part 62 her story

Me: You should have told me you having a party though. Kagi: It wasn't my idea.. Is this dress fine or? Me: I thought you'd be Done by now. We were in her room now as she was getting dressed. She was on her fourth outfit and with each one she'd find a single fault and take everything off. Kagi: You not helping. I didn't see any trouble with what she was wearing just like with the previous outfits. Me: It's fine. Kagi: You not even paying attention you busy looking at your phone. Me: I'm just.. Expecting a call. Kagi: I'm not even going to ask. She took out the dress. Me: Haibo? Kagi: It's just not working out. Kamo: You still not dressed? He said getting inside then sat down next to me on the bed. Kagi: Bonga just isn't helping. Me: Don't blame me girl. Kamo: She always does this. She'd put many outfits on then take em off because she'd apparently find fault with them. I laughed because he was saying exactly what I had been thinking. Kagi: Don't even think of ganging up on me. I looked at Kamogelo and we both burst out into laughter she ended up joining us and throwing Herself on the bed. Me: Are we ever going to join the party? Kagi: Maybe we should just stay in my room. Kamo: Your boyfriend is waiting for you outside. Kagi: What? She got up and got off the bed and started pacing around the room. Me: You making my head spin. I stood up and went through her closet looking through for some clothes for her. Kamo: The view.. I turned and gave him my middle finger he laughed. Me: Pervert. Kamo: You once loved this Perv. Kagi: Umm back to me. I chuckled and threw a jean at her good thing she talked because I didn't even know how to reply to what Kamogelo had said. I also threw a bodysuit top at her and she finally got dressed. Kamo: You really good at this. Me: Thanks love. Kamo: Don't do that. Me: What? Kamo: You Know what I'm talking about. I giggled we all got out and went to join the party finally. My phone rang just as I was on my second can of alcohol I wasn't planning on getting drunk just tipsy. I went away from the crowd and answered on the second ring. Me: Hello. Caller: Baby. Me: Oh wow finally. Thando: I'm sorry for going all M I A Me: It'll take more than just that to earn my forgiveness. Thando: I know baby wait... You at a party? Me: Umm yeah. Thando: Where? Is it even safe? Me: It is I'm at Kagisano's crib. Thando: Your ex is also there? Me: He's actually the one who threw the party. He took a breathe for a while before finally breathing out. Thando: I trust you baby. Me: That's great. Thando: It's him I don't trust. Me: So you gonna get him beat up again? Thando: Don't fuck with me Khensani. I giggled. Me: I'm just asking. Thando: You drunk Neh. Me: I'm just tipsy. He sighed loudly I just giggled. Thando: I think I should cut this trip short. Me: I miss you too baby. Thando: I think you should go home. Me: The party just started. Thando: I'm not asking for your opinion. Me: Haibo you not being serious Thando: Khensani I don't wanna fight with you. Me: And I'm not about to allow you to dictate my life for me. Thando: I don't want any harm happening to you. Me: I can take care of myself. He sighed and I just felt like hanging up on him then going to drink and have fun like there's no tomorrow. Everything else will just have to wait. Thando: Okay I'm sorry. Me: It's okay I love you. Thando: I love you too. I hung up and went back as much as I wanted to drink myself to blackout I couldn't. I had church tomorrow and being a worshipper In church I couldn't act repulsive or rebellious. I stuck to Energy drinks from then. Kagisano had disappeared with Liaane and I wanted to go home now. We had had fun yeah and took a whole lot of pictures but now I wanted to go. Kamo: You okay? He asked coming to sit next to me in the kitchen. I was busy tapping my foot down. Me: I just wanna go sleep. Kamo: Should I accompany you home? Me: Please I've been waiting for your sister but she's not coming. Kamo: Let's go then. Me: No funny business though. Kamo: You should trust me. Me: You don't want me to remind you what happened the last time I did. Kamo: Fair enough. I followed him to his car and he opened the