Prologue lemonade picking up the pieces

“When stones are thrown at you pick them up and build a room of success ” Such a powerful saying it’s a well-known proverb but it all makes it sound so easy. It was easy for the adulteress when Jesus said ” Let he that is without sin cast the first stone “. In reality that is impossible. People are gonna talk whether you doing bad or good. Unfortunately for me I didn’t care. Momma liked talking about it she’d always say ” What will people say? ” I didn’t care. I lived for me and my motto was YOLO ‘ You only live once’ I was used to her shouting and her scoldings but I was a rebel and there was nothing she could do about it. I lived for me I lived for now I lived for the moment. It didn’t matter what she would say I still did what I wanted and now she was used to it. We don’t come from a rich family. My mom is a cleaner at a local private hospital And they pay her well. She gets benefits and she only has me and my brother to take care of. Our father died when I was 14 and that’s when my life changed for the worst. I started hanging out with the wrong crowd and like the Bible says ” Bad company corrupts good character ” I smoked weed and cigarettes but I was still smart. I wanted to be a doctor when growing up. My father was a miner and he died trapped underground. I didn’t understand why he had to die so cruel. His face was beyond recognition and when I cried for him I told myself to never cry again. We were close very close and I lived for him. My mother is closer to my brother. She’s not a monster I just bring out the worst in her. My brother is 2 years younger than me and he’s the complete opposite of me. Whenever we visit my father’s side of the family they always compare me to him. They’d talk about how he’s the better son and I’m the black sheep of the family. Through it all my mother always stands up for me. No matter how much I hurt her and disobey her she always has my back. What people say about me hurts her more than it hurts me because I don’t care. I love my mother but she can be too much sometimes. All my dreams of becoming a doctor died the moment my father was declared dead. I just lost ambition the minute I lost him. I lost a part of me the sane part of me. Right now I’m just a lost soul roaming around the earth and which each moment I could just fall and die. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve had unprotected sex with my ex boyfriend. He made me commit three abortions and my mother doesn’t know about that. He broke up with Me when he found someone better and tarnished my reputation in the process. It hurt me so much that from the point I said ” fuck love” I’m all about living for me and I don’t care. When it comes to sex it’s no strings attached or one night stands. It ends there. I have no direction in life. I’m all about weed alcohol and sex. I matriculated three years ago I managed to secure a bursary but dropped out on my first year. Engineering was just not for me. Now I watch my age groups go out and make something of their lives while I sit at home and destroy mine. My name Is Khothatso Miley Nkosi. I’m 21 years old. My brother is 19 and doing his second year in Varsity he’s studying Bcom Accounting. His name is Kutlwano Chris Nkosi. Allow me to tell you how my life changed for the worst. This is my story. . It’s not easy being the first born in a cultural Zulu family. My father pruned me to be the best I can ever be. All my life I lived trying to be the best I can be. I didn’t mind I have all my little siblings looking up to me and I want to set the best example for them. I try by all means to make not only my parents proud but myself as well. My mother is a very religious woman while my father Is all about tradition and ancestors. Reason why I say we a cultural family. Father has been able to expand the wealth of the family and he’s grooming me to take over some day. He has over 40 cows and butcheries all over the country. He also has shares in a mining company resulting in me doing Mechanical engineering after getting my honors in Business management. I’ve always been a book worm so I never complained. I don’t have a girlfriend as yet they all have some hidden agendas. I’m 27 years old by the Way. I’m the first born of Mr and Mrs Khumalo. I have two little sisters and a little brother. Khanya who is 24 years. She’s a nurse At a private hospital. Thandile who is 21 years old. She’s doing her honours in Economics. And the youngest Luvuyo who is 18 years and doing his matric. My name is Bongani Carlton Khumalo. I’m currently the C.E.O of Motswedi Mine. Allow me to tell you about my life and how I picked myself up after life threw me down. I always thought my life was going to be all milk and honey. However through the unpredictability of life things turned out otherwise.

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