part 1 lemonade

MILEY I've always been an aesthetic. Every morning I get up and go for an hour jog with some exercises on the road. I know I'm not that healthy for an aesthetic but my body is. I'm a size 30 tall caramel in complexion and I have medium breasts and a toned butt with some curves. I have abs and all I work out a lot. From smoking and drinking I'm actually healthy. I have those model type bodies. I ran back home to find my mother drinking coffee. My little brother stays at Res and only comes on weekends because of church. He never skips a Sunday while I go every once in a while. My mother keeps on forcing me to go to church and when I can't handle her shoutings I end up going. There are times when I just can't ignore her. Me: Morning mama. Mom: Khothatso. When she calls me like that I know she woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I went to the fridge then took out some water and poured in a glass then drank. Mom: Nare when are you planning to make something of your life? Me: Not today mother. Mom: You can't keep on living so recklessly. You twenty one for heaven's sake! I rolled my eyes and sat down. She had made breakfast. Oats. I took a bowl and dished up some for myself. She made a fan with her hand. Me: You know mother you like stressing yourself over nothing. Mom: Look at how you're dressed. How do you expect people to look at you o apere Jaaka legosha? What I didn't tell you about my mother is she's a straight talker. I don't understand why she had a problem with the way I was dressed. I mean I can't workout dressed like its midwinter. It's only the beginning of April. I was wearing a puma short with an Adidas sports bra and Nike Rosh. I had a belly ring on I looked at myself and I didn't see any problem with my outfit. Me: Problem with you is you care much about what people say or think. Mom: Your father must be turning in his grave. Me: Mom it's too early for this. Shouldn't you be going to work? You don't wanna be late. She sighed and got up. Mom: I just don't know what to do with you. I laughed. Me: I love you too Mom. Mom: I left you some money for bread. Don't buy alcohol with it. As if she'll be here to see that. She oy comes late in the evening so I'm alone most of the time. When she left I went to take a bath. We live in a five bedroomed house with two bathrooms kitchen lounge and dining room. We live in the townships and like any kasi the neighbors are noisy. Main reason why I don't party in my hood. I only come back drunk. I've always thought I just don't fit in their little tarvens. After bathing I dried and lotioned. I wore my jean and croptop with my sleepers then took the money for bread and went to the shop When I got there I bought a cigarette then stood outside and smoked. "Sfebe sa rona" I rolled my eyes. That has to be one of my exes Mandla. I didn't reply. He likes getting on my nerves. Mandla: You can't talk now? Oh I forgot. You only good at moaning. I looked at him. Me: What do you want? Mandla: I want only one round I'll pay for it. Me: Think I got time for your small dick? I don't have the energy to laugh at its ticklings. Mandla: How will you feel it when your pussy is a pothole? Me: Tsek. Leave me alone. He laughed and got into the shop. That hurt a little but Argh fuck that. I wonder what I ever saw in that bastard. After we fucked he went to publish it all over the hood. He's actually the reason why I don't wanna date anyone from my hood. Actually I'm done with dating. Ever since - I'm not even going to talk about that son of a bitch. I bought a half of brown bread with some chappies and walked back home. I regretted not coming with my phone I could have been listening to some music on my earphones. I was only going to eat the bread later I don't eat a lot. I don't wanna see myself gaining not even an inch of fat. I work hard to keep my body as slim as it is I can't afford to slack. Weed is sold only two yards away from mine. The dealer once tried something with me but I put him in his place. I don't take shit. I can't even count the number of fights I've gotten into just in my hood. In some I was fighting just for being called a hoe something I really am. I went to Slu. The guy who sells weed. I wasn't in the mood for his sweet takings shame. Slu: Ahh slender never gets tired I rolled my eyes. Me: I'm not in the mood. Slu: Yoh attitude phakela so. Me: Just give me what I'm here for so I can get out of your face. Slu: As you wish madam. Me: Good. He came with my pack of weed I gave him the money then left with him whistling at me. " Shuu you back" Me: I should tell mama to buy a dog. She rolled her eyes. It was Tshire short for Tshireletso she's my best friend. She's actually the opposite of me you'd wonder why we are even friends. She loves me so much. Her parents don't approve of our friendship. Apparently I'm a bad influence. Me: How are