part 6 lemonade

MILEY Mom: Are you okay? Me: Umm yeah. Why? Mom: You not walking so fine. Me: I think I'm having some severe period pains. Mom: Since when? Me: Today She looked at me like she didn't believe anything I was saying but I seriously didn't care I was in so much pain. I bit my lip with my teeth as I sat down closing my eyes and trying my all not to scream. King really did twice the damage this time. Mom: I'll get you some painkillers. Me: Mm If only she knew that painkillers weren't going to help me in anyway with my situation. I don't even know how he found my house but again everyone knows me around the hood so I don't think it was hard. He just had to come and tore my pussy apart then leave me all alone to deal with the pain. Mom: Here. Me: Thanks. I took them and drank this was going to be one helluva weekend for me. . BONGANI I arrived home a bit late since I had a few stuff that I needed to finish first at work. I was a bit tired because I had a long day. I was just looking forward to going home and finding the house filled with a great aroma of food. I parked in the garage then got out with my bag and car keys. I got in and the house was so quiet too quiet that you'd probably hear a nail fall. I closed the door then walked upstairs to my room so I can put my bags down Amd everything. Getting in I did just that and also took off my blazer and tie. As I was about to stare at my reflection on the mirror I saw a note stuck in there. Me: What are you playing at? I took it from the mirror then read it. " Meet me in our room. Now " That sounded like a command. Innocent Noku is not as innocent as I thought. I smirked. Curiosity got the best of me and I ended up obliging to the command. Yes I was still sleeping in the guestroom since she had decided to occupy my room. The lights were off and soft music was playing on the low. I switched on the lights and my jaw immediately dropped. Noku: Evening Mr Khumalo Me: This is.. Wow The bed was covered with red and pink rose petals and on the table was a bottle of wine with some ice. She was wearing a black Lacy lingerie and her yellow thighs were exposed. Her hair was hiding her one eye. I had never seen her with so less clothes on. She was basically naked and helluva sexy her perfect cleavage exposed. Noku: You just going to stand there or? Me: I.. I'm still stunned She giggled softly and got up from the bed she was wearing high heels. She came to stand right in front of me she was smelling so nicely. This is one side of her that I had never seen. Noku: It's all for you She said tracing her fingers on my upper body inside my shirt. She went on to my dick and grabbed it. Was she really a virgin? That was the one thought that was going on through my mind. Me: Fuck! She had her hand inside my pants with her eyes locked into mine. I had been thinking so much that I forgot about the reality that I was facing now. Me: What are you doing? Noku: I'm trying to please you. My dick was already rock hard because of how she had been giving it a hand job. I took off my shirt more like tore it up then picked her up. She wrapped her legs around my waist and we kissed. She stopped me. Noku: I.. I've never kissed anyone That was a bit obvious from how our teeth had been gnashing. Me: And the dick grabbing? Noku: Please don't laugh. Me: What? Noku: I've been watching.. You know Me: I don't She did something with her head and I laughed. Me: Porn? She nodded shyly and I laughed. Me: We've been naughty haven't we? She giggled softly. Me: I'll teach you. Just follow my lead. Noku: Okay. I brought my face closer to her and kissed her again slowly It went on for a while until she got the hang of it then everything else became easy. I lay her on the bed then got on top of her without breaking the kiss. I was now in just my briefs. Me: You sure about this? Noku: Yes I am. Me: You know it might hurt right? Noku: That's what I read. Me: I've never really slept with a virgin before so.. Noku: It's okay I kissed her again this time with more passion and desire. I took off her thong then started playing with her clit while still kissing her. I could feel the river forming in her temple as she started to moan softly in my mouth. A few minutes later she was all naked and I was giving her head. She pushed my head deeper into her as I increased the pace of my tongue and she finally came probably her first orgasm. I went back to her face. Me: MaKhumalo She blushed I kissed her allowing her to taste her salty juices. Me: Just relax. I placed my dick at the tip and I heard her gasp I didn't know how I was going to do this so I just put it all in with all my force. She screamed her lungs out I guess I went with it the wrong way. Me: I'm sorry I leaned to her and kissed her she was crying. Me: