part 8 lemonade

MILEY Vee: Are you okay? Me: Umm yeah why? I said gulping down a glass of what seemed to be our non alcoholic wine. Non alcoholic because it didn't seem to numb how I was feeling or get me drunk since the letter had instantly made me sober. Vee: You distant? Me: Really? I faked a giggle then looked back at him. I went to sit on top of him and just stared at him. How was I going to leave her to leave this? Vee: Yes talk to me baby. Me: It's nothing I said perking his lips. He smiled revealing his dimples. Vee: Okay fine I believe you. Good I thought. Somehow I just wanted to get home. I might be cruel a bad ass but Vee didn't deserve what King wanted me to do to him he was just a kid. I didn't get why he was territorial seeing we only had sex like.. Twice. Vee: Kiss me. He commanded And I brought my lips closer to his And we kissed. He tried touching me but that made me just break the kiss. Vee: What? Me: I'm just.. Not in the mood. He chuckled in disbelief I couldn't get why he'd do that. I was always in the mood. As much as he'd tell me how much he loves me but we'd always have sex unless I'm on my periods. He went back to kissing me kissed me on the neck but the thought of him dying made me just stop him instantly. Vee: You really serious? I got up from him then went to sit on the far end of the bed. Me: Not everything is about sex Luvuyo. Vee: I'm confused. He really looked confused he ran his hand on his hair then turned back to look at me with his sparkling brown eyes. Vee: I don't get where all of this is coming from suddenly. You were fine an hour back and now.. What's going on? Me: Nothing is going on. Is it really such a bad thing for me to say no we can't have sex? He sighed. Vee: I just thought we going to make love.. I know you might see it as just sex but it's a whole lot more to me. Me: I'm sorry then. He smiled. Vee: It's okay. You right it's not all an ex. Why wasn't he throwing a fit? He was just making things more difficult for me. I expected him to react completely different. Accuse me of cheating or something just give me enough reason to break it off with him. We went to take an innocent shower together then he drove me home. I was silent on the way home I was just thinking of a whole lot of things. Vee: We here. I hadn't even realized the car had stopped until that point. Me: Oh I faked a smile. He held my hand. Vee: What's really going on Thatso? This is not you. You were silent all the way home and you usually talk a lot. I giggled involuntarily. Me: It's just.. One of those days where I miss my dad. I said looking down. He knew about my dad and how much I loved him. He just didn't know the reason I'm this way but to him I was completely perfect. Vee: I'm sorry. We hugged. He got out then came to my side and opened my door. We hugged again And this time I clung unto him for dear life. It was me making peace with the fact that this might be the last time I ever see him or be this close to him. Vee: You'll be okay I know you will. I nodded smiling. He kissed me on the forehead before he cupped me and we shared a passionate kiss. After that I waved at him as he got in his car and I watched him drive off. I was just about to open the door when I got a text on my phone. King: Come back. I looked back and there he was in a ranger parked right at the gate. I groaned then walked back. He smiled when he saw me. He was outside his car. King: Why are you dreading this? Me: Why can't you leave me alone? King: I love you. I laughed but he was serious. King: Don't you understand how it hurts seeing you with him? Just seeing him shove his tongue into you makes me wanna pop a cap on him He said the last part with a clenched jaw And I knew he meant business. He groaned. King: Did you sleep with him? Me: No He smiled then kissed my cheek. King: Good girl. He opened the door for me and I just stood outside. King: Get in Miley. Me: No King: I wasn't asking you. I snorted then got in. He went to his side then drove off. Me: Where you taking me? King: Home. After saying that he looked back at the road. All I could ask myself is Miley what did you get yourself into? . BONGANI I've never been a church person so I always spend my Sunday's indoors just lazing around. I woke up decided to take a shower Noku had long woke up. I did my business then dried and lotioned. Getting back to the room my bed was already made. We hardly spoke ever since our fallout yesterday but I wasn't going to explain myself or even apologize. The Last time I checked I was the man in this forced relationship. I wore some Black Nike shorts with a red Nike T-shirt and Puma sandals. I brushed my hair with my hands then went downstairs for breakfast. At least she had made me some breakfast. Me: Morning. Noku: Morning I sat down and she dished up for me then brought me my plate Bowing down a bit like she usually does. Me: Thank You. I said then dug in. I was thinking about Mellisa and just how sexy she looked yesterday. God knows how much I loved that woman. It's a pity things never worked out. Shut! She gave me her card! I finally