part 5 lemonade

BONGANI She came to knock on my door very early in the morning. I know it's her because Beatrice will never wake me up at such a moment. I was so pissed that if I was as violent as my father I would have hit her. I forced myself to cool down before shouting for her to get in. Noku: Good morning. Me: What do you want? Noku: I came to prepare you for work. I chuckled then looked for her. I was still trying to comprehend the fact that she woke me up in my peaceful sleep for nonsense. Uya loya or what? Was she even sleeping or just pretended when I opened the door? She was even smelling fresh meaning she had already bathed. She was wearing a long dress with a doek on her head. Me: I'm not a kid. All I wanted was privacy and she wasn't giving me that. Just her presence in my room was enough to ruin my day which hadn't not even begun. She was a constant reminder of the fate my parents had set for me the destiny which I had never imagined for myself. The reality that I had refused to let my mind believe. Noku: I'll go run your bathing water. Why is she so chilled? Why can't she just leave me alone cause this was me trying to get her off my room? Who told her that I was sleeping here anyway. I groaned then got up from bed. It's not like I would have been able to fall asleep if I was to try now. Noku: I'll make your bed in the meantime what would you like for breakfast? Me: Beatrice will cook for me. Noku: But I - Me: No. I don't know you. Who knows what you might try to put in my food to make me fall for you? No. After saying that I disappeared into the bathroom and made sure to lock the door. You can never know with this traditional girls she might put some voodoo mixture to make me suddenly worship the ground she walks on. I wasn't going to take chances. I stripped and got into the water she had prepared for me When I was done I dried then lotioned in the bathroom then I wrapped a towel on my lower body. I got out of the bathroom and found my bed neatly made and she had already took out clothes for me. Me: Wow. That's all I managed to say. I wore the clothes she had taken out for me. Navy blue formal pants a powder blue long sleeves shirt with a black tie and matching Navy blue blazer. I wore secret socks and my Italian formal shoes. I brushed my hair took my bag with everything including my phone and car keys then left going downstairs to the kitchen. Beatrice: Your food sir. Me: You made it? Beatrice: Your wife did I looked at my "wife" and she smiled at me. I clicked my tongue and got up. Me: I'll grab something on the way. I thought I made it clear to her that I only want food prepared by you. I clicked my tongue then left this girl was getting on my nerves now. She's my family's wife not me. I got in my car then drove off. I was going to have some breakfast at Mugg and Bean. I'm not a fan of takeaways but this will just have to do. . MILEY I was woken up by someone staring at me. At first I ignored him but I just couldn't anymore. When I opened my eyes he smiled at me revealing his hollow deep dimples. Vee: You look so beautiful with no makeup on. I looked at him with my eyebrows brought together. I peeped in through the blanket and saw that I was actually naked and so was he. What the fuck happened? Me: Did we.. You know? I must have been pretty drunk cause I usually remember the events of the previous night. He smirked then traced his finger on my stomach. Vee: Last night was amazing. Me: I.. I don't remember Vee: Then I guess I should remind you. Me: What? No dude I feel like shit Vee: Hangover? Me: You got no idea. He kissed my cheek. He was being affectionate and I hated it. I mean all I remember is us kissing and the rest is completely blank. He started playing with mgani breast. Me: Did we use protection? As much as I sleep around but I always use protection. My ex was the only one I ever had unprotected sex with and after him I told myself I would never do it again because I had killed way too many innocent souls because of my recklessness. Vee: Of course. You the one who kept on insisting protection. I'm surprised you don't remember a thing. Me: I guess I was that drunk. Vee: You pretty sober now. Me: So.. Eeuw no. He chuckled and pulled my tit Vee: That's not what you were saying yesterday. Me: Yesterday is happened and it's over. Vee: I'm actually concerned about the fact that you don't remember. Me: I was pretty much out of it. Vee: Then I should remind you. Me: My mom is probably looking for me. Vee: One of the drivers took her home early in the mood cause she had to go to work. Me: But still I gotta go. Vee: Not So fast. He said getting on top of me and that's how it all started. Four months later I had decided to give us a try. We had been dating for two months