soon. Noku: You okay?. Me: Yes I am. She nodded and we got inside the house. . MILEY King refused to let me go home. After spending the day at the mall we went to his house. When I mentioned my periods he even bought me pads. At the mall he wanted to buy me anything I want but truth is I didn't want anything. He forced me to buy a new phone makeup sets and even to do my hair. At some point I got tired of arguing so I just did what he wanted. I had on a greyish lace weave and it looked good on me. He even bought me some clothes and lingerie even some shoes. King: You look tired. Me: I am it was an exhausting day. King: Want a massage? Me: Actually I'd do with some back massage. King: Okay take off your top. I took off the hoodie I was wearing I wasn't wearing a bra. I lay on my stomach then he went to get the massage oils and started massaging. Damn it felt so good. King: Stop fighting this us. Me: I'm not.. Fighting it. The way he was doing me so good I even moaned. I could actually feel the exhaustion disappearing and instead I ended up falling asleep. I actually didn't think his hands would feel so good on me. When I woke up later I took a warm bath. After bathing and everything I wore some pyjamas which I had bought And his sleepers then went downstairs. I found him cooking with an apron on. Me: Wow. King: As if you seeing me like this for the first time. Me: It's really a nice view. King: First compliment ever. I just laughed shaking my head. I watched him cook and when he was done he dished up for the both of us. His food tasted amazing of course.

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