remembered then made a mental note to call her when I'm done. I gulped down the glass of Mango juice then rushed back upstairs. Getting there I went to the pants I was wearing and took out the card. I took my phone and dialed her numbers. She answered on the second ring. Mellisa: Hello? Me: Hi Her voice is so sexy though. She giggled softly. Mellisa: Carl? Me: The one and only. Mellisa: For a moment there I thought you wouldn't call. Me: Well I did how are you? Mellisa: I'm okay I'm fab. You? Me: I'm alright it was really nice seeing you. Mellisa: Same here. I didn't know you were getting married. I sighed. Me: That's a pretty long story but that's not the reason I called. Mellisa: Oh? Me: Yes I wanna see you. Mellisa: I was actually hoping you gonna say that I'm pretty free now. Me: Where you at? Mellisa: Booked a room at the hotel. Me: Give me a room number. I took my wallet and car keys. I met up with Noku downstairs. Noku: You going somewhere? Me: Yeah. Noku: Oh should I cook lunch? Me: Umm I'll probably come back late. Noku: Oh She looked down. Me: Don't sulk. Noku: It's just.. I thought we'll spend some time together. Me: We live in the same house nje. Noku: I'm not complaining but you hardly ever have time for me. Me: You're complaining. We went to the mall together yesterday. Noku: We both know what happened. Me: You just being crazy I'll see you when I come back. Noku: Okay Khumalo. Me: I better find you naked on my bed and all ready. She giggled and nodded shyly. I went out into the garage and got into my car. I drove to her hotel while listening to some music. When I got there she opened wearing a red silky gown that was slightly opened revealing her cleavage. I had to swallow some spit. Mellisa: Hey you. Me: Hi. Mellisa: Come on in. She made space for me and I got in. Me: So what brings you to town? Mellisa: I had a cover shoot here. She's a model by the way. I sat down and poured myself a shot of whiskey. Me: You really look beautiful. She giggled then dropped the gown. She then came to me sat right on my dick. Mellisa: I really missed you. She said her face so close to mine I could even feel her breathing rate. Me: You did Huh? Mellisa: Yes She started breathing over my neck. If this was temptation then it was coming at another level. Mellisa has always been wild. I got up with her on top of me then pinned her against the wall. She gasped and I smashed my lips into her. It didn't take time for us to be completely naked I put on a rubber and started pumping into her. She was busy screaming and moaning my name. Gosh that felt like home. I just lost myself in her pussy. . MILEY Me: Take me home. King: Can you at least spend a week with me? Me: In this big house? No. We were in his house which he called home. It was a double Storey with about six ensuites bedrooms a roof pool and a Jacuzzi. It had a living room a big kitchen a lounge a cinema room and there was even a play room. The main bedroom was pure white. King: It'd be nice finding you in our kitchen cooking up a storm while coming back from work. Me: Me? Cook? Hell no. King: You can't cook? Me: I don't cook. King: But really this house just needs you to turn it into a home. Me: My mother Is probably worried wherever she is. I was trying so much to avoid this topic. I never saw myself settling down and it wasn't going to start with King. After much debating he finally drove me home. We didn't have sex yesterday or today we just came then he had to force me to cuddle and I ended up sleeping on his chest. In the morning we took a shower together then he cooked breakfast for me. Yes he can cook. King: Keep your phone on. Me: Yes sir. He kissed me on the lips then opened my door from the inside I was just happy when I saw his car driving off. Mom had probably left for church. I went to change into shorts and a tee then went to the shop for my fix. Had I known this is what would happen I wouldn't have gone to the club that day. Now I'm in too deep. . BONGANI Me: That was amazing She giggled. We were catching our breathes I don't know after how many rounds of sex. Mellisa: I know right. She looked up at me she was laying on my chest. Mellisa: I can't believe you getting married. Me: It is what it Is. Mellisa: Well take this as an early wedding present. Me: If that's so then it was definitely the best. I kissed her head. Driving back home I couldn't stop humming and singing. I had already showered with Mellisa At the hotel so all I wanted was some food cooked by my wife to be. I parked my car then got out. With a chick like Mellisa one wouldn't even need to go to the gym for a workout. I went straight to the kitchen and found my food in the microwave. I warmed It up then ate immediately. I drank some water when I was done then went upstairs to my room. Me: Yoh I found Noku in my bed naked. Me: Umm and then? Noku: Is this not what you wanted? I scratched my head. I had completely forgotten. How the hell was I going to get myself out of this? I'm no super man I can't sleep with two woman in the same day. Jehovah!

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