part 65 her story

I felt much better when I woke up but I still hadn't forgotten. I wasn't going to let go of this so easily. I went to his bathroom where I washed my teeth and face before going to look for him. He was in the lounge watching TV. More like it was watching him. I sat next to him and he immediately switched it off then turned to face me. Thando: You awake? Me: I wasn't going to sleep forever. Thando: I guess I deserve that please allow me to explain. Me: Explain what? Oh why I had to find out from your mother that you 29 after dating for 9 months and you having told me you 23 ? Why did you lie? Thando: I get that you mad and I'm sorry. He held my hands I wanted to take them back but I just let him. Thando: I love you. I loved you the first moment I saw you at McDonalds with your friend and I knew I had to have you. The look you gave me when I asked for your numbers and you had zoned out while drooling over me I chuckled I couldn't believe he still remembers that and I had been so embarrassed for drooling over a guy like that. I had never done that with anyone before his beauty just sort of mesmerized me in a way. He went on to continue still holding my hands. He looked so handsome when he's serious I wanted to just shove my tongue on his mouth but I was still quite mad at him. Thando: My biggest fear has always been losing you even before you were mine. I know I shouldn't have lied And I've come to realize how much you value honesty. I was just scared I was scared you'd think of me as too old for you and somehow it was much better when you thought I'm not that old. He stared at me waiting for me to say something. He looked nervous an emotion I had never seen in him. I didn't say something for a while I was still processing this. A part of me wanted to slap him but I knew how disrespectful that would make me so I just held myself. Thando: Please.. Please say something. Me: What do you want me to say Luthando? Thando: Anything just anything. Your silence is killing me. I folded my arms and looked at him he stared back with begging eyes and I just couldn't hold it in anymore. Me: All I needed was honesty honesty Thando. Did your father never tell you of a verse that says "The truth shall set you free? " . Thando: He did and I'm sorry for lying. Me: I don't know how can I trust you if you can lie about a simple thing such as age? He sighed but I had to be honest about my feelings regarding all this. Thando: I shouldn't have but tell me would you have agreed to be my girlfriend had I been honest From the onset? I didn't reply. I just didn't know what to say or even how to say it. Thando: Exactly so please try and understand where I'm coming from. Me: Ten years.. I don't know. Thando: Please don't say that. You love me I love you why should age matter? Me: You eleven years older than my father how do you think he's going to respond to that? Thando: So you breaking up with me? He said almost as if it was the reality he didn't want to have to face or even accept but that's not what I was thinking. I know he didn't look that old but I knew a Lotta people were going to judge us for this and I was thinking about the future And what we could probably have to face because of this age difference. Me: I wouldn't do that. I heard him breathe out in relief. Me: But that doesn't mean I have forgotten about what you did. Thando: That's fair enough. Me: I just need you to be honest with me from now on no secrets please. Thando: Does that mean..? Me: Promise me first.. Thando: Okay I promise to be honest with you from now on. Me: Good. Now tell me what do you do for a living and what were you doing e Botswana? Thando: Oh wow. I gave him a death stare. And he chuckled. Me: Well if you see me as a joke

what do you do for a living and what were you doing e Botswana? Thando: Oh wow. I gave him a death stare. And he chuckled. Me: Well if you see me as a joke I should probably just leave and go home at least they take me seriously. Thando: Okay I'm sorry baby it's just that... I really wasn't expecting that. Me: You promised to be honest. Thando: Of course. I'm an artichect. And I also have some shares in a few companies. Me: And Botswana? Why did you tell me you a boss Ke? He chuckled. Thando: I was there strictly on business there's a mall they're building there and they needed my exquities. And I am a boss I give orders and take non from anyone. Me: Do you think I'm a gold digger? He looked at me in disbelief then brought his eyebrows together. I had to know. Maybe that was the reason why he wasn't completely honest to me about his job description. Thando: Why the hell would you think that? Me: What am I suppose to think then? Maybe it's what you thought and then decided to not tell me anything. Thando: No baby I don't think so. I love you and you not like all the other girls I've met who were just in it for the money and the benefits that comes with dating me. You're real and so is our relationship. Me: Okay I'm hungry. Thando: It's understandable you didn't eat. I'll go warm up your food. Me: I can manage. Thando: Just allow me to do this for you. Me: Okay fine. He got up and went to warm my food for me and I took the liberty of switching on the Television and left it on a music channel while he came with my food. He took me home the following day and I could see he didn't want me to go but I had to. Nothing much happened the previous night I just ate then we went to bed and cuddled To sleep. I Could see my mother's car parked in our yard and I just wanted to go back. She had caused enough drama yesterday and I wondered what she wanted her. For someone who wanted us to get along she wasn't putting in the effort. Thando: Should I go with you? Me: It's fine I'll manage. Thando: I'll call you later. Me: Okay baby. We kissed briefly and I got out with his bag that had my clothes. He had to go buy something for me to wear this morning including underwear. I took a deep breath in before finally opening the door and getting inside. Me: Good morning. I said as I passed through the lounge and went to my room not even waiting for them to reply. I had showered already from Thando's and because of my mother I just wanted to remain in my bedroom and listen to music on my headphones in full blast. "Sisi" It was little Thandi's soft voice and I got up from my bed and went to open. Me: Hey come in. I made space for her and she got in I closed the door. I didn't want my mother just barging in I was trying to avoid her. Thandi: I missed you. Me: Ncooa I missed you too. I played with her cheeks and she giggled. Me: You good? She nodded. We spent most time in my room with me listening to her stories which really didn't make any sense. Dad decided to open the door not bothering to knock. Me: Ngiyazi it's your house kodwa knocking wouldn't have been such a bad thing to do. You think he listened? He didn't it's like I didn't even say anything. Dad: You can't avoid her forever. I guess he noticed but she didn't leave me with much choice. The way she had behaved was totally wrong she had no right to judge me or Thando. It was absolutely not any of her business and she can't be trying to control my life or even dictate my life for me. If she wanted us to work she had to try and that started with respecting me and keeping in mind that she wasn't there for me for 16 years. Me: I just can't deal with her now. Dad: I know what happened. I looked at him confused. Dad: I mean when you when to meet Thando's parents. Me: What did she tell you? Dad: That they had a fallout and she feels bad about how things turned out. Me: I'm sure she does. Dad: Don't be like that. Me: Like what dad? Dad: Don't be bitter. I know your mother is quite a handful but inside of all that is a very sweet and good person. Me: Tell me how did you handle her? He chuckled. Dad: I was in love and well I had my own ways of putting her in her place. Me: I wonder how her husband manages. Dad: All I'm saying is don't be too hard on her. I know it's not easy because she's been away for sixteen years but she's here now and life is too short. Look at the bright side you've been given another chance to know your mother And I'm not saying accept her into your life because it's all up to you but please don't be angry for too long. Me: Kitso married a very wise man. He chuckled and embraced me tightly then kissed me on the forehead. Dad: Better tell her that. I giggled. Me: Thanks dad it's all I needed to hear. Dad: It's my pleasure you my number one lady. I laughed. Me: I hope Kitso never heard that. Dad: She'd kill me. We laughed Dad really did tell me all I needed to hear and I told myself that I'll try and see where she's coming from from now on. There was still the New Years lunch and I was positive that things would come out differently this time.

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