part 7 lemonade

BONGANI Me: What are you doing today? Noku: I'm just going to do some cleaning. We were in the lounge after taking a shower together and were just watching some TV. I didn't have any plans and again I just felt like staying indoors. Me: What I saw yesterday.. Is that you? She giggled and I looked her straight in the eyes. Noku: I know it's hard to believe but I think the wine helped relax me a bit. Me: Is that all? Noku: Yes of course Me: How was it? She blushed her cheeks turning red. I laughed at her and she covered her face with her hands. Me: We married we suppose to be able to talk about anything. Noku: It was.. Good I loved it. Me: I'm glad you did and hopefully you'll get used to it. Noku: I hope so too I only wanna please you. Me: I guess they taught you well ekhaya Noku: I believe they did. Me: I still can't believe you were a virgin at 23 She laughed. Noku: I come from a very strict family. My parents kept tabs On me I couldn't even wave to a boy so all my life I never dated Or even kissed anyone. I was always helping around the house and going to school. Me: So you did your matric and all? Noku: Yeah I did. But I've never worked all my life. Me: Why though? She sighed. Noku: I was raised to be the perfect wife. Me: So you knew you were going to be married off? She chuckled a bit then sighed wiping a tear. Somehow I felt bad for touching this topic but I had to. Noku: It had always been my destiny and well I embraced it. To them I was just someone who's going to make them some money. Me: That's cruel. Noku: I know hey and it's worse because they're my biological parents. You know there were many moments where I wished I Was a boy because being a girl I was given tough love. I sat next to her then laid her on my shoulder. Me: I'm really sorry you had to go through that. She was crying now. Here I was thinking I had it worse but no she did. I could feel the pain in her voice as she spoke and that alone made me feel bad for how I had treated her. We were both victims in her forced Together by our controlling parents. From that moment I promised myself that I'll treat her better. It's the least I can do after how she had been treated. . MILEY I took a bath since I was meeting up with Vee. My mom had been cleaning around the house and unfortunately for me I hadn't had a moment to spoke. I respect my mother that much that I wouldn't smoke in her presence even though I know she probably knows I do. Whenever I'm craving I always go for a jog so that's what happened today. I was tired from that jog I usually just jog in the morning. After bathing I dried then lotioned. I wore a red backless jumpsuit which was tight and sleeveless it reached me on my ankles. I know it was probably too much but I just felt like dressing up. I matched it up with gold earrings and some neck piece. I put on my makeup some foundation concealer eyeliner and mascara then fleeked my eyebrows then finished it off with a brown matte lipstick. Vee was going to pick me up at my gate so I had no worries about transport. I wore black wedges and took my sling bag that had all my necessities including my phone. I sprayed some Hoity Toity before leaving. Me: I'm out Mom: Okay baby enjoy and stay safe. Me: Don't worry mom I'll be safe. Mom: I love you. Me: I love you too. With that said I went outside. Vee was packed outside the gate. He got out when he saw me approaching then we hugged. Vee: You look beautiful. Me: Thanks. He kissed me on the forehead then opened the door for me. I'll never get used to being treated like a lady that's for sure. He closed then went to his side. Vee: I feel so small right now. I laughed. Me: Why? Vee: It's just.. You so so beautiful I'm jealous. I chuckled. Me: Don't worry I'm jealous. I chuckled. Me: Don't worry I'm all yours. I wasn't going to take King's threat seriously shame. I am all his even though it was just yesterday when I slept with someone else but it's true. I've actually changed a bit if it was still the old me I would probably cheated ten times or so. Vee: Thinking about something? Me: Just how blessed I am to have you. Vee: Says the girl who didn't want me at first. I laughed. Me: Because you a kid. Vee: This kid can still make you scream out your lungs I laughed. If only he knew what King was capable of doing in bed. He can make my legs shake and oh he can make me squirt. Me: Okay fine I get your point. Vee: I booked us a room. Me: You did? Vee: Yep I want us to spend the day together indoors. Just us. Me: That's so sweet baby. Vee: I love you. Me: I know. Vee: I really do and I just hope one day you'll feel the same about me. Now he was making me feel