door for. I somehow thought this was just a waste of petrol since my house wasn't far from his but again I don't think I would have managed to let him go back all alone after accompanying me so I didn't complain. Kamo: I'm really glad you came. Me: It wasn't for you though. He chuckled. Kamo: I know but it was good seeing you and I'm glad we able to talk like this. Me: Me too though I was once so mad at you. Kamo: It's my fault we didn't work out but I'll always love you. Me: My boyfriend would probably hate me if he hears this but I'll always love you too. He chuckled and I smiled. Kamo: I wish I had been honest from the start. Me: Maybe we just weren't meant to be. Kamo: I highly doubt that though I was once so mad at you. Kamo: It's my fault we didn't work out but I'll always love you. Me: My boyfriend would probably hate me if he hears this but I'll always love you too. He chuckled and I smiled. Kamo: I wish I had been honest from the start. Me: Maybe we just weren't meant to be. Kamo: I highly doubt that I still feel the spark between us. I laughed. Me: Maybe it's the alcohol speaking. Kamo: I'm sober. Me: Why though? Kamo: I couldn't get drunk in your presence Ne kilo sokodisa. I chuckled. Me: I'm glad you sober then. Kamo: You know I wish you didn't have to go. Me: I'm home now. Kamo: I'm glad I made sure you got in safely. Me: Thanks again. Kamo: It's my pleasure. I got out and went inside the yard he drove off as I opened the door to get in.. I texted Luthando that I'm home since its what he wanted and I was surprised to hear my phone ringing I just took a chance. Me: Hey. Thando: You didn't do anything you might regret? Me: Nope. Thando: I'm glad you safe. I wanted to say "thank Kamogelo" but I didn't want to piss him off. Me: I wanna sleep now though. Thando: Of course baby goodnight. Me: Goodnight. Thando: I love you. Me: I love you too. He hung up and I just took my shoes off and threw myself In bed not even taking off the clothes I had been wearing and I was glad the energy drink didn't deprive me of any sleep. " You're mine forever " This time the face was vivid. Me: Thuli. I said just as I rose up sitting on my bed. I didn't understand what God was trying to tell me with this dream. Who was she talking to? I kneeled down and sat a short prayer. Me: Father in the name of Jesus Christ I believe you know best and right now I'm asking for you to give me direction. Only you know what this dream means show me the way tell me what to do take control heavenly Father in Jesus's name. Amen. I climbed back on my bed and slept believing wholeheartedly that God is in control. The following day I woke up and immediately took a bath. I had the same dream over and over again. I was just waiting for God to tell me what it means. I got out when the water was getting cold dried then lotioned. I wore my underwear and bra then wore a white body hugging dress with gold heels. I let my weave loose wore some earrings and took my bag with my phone and everything else. It was only dad in the kitchen. Me: Good morning. Dad: Hey I didn't hear you come yesterday. Me: You guys were probably sleeping. Dad: How are you? Me: I'm okay you? Dad: I'm great as long as you are fine. Me: Ncooa. He chuckled I sat down and poured myself some juice. Me: Is Kitso coming with? Dad: Yeah she's still getting dressed. Me: You look dashing love. He laughed. Dad: I'm not Luthando mina Ke. Me: You know you my number man. Dad: I'm glad. I chuckled. Me: Yizwa. He laughed I made some sandwiches for us and we ate while talking and waiting for Kitso who just wasn't getting finished with whatever she was doing. Me: You sure she's just getting dressed? Dad: That's what I thought. "I'm here " We turned to look at her and our jaws dropped. Kitso: You guys going to say something? She looked breathtakingly beautiful. She was wearing a black and white body hugging dress and because of the weight she gained In the right places she was sexy. Dad: Wow. Me: You look amazing. She smiled. Kitso: Thanks baby. Dad: I'm speechless. She giggled she was really beautiful. I understood why dad couldn't even say anything.

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