part 4 lemonade

MILEY Me: I don't know why I had to wear a dress. Mom: What man would wanna marry a girl in those skimpy shorts of yours? I rolled my eyes. I was wearing an olive body hugging dress which was just above my knees and black military boots. The dress was long sleeves I was going to pull it up a bit when I get there I'm not a gogo phela. I had left my braids lose and I was the one driving dad's old BMW gusheshe. It was red with white leather seats. Everytime I'm in it I feel closer to dad cause he loved it with his all. Me: I still don't know why I'm going there. Mom: Just drive and stop complaining. I rolled my eyes then increased the volume of the radio. Right now I should have been making serious clubbing plans but I'm here going to some lobola ceremony for a nigger I don't even know. . BONGANI We were on the car going home. There she was going to meet the rest of the family and be welcomed officially. I wasn't saying anything. As much as she's a wife that anyone would want I wasn't so sure about it. I mean I always thought I was going to marry someone I love and know not just a stranger. I found out she's 23 and still a virgin probably the reason why I had been forced to marry her. She kept looking at me hoping I say something but I just looked at the road. Arriving at home there were a lot of people and cars. It seemed that everyone knew about this except for me. I actually wondered how long dad had been planning this and what would have happened if I had a girlfriend. At this point I regretted being single. They were busy ululating and making noise when all I wanted was to get the fuck out of here. Mom: Go and show off your wife son. I wanted to roll my eyes but that would have been so gay. She looked sweet and innocent but she just wasn't what I wanted. I didn't love her I didn't feel anything for her. Yes she was beautiful and all but I needed more than that. I got out first and being the gentleman that I am I went to her side and opened the door for her. I gave her my hand which she held and got out. I was faking smiles so much that I felt my face about to crack. Even when we touched I didn't feel anything. Noku: You okay? Me: Mm. She had to go fetch food for me to eat I don't think I was even hungry I just wanted to get the fuck out of here. Luvuyo: So you officially married? He said just as Noku left to go dish up for me. The reality was still something I didn't want to comprehend. I kept thinking that someone could just pinch me and show me that it's all but a dream. Me: Don't remind me. Noku: Your food Baba. She bowed down and gave me my plate which consisted of mostly meat. Me: You gonna watch me eat now? Noku: No I thought - Me: Just get out of my face. She nodded and left. I didn't even care at that moment. I wasn't in the mood for her and definitely not for people. Luvuyo: You'll have to accept her one way or the other. She seems like an angel. With that said he gave me a pat on the shoulder and left. I just ate some of my food I wasn't really hungry. Dad came and He was with Noku. I could see he wasn't pleased but I wasn't about to argue with him. Dad: This not how I raised you. Me: How did you raise Me Vele? Dad: How can you dismiss your wife like this? Me: Wifey go put this away. I gave her my plate of my half finished food and she took it and disappeared inside giving me some time with my father. Everyone around was either eating or drinking beer enjoying while I was bored. Dad: We did what's best for you. I chuckled shaking my head before I had a serious face. Me: Best for me? You married me off to a stranger! I half shouted I had never raised my voice to my father before. I was just pissed I was mad. Dad is the most unreasonable man I know he's so strict and wants to have things his way only. It's always his way or the high way. Dad: You will not disrespect me like this. I'm your father! He said Stanly. I just looked at him. He groaned then breathed out loudly. Me: Sorry father. Dad: You the Khumalo heir. We gave you a chance to find someone you want but you failed. I was willing to accept anyone regardless of race but still you failed. Me: Would you really have accepted her? Dad: What? Of course. I chuckled. Me: I've brought two women home and you never approved. What would have been different this time? Dad: They weren't right for you. Bottom line is you failed and we found someone for you. She's from a good family. Me: I don't know why we even talking about this dad. Dad: I trust you son and I know you can make it work. Look at your mother and I you think it was easy? No but we made it work. Me: Easy for you to say you not the one who's been forced to marry someone you know nothing about. Dad: You'll learn to love her. Me: Love is suppose to come naturally. Dad: But love sometimes is just not enough. He stood up. Dad: Take your wife home I'm sure she's tired. Me: Shouldn't we wait until the real wedding? Dad: We paid lobola for her the white wedding will just be a casualty. He then left and a moment later she came. I just stood up then she followed me to my car like a lost puppy. I opened the door for her then went to my side. I didn't even