bad. Truth is I don't see myself ever falling in love again. The only people I love now are my mother and brother and it ends there. Since daddy left it's been hard for me. I used to fall deeply in love and well that was with Sipho my ex. Ever since he screwed me up I said " fuck love " That's what Vuyo didn't know. We arrived at the hotel with him holding my hand. He got the key from the receptionist then we went to our room. Me: Wow That's what I said when we went inside Me: This is.. Wow.. It's beautiful. Vee: You like it? Me: I love it. The room was in pure white and gold. The lights were a bit dim with flower petals covering the entire floor. Red white and pink rose petals. I've never been a fan of romance but this was beautiful. Me: I'm not a fan of romance but this this is beautiful. Vee: I'm glad you love it. He kissed my cheek. There was a table with food I think and a bottle of wine with whipped cream and chocolate pieces and melted dark chocolate. Vee: Come let's eat. Me: There's only one problem. Vee: What? Me: I need a smoke. He chuckled. He then opened one of the trays and revealed a rolled joint and a cigarette. Me: You kidding! He laughed. Vee: I might not like the fact that you smoke but I can't stop it. Me: This is sweet. He smiled. I lit it right there and then then started smoking. Gosh how I missed this feeling. . BONGANI Noku and I decided to go to the mall because there were a few things that she needed so I was accompanying her there. Noku: You really didn't have to come. Me: And have these thirsty niggers drooling over you? She giggled softly. Noku: They wouldn't even come close. Me: What would you do? Noku: Kick them I laughed. Me: Oh please. Noku: You think I'm kidding? Me: Who could you possibly kick with your little feet? She chuckled and punched me lightly. Noku: Don't undermine me. Me: Sorry then. She picked up whatever she wanted and I was just pushing the trolley for her. "Carl? " A soft voice said behind me and I turned. She smiled revealing her perfect white teeth. Me: Mellisa? She nodded and got closer and we hugged. She's an ex of mine who my parents didn't approve of and things ended up not working out but we were on good terms. Me: This is really you. She giggled. Mellisa: It really is. You look good. Me: Thanks and you look even more beautiful. Mellisa is colored with a slim body and red hair. She was wearing a high waist short with a crop top and boots Mellisa: Thank You. Noku cleared her throat. Yazi I had even forgotten about her. Me: Eish I'm sorry. Mel this is Nokukhanya and Noku this is Mellisa. Noku: I'm his fiancee And then? What's with being forward? Mellisa just smiled and shook her hand. She took out a card. Mellisa: My new number. Me: Thanks I'll call you. I took it and put it on my pocket. She then swayed her little ass and walked away. Noku: This is how you going to treat me? Me: What you on about? Noku: You just gonna flirt in my presence? Me: Sesi wee give me a break. Noku: We married I'm your wife. Me: Where's the ring wifey? Noku: Traditionally I am. Me: Stop fussing and let's go pay. Noku has never behaved this way before. Was it because of my dick? I know how attached ladies can be after finally getting the dick. I didn't want to think that somehow she's that type what happened to respecting me? It was clear that I really didn't know her. I just hope she doesn't turn out to be bad. I mean we were getting along fine but now Ingathi she's going to suddenly have a backbone. . MILEY We ate talked and just watched a movie. It was getting late but I wasn't in a hurry. We had been watching a movie while drinking wine which was now finished and we were waiting for another bottle. Vee: I'm going to the toilet you'll get the door right? Me: Yes baby. He kissed me on the lips then got up to the toilet. As expected the deliverer knocked and I got up then went to open. I was a bit tipsy from the wine. Me: Just put it over there. He nodded then gave me an envelope. Me: What's this? Him: I'm just a messenger. With that said he left. I opened the envelope And unfolded the letter. " You better not sleep with him " I screamed a bit. " Time is ticking " That's what was written on the back. Vee: What's wrong? I hid the letter. Me: Umm nothing I faked a smile. I didn't want to get scared but this. It could only be one person but the question is how did he know I'm here? Vee: You just going to stand there? Me: Can I go to the toilet? Vee: Of course. When I got in there I just tore the letter and flushed its pieces. This threat was one that I couldn't just ignore. Was Vee's life really in my hands?

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