you? Tshire: I'm fine you? Me: I'm good. We sat down at the veranda and I started rolling my weed. She sighed. Me: Don't even say it. Tshire: Are you ever gonna stop? Me: Shouldn't you be at work? Tshire: I'm off today. She's a waitress at MacDonald. Her parents couldn't afford to send her to varsity so instead of sitting down at home doing nothing like me she decided to find a job so she can save up some money for varsity. I nodded and lit the joint and started smoking. Me: You should try it. Tshire: No thank you I still love my life. I rolled my eyes. She's a bit thick light in complexion with an Afro. She's beautiful no doubt and unlike me she has a boyfriend she's been with for two years. He's her virgin breaker and all. We are the same age by the way. Tshire: I heard there are some learnerships that are out. Me: You should apply. Tshire: You know you have better marks than mine and are lightly to qualify. Me: I'll pass. I said taking a puff of my joint. She sighed in defeat. Me: Why don't you go upgrade? Tshire: Actually I should. Me: I don't get it though you have university entrance moss. Tshire: Yeah but it's not enough. Me: Then upgrade. Tshire: What about work? Me: It's only for part time Moss. Tshire: Maybe next year. Me: There's no better time than the present. Tshire: For someone so smart you shouldn't be wasting your life like this. Me: Don't start. I accompanied her to her house a little later. We Ended up cooking something I hate. I don't like doing house chores. I'm not domesticated shame. Anyway getting back I went to the shop for a smoke then came back and did some exercises before going for my last jog of the day. It's Tuesday so I can't possibly go out all night. . BONGANI I was driving home from work today had been an exhausting day for me. I had back to back meetings. I live around town and not with my parents. My father can drive anyone crazy. I moved out two years ago and bought an apartment just in town. It's a double Storey with three ensuites bedrooms a Jacuzzi in the balcony a open space dining room kitchen and lounge. I have a live in help who cleans cooks and washes my clothes. She does everything for me around the house. Me: Beatrice I said as she came to me then took off my jacket from me and took my bag. Beatrice: Bhuti. She's actually ten years older than me but still calls me like I'm the older one. I tried stopping her but it never worked. Beatrice: Mrs Khumalo is in the lounge. I sighed. I hadn't gone home for Easter probably why she's here. I didn't go because my father is pressurizing me to get a wife and I'm just not ready. He's even thought of finding one for me but I plainly said no. I wasn't going to let him control my life like that. I sighed again and went to the lounge. Me: Mother. Mom: Bongani. She stood up and we shared a tight hug Me: This is a surprise. Mom: Angithi you've abandoned us. You no longer visit. Me: It's not easy being a CEO Ma. Mom: You forget that I'm also educated you can't fool me. I sighed and sat down. Beatrice: Can I get you anything? Me: A cup of coffee please. Mom: I'm fine She nodded and left. Mom: So why didn't you come? Me: You know how your husband is. Mom: He's right though. You 27 and single. Your father married me when he was 20. Me: And that's when stones were still soft. Mom: You need to grow up Mani Bongani. Me: I don't get why you guys just can't be proud of me. Instead of complaining. Mom: We proud. Of course we proud. Beatrice brought my coffee And I thanked her. Me: Then show it She sighed. I took a sip of my coffee. Mom: Your father has found you a wife. I laughed now that's a good one. I looked up at her and she was serious. Me: He'll marry her. Mom: Please don't make things more difficult. Me: I'm not about to marry a stranger mom. Mom: It's too late. Me: What do you mean it's too late? Mom: We paying lobola on Saturday and you have to come. Me: The fuck? Mom: Just do this. She's such a sweet girl I know you guys would be able to work it out. I stood up Me: What the fuck mom? Mom: Mind your language boy I'm still your mother. Me: I can't believe you condoning this. Mom: We've waited for you to bring a bride home and you never did. How are you suppose to take over with no wife on your side? Me: You really doing me like this? Mom: It's for the best it's for the future. Me: Wow mom. Wow. Mom: Just look at where we coming from. Me: Whatever. I then took my car keys and left. At that moment I didn't even care about where I was going or whether I'm going to work tomorrow. I just needed to get out of that place And out of the presence of my mother. I can't believe I'm about to be in an arranged marriage. I know how my father is. There is no way I can't get him to change his mind. This is so fucked up. I can't believe I'm getting forced to get married. Just like this. Lord take me now!

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