part 3 lemonade

MILEY I have had random sex with strangers so I knew the rule : No strings attached. Getting up my head was heavy. Not from the alcohol cause I only had two glasses of wine but from him pulling my hair. I actually had a headache. I expected to find him gone but he was here next to me. I didn't feel much of a hoe well if I am might as well be an expensive hoe because we had sex in a five star hotel. My bladder was full so I needed to get to the toilet but before that I stared at him for a while. He had the looks. I got up and tortoise walked to the toilet I was in pain. My vagina was burning. I picked up the used condoms on the floor I know I could have let the maids do their job but I just couldn't leave things like that. I think it took me roughly five minutes to get there. I breathed out loud and sat down on the toilet seat. Peeing was even more harder than I thought. It's safe to say he tore my pussy apart. "You look even more beautiful in daylight " He was leaning by the door in a robe I opened my eyes and looked at him. His voice was deep too deep and I was surprised I only found out now. Maybe it was his morning voice. Me: Thanks I managed to say. Unlike him I was completely naked. I don't usually interact with my one night stands. He came closer to me then stretched his hand out to me. " I'm Diedrick King Williamse by the way" Me: Khothatso Miley Nkosi. We shook hands. I got up from the toilet seat and he whistled. King: Let's take a shower. Me: Together? King: Why not? Me: I don't work like that. He looked at me with a raised eyebrow. King: You a hooker? I laughed. Me: I'm not that desperate. King: That's a relief. Now come. Me: Why are you being so nice? King: Believe me I'm not a nice man. Me: My pussy can testify to that. He chuckled and picked me up bridal side. I was like an ant to him. We went into the shower I let him wash all of my body then he washed his after dried our bodies. I lotioned then wore a robe. King: Tell me more about you. He refused to let me go and ordered room service for us English breakfast. He can be persuading. I didn't know what he was trying to achieve but I knew one thing once I leave he's never seeing me again. I've been through this route before. One night stands catching feelings and shit but he should know I don't nurse feelings. I wasn't into this small talk business. As far as I'm concerned he knew my name and even that was saying too much. Me: I don't kiss and tell. More especially to strangers. He let out a manly chuckle. King: It's like that now? Me: Yes. I didn't much. I usually eat in small portions and right now I was in cravings. I needed a dosage of nicotine and marijuana. I kept scratching my self I couldn't help it. King: You okay? You hardly ate your food. Me: I need to go. King: You smoke? Me: I do and right now I'm in cravings. King: Why didn't you say so? Me: I just did. Just take me home King. King: I wanted us to spend some time together. Me: We had sex a one night stand. We shouldn't even be talking now. King: Is that what you want? Me: Yes! King: Wow okay. I wore my bumshort bra and top. I also wore my jacket and shoes. I wasn't wearing a panty. He wanted to keep it which was weird. King: I'll give you some money to do your hair. Me: No thanks. I got in his car and he got in after me then drove. I wasn't going to allow him to drop me right at the gate So he dropped me a few houses away from home. I got out of his car and waited for him to drive off then walked home. I could walk a bit better now but my vagina was still painful. I still had the R100 my mom gave me So I firstly bought the weed and cigarettes before going home. Lucky for me she had already left for work. I took the key from where she usually keeps it then unlocked and got inside the house. I drank a glass of water before finally getting down to my smoking. "Look who's back home " I was high as fuck now. I looked by the doorway -Nomonde. She threw herself inside the house these bitches never knock. Monde: So..? She said in anticipation I could hear curiosity in her voice. I laughed at her. She sat down next to me I was sitting on the kitchen counter. Monde: Don't make Me beg. She threw my bag on top of the table. Me: What? She rolled her eyes and we laughed. Monde: The white handsome guy. Me: You saw him? Monde: I had been eyeing him but you know I was with Thapelo and I couldn't do him like that. I laughed. Me: You such a bitch! Monde: Argh. I'm not here to talk about me. Khuluma phela. Me: Basically he tore my pussy apart. Monde: You kidding! Me: I can still feel his dick even now. She bit her lip. Monde: Nkosiyami! I laughed. She left later on and I decide to change into my sporty outfit and went for a jog. I needed to clear my mind and it wasn't easy with the way my pussy was painful but I just forced it nje. I can't believe I haven't held my phone today. I'm usually on my phone most of the time. . BONGANI The day I wasn't