Just let me finish I started moving slowly until I was in the mood again and increased the pace. Her screams turned into loud moans and we just went on. I can't believe I was having sex now after so many months. And she was so tight and good. Just what I needed. . MILEY I was laying on my back on top of my bed and chatting with Vee on the phone. Vee: We meeting tomorrow right? We had planned it on Wednesday and because he had been occupied with school he finally made time for me. I didn't know how that was going to work considering how much sore my vagina is. All I hoped was for him not to try to initiate sex tomorrow. Me: Yes baby of course we are. I've only slept with him and of course King in the past two months. I guess I've been a partially good girl. Vee: I can't wait I miss you so much. Me: I miss you too He's good company and all but I don't know. With King things are pretty spontaneous and vibrant and gosh his adrenaline levels are on another level. I just hoped I don't meet up with King like this. Vee loves me and I might not love him but well I like him. He understands that I'm not all about love and he's patient with me. Vee: That's a first Me: Really I do. Vee: Then this night better end fast I laughed And just as I was about to type a reply my phone rang. It was a number I didn't recognize so I answered on the second ring. Me: Hello "Your voice sounds even more beautiful over the phone " Me: King He chuckled. King: How are you cupcake ? Me: Not so good you can't be asking that. King: You'll get used to it Me: You talk as if it's ever gonna happen King: I wanna make you mine Me: That's never gonna happen King: Why not? Me: I'm not all about that. King: You actually the kind of wife a man needs. I chuckled I had never been told I'm wife material so this was new to me. Why would he make a hoe like me a wife? That's just asking for trouble. Me: That's so funny King: I'm actually serious. Come outside. Me: You know how many minutes it's gonna take me to get there? King: Just come I'll make you better. Me: Okay fine. King: I'll be waiting. With that said he hung up and I wore my sleepers then went out of my room. My mom was reading a bible In the lounge. Me: I'm going outside. Mom: Be safe. I opened the door And I could see his car at the gate. He got out when I stepped down the veranda and came to me. He then picked me up bridal style I giggled. He portrayed so much strength. We were in the back of his car with the lights on and he was staring at me. Me: What? King: I still haven't received an answer. Me: Regarding? King: Being mine. Take off your leggings. Me: Why? King: Just do it. I took my leggings off I wasn't wearing a panty. He made me lie on my back then spread my legs a bit. He then took a some cubes of ice put them on his mouth and then put them down there. Me: Ahh It was cold but at the same time it was just what I needed. I had actually never had a guy go down on me. What he was doing with his tongue on my temple was something else I kept on biting my lip cause I didn't want to make any noise. King: I want you all to myself. Me: I don't know King King: Is it because of that boy? Me: What boy? King: Is it Luvuyo? Me: How do you..? King: I want you to leave him for me. Me: Why would I do that? King: Because his life is in your hands. We were standing outside his car. He kissed me on the forehead. King: Bye cupcake. He got in his car and drove off leaving me to digest all that. He must be crazy if he thinks I'm going to leave Vee for him. I might not love him but he doesn't deserve such cruelty. Me: Wa hlanya I said and went inside the house I could walk much better now so I guess he helped. . BONGANI The events of yesterday were still in my mind and I actually couldn't stop thinking about it. I don't know but somehow I was seeing her in a different way. She was still sleeping and I was in the kitchen trying to make her some breakfast. I'm actually a gentleman and well I could fry some eggs and it sort of ends there. I put everything in a tray then went to our room and I found her staring at the sheets. Me: It's normal to bleed on your first time. Noku: This much? Me: It's nothing. I kissed her on the forehead And put the tray on the table. Me: Go brush your teeth I'll take care of this. Noku: It's okay. That's my job. Me: I got this. Noku: You sure? Me: Yes now go its a command. She tortoise walked to the bathroom. She was wearing my T-shirt. I took off the sheets put them in a black plastic then put on new ones. I was just going to burn them. Me: Come let me feed you. She came blushing. I sat her on my lap then we ate. I guess I was warming up to her. I just hope this doesn't come back to bite me. I still don't know much about her

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