part 2 lemonade

BONGANI I didn't care about anyone at that moment I just shut everything and everyone out. I arrived in the club. Somehow it was the only thing that made sense. I didn't want to think about this. I don't usually drink unless I'm really stressed. I just think of alcohol as a drug and I wouldn't want to find myself addicted to it. One drink led to the other until I was fucked up. Mom: Running away won't help. She said immediately when I got back the following day. I don't even know what she was still doing in my house. I thought I'll find her already gone. My head was heavy I was so hungover. I went to lean by the fridge. Mom: You smell like a brewery Bongani. How can your father take you seriously when you behaving like this?! She was shouting and my head was pounding. Me: Not so loud mother. I said putting my hands on my ears. Mom: You better come home on Friday if you know what's good for you. With that said she took her bag and left. I really thought they were going to drop this that maybe they weren't serious but I was just fooling myself. I went to take a cold shower I was going to work from home today. After showering I drank some painkillers on an empty stomach then slept. I just dozed off immediately when my head hit the pillow. I woke up feeling so tired. You'd swear I just didn't wake up. I looked at the time and it was 2pm in the afternoon. Me: Fuck! I decided to go for a jog just to clear my mind then come back to take a shower. Me: Beatrice! I shouted and she came. Me: I'm going for a jog. Prepare lunch for me. Beatrice: Okay Bhuti. I plugged my headsets on my iPod and left. I was wearing black Nike shorts Nike Rosh and a Nike hoodie. I'm tall a bit buff and dark in complexion. I do hit the gym three times a week so I got some packs as well. I ended up jogging for more than an hour. Getting back I felt a lot better. I went to take a hot shower I didn't want to think much about this. After everything I had done for my family working hard to make them proud then they do me like this. I don't know how many women I've brought home and they always disapproved. Some of them I understand because at the end I discovered they have hidden agendas but a few were good. Beatrice: There's someone here for you. She said standing outside the door of my room. She's very humble and full of respect. Me: I'm coming. I finished getting dressed just wore jeans and a golf shirt. I wore my slippers then went downstairs. I found one of my old friends Lukhele. Me: My nigger. We shoulder bumped. I hadn't seen him in a while. Unlike me he's married with two kids. Lukhele: You good? I sighed and sat down. Me: Bring us two beers. I said to Beatrice who was dusting. We were sitting in the lounge. She went and came back with two cans of Heineken. Lukhele: What's going on? Me: If it's not my parents. Lukhele: What did they do now? Me: Found some wife for me. He laughed. He never takes anything serious. I sipped on my beer while waiting for him to finish laughing at my dismay. He laughed until tears came out and I just looked at him. That's how he is takes everything as a joke. I thought marriage was going to tame him but ah ah. Lukhele: You serious? Me: Am I laughing? Lukhele: Wow. He clapped his hands then opened his can of beer. Lukhele: So how is she? Me: I've never met the bitch. Lukhele: Arranged marriage in the 21st century.. Your parents are something else. Me: Tell me about it. Lukhele: I hope this is not some crazy woman. Me: As if I have a say in all these nonsense. Lukhele: You might end up loving her who knows. Me: Love? That's a big word. Lukhele: It exists man. Look at me and my Honey pot Me: No one chose her for you. You got to know each other built a foundation for your relationship before getting married. Lukhele: Many couples I know have made an arranged marriage work. Me: Name just one Lukhele: My parents. I laughed. Me: Exactly. They're like fifty now. Lukhele: Like ngishilo this things ain't happening in the twenty first century. Me: I guess it's gonna start with me. Lukhele: Why you letting this happen? Me: You think I have a choice? Lukhele: Umm yeah. He rolled his eyes and I laughed. That's so gay. Me: Don't go homo on me. Lukhele: My dick is very much active thank you. Wena when last did you get laid? Me: Tsek man. Lukhele: I hit a nerve. You probably a virgin now. It's actually been a while since I got some. I've been so focused on my job that I haven't had any interest in the opposite sex. There's been some women who tried hitting on me even at work but I was never interested. Even some of our clients. Women can be too much sometimes. I wish I could run away and go far away where my parents wouldn't try to control me It's not easy being the first born sometimes. A lot of responsibilities rest on top of your shoulders. . MILEY My mom was at work and I was alone doing my nails. Having a few friends comes in handy sometimes I don't have to pay to do my hair. I had blue box braids on my head. "Bitchhhh! " They shouted. Gosh