now after he constantly begged me and of course he had managed to steal my phone number. It was the beginning of September and well nothing much had changed. I was still the same Miley just with a boyfriend. I didn't take him seriously though cause he was just a kid to me and I really didn't know how this was going to work. I mean yeah the sex was great but I just didn't love him. It was Friday and I was at home my mom having left for work three hours ago. I now had big cornrows on my head. I was sitting on the balcony smoking my weed when I saw a big car enter into our yard. I actually thought I was dreaming at first but I wasn't. I threw the Half finished blunt so I could focus on this car. It had dark tinted windows and it came to park right next to me. I waited in anticipation as the gentleman got out he had shades on which he removed after sitting next to me. He looked so familiar. Guy: Miley. Me: You look familiar. He chuckled that always sounded familiar. Guy: Forgotten about me already? Me: How do we know each other? Guy: Let's go talk inside. He had gotten the attention of most of the neighbours as they were looking and busy whispering. I didn't decline we got up and went inside. Good thing I had cleaned I wouldn't sit in a dirty house. Me: So? Guy: Where's your room? He was wearing a suit with formal shoes and all. He looked so formal. He was tall a bit buff with medium blonde hair blue eyes and pink lips. Me: What does my room have to do with who you are? Guy: Just show me your room. I rolled my eyes then led the way to my room. As soon as we got in he picked me up like a feather and threw me on the bed. Me: What the? I was wearing a dad's old T-shirt with just my panty and flops. He reaped it apart. I gasped. Guy: Still don't remember? For someone who looked so formal and professional you'd underestimate him. This could only be one person. _King. Don't blame me if I don't remember it had been four months after all And he looked different from when I met him. Me: King I whispered. King: That's my girl. He said with a smirk. . BONGANI I had warmed up to the idea of having a wife. In my absence she once called my parents and cried to them about how I had been treating her. They both came to my house and gave me a long lecture firing Beatrice in the process. I made a plan then found another job for her because my heart just couldn't allow her to suffer. I'd be lying if I said nothing hadn't changed. I don't wanna call her Khanya because that's my little sister's name but Noku and I were getting along much better. She was actually a good cook more than I could have imagined. It was lunch time now and I had just sent my assistant to go and warm up the lunch she had prepared. It was pap with beef stew. The aroma alone would make your stomach crumble. I was done in Just five minutes. I took my phone and called her. Noku: Baba Me: Hey are you at the house? She giggled. Noku: Yes I wouldn't go anywhere. Me: Good I'm coming. Noku: But it's just lunch time. Me: I just need some of this beef stew. Noku: I'll warm it up for you. Me: Thank You. I hung up with a smile on my face. Thandi: I never thought I'd ever see this day. She said entering into my office and I quickly got rid of the smile. Me: What day? Thandi: The day you smile after talking to your wife. Me: Mxm what do you want? Thandi: Haibo what's wrong with coming to check on my married big brother? Me: Then you came at the wrong time cause I'm on my way out. Thandi: That's a bummer. I wanted to take you out for lunch time. Me: Next time little sister. I got up then took my phone and car keys. Me: You coming? She rolled her eyes. Thandi: As if I have a choice. I laughed. Getting out of the building we got in our separate cars then went our separate routes. Noku: You really came. I chuckled. Me: You missed me? She looked down shyly. I kissed her cheek. Me: That's cute. She blushed I laughed. Me: My food MaKhumalo. Noku: Yebo baba She bowed a bit then went to get my food as I sat down in the dining table. Me: Ain't you joining me? Noku: Umm.. I.. It's.. Me: Well? Noku: Okay I'll go dish up for myself. Me: Do that. I watched her go do just that. Maybe the idea of having her as a wife wasn't that bad anymore. . MILEY Me: Wow I said catching my breath. I couldn't believe I had done this with him again. He kissed my lips and I felt my pussy tickle. I moaned in his mouth and he laughed. King: I hope you'll never forget me now. Me: I doubt I ever will. King: The past four months were hell. Me: Really? King: I don't want that happening again. Me: Oh. King: Yes He bit my lip. King: Let's go shower. Did I just cheat on my boyfriend of two months or what? What Vee doesn't know won't kill him right?

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