part 64 her story

I was surprised to see the car turning to his house and my heart beat dropped a bit. I didn't even ask him why we were changing routes I just wasn't ready to meet his family yet. He stopped just next to the front door got out and came to open my door. Me: Change of plans? I asked as we entered the house I couldn't keep it in anymore. I know I said I wasn't going to ask but I had to. Thando: I bought you changing clothes. Me: Oh. Was all I managed to say I guess there was no escaping this. Thando: There's one more thing. Me: What? Thando: Your mother is also going to be there. Me: You kidding right? Thando: No baby. You know she's married to my uncle I just hope she doesn't cause unnecessary drama. I didn't reply. I couldn't defend my mother because I don't even know the kind of person she is. I just looked forward to seeing little Thandi. I actually missed her a bit even though I only saw her once. He gave me a shopping bag probably with my clothes and I peeped through. Me: You didn't! He laughed kissing my cheek. It was a dress I had been eyeing last time we went shopping. Thando: I did. I put the bag down and gave him a tight hug which ended when his hands went to my butt. He chuckled. And kissed me on the cheek. Me: I wanna get dressed. Thando: So? Me: I need space. Thando: Haike ntombi you'll have to find space somewhere because this Is my room and ngizohlala La. I rolled my eyes and he gave me a serious look. He'll be strong shame. He sat down on the bed folded his arms then looked at me more like watched me. Me: Umm I'm not wearing a bra. Thando: I noticed. I mean your nipples all out there one would swear you horny. Me: What? He chuckled and I just folded my arms and looked at him. Thando: You perfect with no bra on. Gives me easy access. I inwardly rolled my eyes and continued with the stripping so I can wear the dress he bought. It wasn't fancy or formal but I loved it. It was maroon in colour tight with an open back and a little slit on the back. I felt his breath on my neck and his hands cupping my breasts I bit my lip. He started kissing me on the neck and I turned a bit to give him more access. Me: Thando.. I whispered and he didn't dare stop. I hadn't dressed yet. His fingers trailed patterns on my stomach he was behind me with his dick on my ass. He turned me and pressed his lips on mine and we shared a kiss deepening it by the minute. I had missed him and somehow this was just what I had been in need of. His hands went inside my panties and cupped my butt making me moan in his mouth and that crept a smirk on his face satisfied with how my body was reacting to his touch. Thando: I love you. He said after breaking the kiss while breathing heavily as I was also catching my breath. Me: I love you too. Thando: Marry me. Me: Haibo. Thando: I want you to be mine forever. Me: I'm still young what do I know about marriage? I could see it in his eyes that he was serious but I just wasn't ready. Maybe when I have my degree and I'm working I can finally think about marriage but just not now. I still have a lot of things I want to achieve dreams I want to perceive before I can even think of taking such a drastic step. He kissed me on the forehead. Thando: You my future the mother of my kids but I'm getting old baby I need stability. Me: I'll always be here for you and we'll get married when the time is right. Thando: I believe you. He spanked my ass and I jump a little. Thando: Get dressed I'm going for a smoke. Me: You smoke? Thando: Not really. He spanked my ass again before leaving And I got dressed it was perfect. I took a few mirror selfies and wore my flipflops since it wasn't a formal thing besides I didn't have any other shoes. When I was content I went out with my phone and found him in the kitchen drinking beer. Me: I'm done. Thando: You look beautiful my love. I blushed. Me: Thanks. Thando: You ready? Me: More like nervous. He chuckled. Thando: Let's go. He took my hand then we left with him locking the door behind us then he opened the door for me and I got in. He went to his side and started the car. I tried by all means to relax and besides my mother was also there. To think I had told her I can't spend Christmas with her then this happens. I just hoped things go appropriately and absolutely no drama. Thando: I'll be with you all the way and if anyone and I mean anyone mistreats you we'll leave neh. I nodded while biting my nails. We had arrived I could see little kids playing outside with the music pumping on the low. Gospel music nogal but it's understandable because his father Is a pastor. He came to open my door and looking at the crowd I suddenly didn't feel like going out. Thando: Baby Hle. Me: I don't think I can do this Thando: You can't bail out on me now. Me: There're so many people here. Thando: Stop being a baby let's just go. My family has long been waiting for you. I sighed and got out then He closed the door. There were a few cars outside And they seemed like a big family. To think I had never met even my father's side of the Family it was always just him And I. Thando ran to me just as we approached where they were. She was very fond of me and we had such an indescribable connection. I picked her up And pulled her cheek she giggled. Me: You good? Thandi: Yes missed you. Thando: What about me? Me: Jealousy doesn't suit you babe. He chuckled shaking his head. I put her down and we went inside. The women were dishing up and my