looking forward to was slowly approaching. It was a Friday now and I had just come from my workplace. I went to take a shower since I was hitting the club it's actually the only thing that made sense to me at that point. Drinking was going to help numb my problems for that little while. I know it won't wash them away but it kinda helps one forget. Why not get wild since its my last day as a bachelor? I wore black ripped jeans a powder blue longer length T-shirt and a brown leather jacket. I wore black Adidas NMD then brushed my hair. I poured some Versace cologne took my car keys and wallet then went downstairs. Me: Beatrice! Beatrice: Bhuti? She said took my car keys and wallet then went downstairs. Me: Beatrice! Beatrice: Bhuti? She said rushing to the dining room. Me: My food please. She nodded and went to get my food. It was just after 7pm. Khanya: Where you going? That's what happened when I opened the door. I had finished eating and was ready to hit the road. As if that's all the rest of my siblings flooded in. I groaned. Luvuyo: Running away won't help. Me: You know mom also mentioned that. Might as well consider it. Thandi: Anyway we here to cheer you up. Me: I was actually on my way out. Khanya: Change of plans big brother. I groaned and they chuckled. I really wasn't in the mood for such company. Sometimes I wish my family didn't know where I live the way they just like barging in uninvited and without warning it's annoying. Luvuyo: I want some beer. Me: You a kid Wena Luvuyo: I'm 18. He said rolling his eyes then going to the fridge and taking out a can of Heineken. My siblings and I get on like a house on fire. No one looks down on the other and we always have each other's back. Unfortunately with this arranged marriage I was on my own. Khanya: Do you have wine? Me: Ain't you working night shift or something? She also rolled her eyes and went to the fridge. Thandi: So big brother how does it feel? Me: What? Thandi: You getting a wife tomorrow! Me: I don't even have a clue how she looks like. Luvuyo: She's quite a catch. Khanya: He's right with flesh on all the right places. She said with a wink. We ended up spending most of the night talking and drinking. We were going to drive together home. Actually to my so called wife's home. I didn't even know where she lives but apparently they know so I guess that was covered. I didn't go heavy on the bottle this time. I just had a slight headache when I woke up. I went to take a shower a warm one for that matter. I wore an all black outfit. This was the death of my life as a bachelor. I was wearing black chinos a black long sleeves shirt and a black leather jacket. I wore my black Adidas NMD. I combed my hair sprayed some cologne then took my phone wallet and car keys. Luvuyo: The man of the moment. They cheered. I just sat down shaking my head. I couldn't believe this was really happening. I dished up some breakfast for myself and ate joining my siblings in a conversation about me. Luvuyo was only excited about the girls. Apparently my wife comes from a traditional Zulu family. My little brother is a player. He's only 18 but I don't even wanna mention the amount of hearts he's broken. We left in my car with Luvuyo in the front to give directions. When we arrived people were busy singing and ululating. As per tradition I couldn't be part of the negotiations and I actually didn't care. Dad: You ready son? He didn't even bother greeting. This man is something else. Mom came to hug me and I just hugged her back. Mom: Come and meet the future Mrs Khumalo. She took my hand and we went to the back to some Hut. She came with her head bowed down. I couldn't see her face properly. She was in her Zulu gear one that shows she's taken. I'm not much into this culture thing. Mom: Meet Nokukhanya Noku this is your husband. She lifted her face and my jaw dropped. She's beautiful. She smiled revealing her deep dimples. She was light in complexion and thick. As much as I wasn't into this arranged marriage shit but I was glad she wasn't ugly. Noku: Baba She said her voice was sweet and angelic. She was going to live with me and that meant I had to let Beatrice go since my wife was going to do everything for me. I don't know how she's going to feel about that but she'll just have to understand. . MILEY Me: Hai I don't wanna go there. Mom: So you want me to go alone? Me: Ao mama nothing will happen to you. Mom: She's a member of our church we have to go show our support. Me: I thought they're just welcoming makoti? She was forcing me to accompany her to some traditional ceremony. I didn't even know the people she's talking about. I never talk much to people at church. Mom: Just come. Maybe their success might rub off on you. I rolled my eyes and got up from the chair. I just hoped I don't regret it. I was only going there for the booze. I know how Zulu's are when it comes to beer.

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