part 63 her story

There's nothing that surpasses the great indescribable and amazing feeling of being in the presence of God. The Bible says in the presence of God there is fullness of joy and I can't agree more with that. Just resting in his presence and allowing him to take control it makes things easier he really is our redeemer. The service today was just out of this world. Because it's the celebration of the birth of Christ maybe you would have thought that it would all be about when Christ was born and stuff but the service was very unique. The main message was from Matthew 11:28-30. I love verse 29 more which says "Take my yoke upon you and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls." Jesus tells us to give ourselves away to him and we will find rest. Such a wonderful message. Kitso: I've really missed this. Me: It was amazing Neh. Kitso: So much I feel like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders. Me: Speaking of that I actually feel lighter. "Khensani " I looked back and it was our pastor. Pastor: Mrs Dlamini. He said greeting Kitso and they shared a hug. Dad was still greeting some of the members of the church. He came to me and we hugged too. Pastor: How are you? He said looking at us. Me: I'm fine Mfundisi. I looked at Kitso.. Kitso: I'm also good all by the grace. He smiled. Pastor: I'm glad can I borrow this lady for a while? Kitso: Of course Moruti. Bonga you'll find us in the car. I nodded and followed the pastor. Pastor: How have you been? Me: Well good just that I've been having a weird dream. Pastor: Oh? We entered his office and I sat down opposite him on the other side. Me: Yes I just don't know what it means because it keeps coming back. Pastor: Well if you still remember it and if it's recurring it means God is trying to show you something.. Me: I prayed to God and asked him to explain it to me cause I really don't understand it. Pastor: Tell me about this dream. Me: Two people a boy And a girl talking. I'm only able to recognize the girl. They're talking about a blood covenant and then the girl suddenly turns into some creature with burning eyes a goat beard and horns. It's actually scary. Pastor: Hmm.. He said and I just looked at him. He's always so chilled you'd tell him you dying but he'd probably reply by saying " There's no better joy than dying in the Lord" Pastor: A covenant is like a vow it binds people together. Remember the Bible says that whatever we bind in earth is also bound in heaven. I nodded I still didn't understand what the dream meant. Pastor: God is showing you what is hidden what was done in secret. It was all influenced by the devil but now we the children of Light are aware and it's up to us to help these children of God. Remember Christ died for all including those in the dark. Me: How do we do that? Pastor: God will tell you just listen to him and he will guide you and show you the way. I sighed sinking back in the chair. Pastor: Worry not. Read Numbers 30 . All shall be well. Remember those who are with us are many compared to those against us. I got up and left my mind in turmoil. He always speaks in parables and riddles sometimes I just feel so stupid but I believed that God will show me the way. The drive home was silent or maybe I just wasn't paying any attention to the conversation that took place in the car. I was just in a world of my own and thinking a lot. Kitso: You okay? I nodded my mind still so far away and she just let me be And we got off the car.. My feet were exhausted I had been on heels the whole day. I took off all my clothes and took a cold shower just to refresh. I dried lotioned and wore a short and a shirt with no bra And my flip flops. I put my phone in the pocket then went to the lounge. Dad: I thought you were sleeping.. Me: I'm hungry.. You Know dad I don't remember you wishing me a merry Christmas. He chuckled. Dad: Did you wish me a merry Christmas? Me: Romans 12: 21 Be not overcome of evil but overcome evil with good. He laughed and so did I. Dad: To think there was a point where you wanted nothing to do with God. Me: I was in the dark then

now I'm in the light. Dad: And I'm so happy about that go help your mother with the food. I nodded and got up went to the kitchen. We set the table up then dished up before dad joined us we said Grace and started eating. My phone rang just as I was half through so I excused myself and went to answer it outside. Me: Hello. "MaDlamini" I hadn't even looked at the caller id but I recognized who that was. Me: Hey. Thando: How are you? Me: I'm good just missing you so so much you? Thando: I'm fine I'm yearning for you too. Merry Christmas baby. Me: Thanks you actually the first one to wish me a merry Christmas. He chuckled And I laughed. I always can't help it nje. Thando: I wanna see you babe. Me: I'm still eating you know me and food and besides I don't even know where on earth you are. Thando: What if I told you I was just behind you? Me: That wouldn't be a funny joke. Thando: How about I can see your exposed thighs and your ass all out with your beautiful toes in your flip flops and - Me: No! Thando: Yes! He spoke behind me and I turned ran a few steps to him and threw myself on his arms. And he caught me just in time. Me: I can't believe you're here Thando: I just missed you so much I had to come back. Me: Where did you go? Thando: Botswana babe I should take you with next time. I chuckled. Me: I don't even have a passport. Thando: You'll get one and if it takes long we'll organize a fake one. I broke the hug And looked at him and he laughed I ended up joining him. Me: I don't think I would have survived another. Thando: But you don't want me paying lobola. Me: Not any time soon. Thando: I just love you so much and you'll be worth the wait. " Nono who was... Oh hello" That was dad coming outside probably because I had taken so long outside and I wasn't even done eating. Thando: Bab Dlamini. Dad: Why didn't you invite him in? Where's your manners? I chuckled shaking my head.. Me: He's my boyfriend baba.. Dad: So? Luthando chuckled they went inside with dad and I just remained outside getting fresh air. I wasn't even hungry anymore. It's when I'm alone that I thought much about everything and all the pastor had told me. " Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not on your own understanding " Is what I heard with the ears of my heart and I just relaxed and told myself that I was only going to act when God says I should. I don't even know what I'm supposed to do. Thando: Your dad agreed that I might take you. Me: I wonder what you feeding him. Thando: I'm a Christian babe. I laughed and I could see he was actually serious. His lifestyle said completely the opposite but who was I to judge? Me: Where you taking me? I said just as he started the car. Thando: We going home. Me: Your house? Thando: I mean my father's house. I swear I thought I was hallucinating or hearing things. He didn't just say that right or did he? Me: What? Thando: Yes it's not that far. Me: Luthandolwakhe I'm wearing shorts with flops. Thando: Wow babe you just had to call my full name. Me: That's not the point. Thando: You perfect love. Me: You said he's a pastor. Thando: I'll ask mom to borrow you something. Me: Wow. I said looking up and clapping once. Thando: What's wrong? Me: You dropped this bomb on me not even bothering to let me know about this . Thando: But my love I've met your family and they know me even your biological mother. I thought you'd be happy to finally meet my family. Me: I didn't think I'd meet them like this. Thando: Would you have agreed had I told you from the start? I looked away and sighed. Thando: Exactly don't worry. They'll love you. I wish I could believe that I wish it was that easy. Of all the people I have dated I have never met their family like introductions and stuff so I just prayed that all goes well. Of course there was that fear that voice busy whispering in my ear " What if they don't like you? " I sank back on my seat and let the thoughts run around in my mind. I couldn't relax it wasn't as easy as he said it to be. If only he knew how I was feeling right now.

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