mother was one of them she was surprised to see me. Things are just so awkward between us we can even hardly maintain a conversation. Kholiswa: Nokubonga we can even hardly maintain a conversation. Kholiswa: Nokubonga Unjani? Me: Well I'm good and you? Kholiswa: I'm good I didn't know you were coming. Thando: She's here with me something you didn't notice. He took my hand into his And locked them together. Woman: And you just going to ignore your mother like that because you brought a girl home? She said wiping her hands with a cloth before coming to us she hugged me first before hugging Luthando who she kissed all over the face. I just laughed I didn't think of him as a mama's boy. He's always so tough with me. Thando: You really need to Stop with this ma especially not in front of my girlfriend. T's mom: She looks so young though. Kholiswa: She's 19. Her jaw dropped. T's mom: Haibo Thando? Thando: Please don't make a fuss about it. T's mom: You ten years older than her. Did she just say that? I swear I didn't hear her properly I looked at Thando who just looked down. T's mom: You didn't know? Me: Umm I.. I did. I had to lie I love him and I'll just have to ask about this when we leave here or at least when we alone and definitely not in a crowd. Kholiswa: And you cool with dating a grandpa? Thando shot her a death stare I wanted the earth to just open up and swallow me at that moment. All these women were looking at me expecting me to say something and I just wanted to cry. He said he's 23 Two three but now I'm hearing something completely different. I'm still in shock and I just have to pretend like all is well. Now I get what he meant when he said he's getting old it's because Vele he's old. Me: Mother please. T's mom : Mother? Kholiswa: She's my daughter. Other woman: Your what? Drama drama drama. I should have known this would happen. Thando: I'm sorry. He whispered in my ear and I just ignored him. I wasn't going to entertain him now not after what he did lying to me like that. "Son you're here. " I assumed that was his father. It was a tall dark man but he was handsome And looked so much like him. His voice was filled with so much authority and you could hear that this was a true man of God. He had managed to change the subject but from what I saw this was going to resume. They shared a mainly hug before he looked at me and smiled. Him: Hello there. Me: Hi Him: She looks so shy He said looking at Thando who just smiled. Him: And so young T's mom: She's 19. Him: Not bad. Thando wakhona just grinned. Seems like daddy was on his side. Kholiswa: You know had I raised you none of this would be happening. I don't even know how Andile condones you Dating a man who's only ten years younger than him. Thando: You really gonna bore me now Kholiswa just shut up. T's dad: Son please cool it down a bit Thando: She just rubs me off the wrong way. T's mom: You two must be hungry and we didn't even bother offering you a drink the poor girl must be tired from all this standing. Thando: I think we should leave. Kholiswa: My daughter is not going anywhere.. Thando: The same daughter you abandoned for 16 years. That somehow hit home all the memories flooded back. All that I went through because of my mother's absence the hurt the pain the curses and the criticism. I just ran out and he followed me. The tears kept on falling it hurt so much. I felt his hands embrace me and he turned me so I could face him and I just cried in his arms. I think it's his mother who brought me a glass of water and I drank. He kept repeating " sorry " while brushing my back. Me: It hurts. I managed to say with a husky voice. Thando: I know baby I'm sorry. When I had finally calmed down we went to his car and I just slept at the back for a bit while waiting for him. Someone knocked on the window then I opened it was his mother. T's mom: I'm Lerato by the way. Me: I'm Khe- Lerato: Khensani I know. I nodded she sat down beside me and closed the car door. I was in the backseat. Lerato: I'm sorry for what happened back there. My son is stubborn and Kholiswa is just a handful. Me: Its okay ma it's not your fault. Lerato: You know my son was very happy when he came with you I could see it in his eyes and we shouldn't have done all that. Me: I've been treated way more worse. Lerato: I apologize and I really wish we can have another time to meet and right all these wrongs. Me: It's okay. Lerato: You seem like someone who's been through a lot and I'm sorry you had to relive all that. Me: It's just.. It wasn't easy. Lerato: And I'm sorry for seeming like I don't accept your relationship with my son I really shouldn't have. Me: Ma really it's okay. Lerato: I'm sorry you guys are leaving this way I promise things will be much better next time. I nodded. Lerato: Please come again in New Year Kholiswa won't be there. I chuckled I can't believe she's my mother. I actually wonder how she was with dad I should ask him and maybe then I'd understand where she's coming from. Me: If only my dad permits. Lerato: That's fair enough. Thando came and she got out and they hugged. She waved me goodbye before he finally started the car and I slept yet again. I didn't even say goodbye to Thandi. He woke me up when we were back at his house And it's actually then that I saw the plates he had come with probably with our food but I wasn't hungry. Instead I went to his bed then slept for a while.

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