say goodbye to my siblings. I just wanted to get away from that place. . MILEY I was with some hoodrats at the back. My mom was probably inside the house doing some chores Apparently the groom had just left with his bride. What I just found out was this is an arranged marriage. I didn't even get to see him. Tshego: He's so hot dark and tall. She did a grr sound. She's actually the only one I clicked with from the rest. The others just kept acting like they're the shit but nah. I actually didn't even care. Me: How I wish I could have seen him. Tshego: You didn't want us to go that side Angithi. Me: My mom would have seen me and made the day even more unbearable for me. There were actually four of usme Tshego Neo and Xoli. Neo: I wish I was the one getting married into such a rich family. Xoli: They wanted a virgin. Neo: How would they have known I'm not one? Xoli: They were checking you first. Me: Woah what? Tshego: For real. You lay down spread your legs and - Me: Don't wanna hear it. I gave her my hand and they laughed. Imagine someone looking at my vagina just to check if I'm a virgin. I'd rather stay single shame. Anyway I don't see myself ever getting married and if it was me being forced to marriage I would have said no straight up. They had sent some guy to go get us some alcohol. Apparently he wants Neo and is willing to do anything to get her. According to her " She's a kid" only because he's still in school. The poor guy came with 5L of Namaqua. For a kid he's loaded. I had brought my weed with me so I rolled a blunt first. Neo: Give me your phone so I can type my number. He took it out with a grin she rolled her eyes. I wanted to laugh. Neo is a bit thick and short she's caramel in complexion. Tshego is a slender like me just has an ass while Xoli is short and thick with a light complexion. I won't say they're beautiful they're just not that bad. I lit it and started smoking. They filled four containers with wine and each of us took one. We also shared the blunt. Guy: Khothatso? Me: Who's asking? Guy: Your mother is calling you. I groaned and gulped down the contents in my container. I then followed him to where my mom was. Mom: Oh you here. Me: You called me. Mom: Did you eat? Are you okay? Me: I'm more than good. Mom: We'll be spending the night here. Me: It's not like I have a choice. Mom: Vuyo please show her the guest room. Vuyo: Of course Ma. That was the name of the guy who had went to call me. I followed him inside they had a very big single story house. Vuyo: I'm Luvuyo by the way or you can just call me Vee. Me: I guess you know my name. Vee: You beautiful. Me: Trust me I get that a lot. He wasn't that bad too but I've never been one to go for looks. He was actually caramel and skinny with a German cut. I looked at him from top to bottom. Me: You actually not too bad. He smirked. Vee: So would you like a tour of the hood? Me: I've been here before. Vee: I just wanna spend more time with you. Me: You don't even know me. Vee: Well I wanna know you. Me: Which room am I sleeping in? Vee: You can sleep with me. Me: I like having my own space. Vee: This one. He opened for me and I peaked in. It look fine to me. Going back I found the girls with some guys and of course Vee was following me so we ended up chilling together. He's one of those guys who talk a lot and joke around much. We were drinking while talking about things that don't make sense. Guy: Let's play spin the bottle. Me: That shit still exist? Neo: Been a while I need to get my groove on. The guy who brought us the wine had been introduced as Sipho and he was also here. Of course we played the game and it pointed to Neo and Sipho. She had been dreading this. I laughed. It was either she kisses him or takes a shot though she was already out of it. She went and kissed the guy. Vee had been looking at me all this time. I got up cause I wanted to pee and he just had to follow me. Me: I need the loo. Vee: Follow me. I did as instructed we were at some back room. He took a key from his pocket and opened I got in. He switched on the light. It was actually bigger inside. Vee: There's the toilet. I was actually drunk and stumbling a bit. I stumbled to the toilet good thing I was wearing a dress. When I was done I flashed then went back to the bedroom. It was an ensuite. Vee: You done? Me: Yeah. He came to me. He was a bit taller than me. He leaned down on me and started kissing me. I wish I could say I didn't reply but my body failed me and I did. It went on for a while. . BONGANI I was in my study working because I was trying to avoid her. I've been here for hours Beatrice came with my food. Me: Thank You. Truth is I didn't know how all of this is going to work. I don't know what my parents told her. When I had finished eating I took the plate to the kitchen. I still hadn't decided about what to do with Beatrice. Dismissing her now would be something else. She's been with me for two years. I found Noku sleeping in my bedroom. I didn't have the strength to fight her so I just went to the guestroom and ended up sleeping there. Can this nightmare just end already?

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