these girls are crazy. It's Katleho and Nomonde my two hoish friends. These are the type of girls you wouldn't want your baby girl hanging around with they're more like me. Me: What happened to knocking? I said rolling my eyes and they laughed. Kat: MAMI Okae? Me: She's at work. Monde: Okay so it's ladies night today. Me: That's the reason you guys ever visit me kana. Kat: Why you so moody? Me: It's the truth nje. Monde: Anyway we going. Me: I'm kinda low on cash. Kat: Don't worry I got that. Mondz's boyfriend will drive us there Me: You still with him? Monde: Yeah unlike you I can commit. Me: As if he's the only one. We laughed. Monde: You know love doesn't pay the bills. Me: You such a bitch! We chuckled. Kat: Look who's talking. Me: Yeah yeah. Later during the day I had just taken a bath and was now getting ready. I had only my bra and bikini on and I was looking for something to wear. I ended up wearing a ripped black bumshort with a black see-through top that haf long sleeves and a stonewashed black denim boyfriend jacket. I wore pink Adidas superstar and made two buns with my braids. I then started doing my face trimmed my eyebrows then filled them and they were on fleek I put eyeliner on my eyes then some eyeshadow and mascara. I put brown matte lipstick and I was good to go. I took a few selfies of myself because I was leaving my phone behind. I don't know how many phones I've lost because of my drunkedness. I was using a Samsung Galaxy S3 now. Mom: Going somewhere? She had just arrived from work. It was around 6pm going to 7pm. Me: Umm yeah. Mom: I'm not going to say anything cause still wa go tsamaya. Just be safe. I'll pray for you. Like I said my mother is so religious. Sometimes I think her prayers are the reason I haven't died from my reckless living. You can never know with God. Me: Kopa R100 I was just teasing her. She did the unexpected and actually gave it to me. Phela I was just testing her. I took it. Me: Okay what's going on? Mom: Is that your way of saying thank You? Me: Thank You but why? Mom: Matthew 7:7 Ask and it shall be given. She then walked to her room leaving me agape. A car hooting outside is what brought me back to life. I took my backpack and left shouting goodbye as I walked out. The guy was driving a golf 7. I got in the back with Katleho. Kat: You look hot my friend. Me: Thank You love you look sizzling yourself. Kat: You know me moss. We laughed. Thapelo( Monde's boyfriend ) started the car and drove off. We were going to some night club in town. That's where the ladies night is usually held every Wednesday. Surprisingly it was a bit packed. Usually the vibe is chilled so I don't know what was happening today. Me: Am I missing something? Monde: It's the first week of the month. She said rolling her eyes and then it clicked people have money around this time. I was drinking some dry white wine the girls had cans of Hunters gold. We were still just sitting down and getting on with the vibe. I stood up on my second glass of wine. Kat: And then? Me: I'm going to dance. I winked at her then went to the dance floor and started dancing. They were playing Black Coffee - I will find you. I felt someone placing their hands on my waist and moving with me I didn't dare take them off so we just went on moving in one rhythm. His hands were so soft and firm. He was behind me so his hands went from my waist to my breasts and he kissed me on the neck I could feel the wetness forming in my temple. His lips went to my ear and blew some air while his tongue invaded my ear. He was sending shivers all over my spine. At that moment I didn't even care about who he was. He turned me around and smashed his lips into mine and his hands went straight to my butt and squeezed it. His lips were cold and his tongue tasted of mint alcohol and nicotine. " Wanna take this party somewhere? " He whispered in my ear. I don't know what hold he had over me but it was like he was dominating me. I couldn't even say no. Me: My bag. Man: I got you . With that said he took my hand and we left the club. We got into some car and drove home I didn't even ask him his name. Getting at the hotel he stripped me completely naked. He was tall not that slender with long blonde hair. He was your typical colored guys. We exchanged spit and a few minutes later he was pumping into me hard from behind. I was screaming and moaning out loud. I hadn't had sex in three weeks and this was exactly what I needed some sexercise. I could feel he's a beast the way he was thrusting into me hard. He kept pulling my braids and as much as it was painful it brought me pleasure. He picked me up with his dick still on me and fucked me while standing I don't even know how many times I came. He threw me on the bed again and put my legs on his shoulders before pumping into me hard. I got to see his handsome face he had blue sparkling eyes and pink lips. I screamed so hard that I was sure I'm going to wakeup with my voice gone.

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