part 61 her story

They both didn't say anything but just stared at each other I was going crazy in turmoil wondering what I could be missing. How do these two know each other because from what I was seeing they knew each other pretty well but the question is How? Millions of thoughts ran through my mind as I tried to think of something but nothing came to mind. I was in turmoil and I just kept hoping for the best I just wished they're not related in anyway because that would be a knife stabbed deeply into my heart. Dad: How do you know each other? He asked like he had been reading my mind. It was something I had failed to say and by that moment I was very grateful for that. My heart started beating out of my chest as we all awaited an explanation. It was hard trying to read what was in Luthando's mind and he just had a plain expression on. Kholiswa: Why are you guys making it such a big deal? Dad: You can't expect us to just act normal when you get here then you look at him like he's your long lost lover. She chuckled that must have hurt Kitso a bit. I could clearly hear the jealousy in my father's tone. I don't know why she had to come back and complicate things for us all. Thando: Well she's married to my Father's brother. I felt my heart calm down and finally beat normal. Kholiswa: Don't tell me you two are dating. Thando: Kholiswa please just chill. She laughed before clapping once. Kholiswa: Chill? She's my daughter and I'm not about to allow you to play with her. Thando: Wait your what?! Me: Well that's my long lost "mother" I did the inverted commas in the air. I wondered what she she meant by "play me " Thando: Way to go Kholiswa you leave your daughter for what.. 16 years? Then you come judge acting all better while you have scarier skeletons in the closet. She looked down seemed like he hit a nerve. It was clear that these two don't get along. I wonder what's the story between them. I just left them and went to the kitchen to get some water. Everything was just too overwhelming for me. My mother And now finding out she's married into my boyfriend's family. We might not be related in anyway but this was just too much to swallow. I took water for the fridge and poured myself a glass which I gulped down in one go. " I didn't know " I looked behind me to find Thando I didn't even know he had followed me. He came to stand next to me. Thando: I didn't even know she had a long lost daughter. Me: It was fine completely fine without her then she just comes and complicates things. Thando: I'm really sorry baby. He embraced me and I just snuggled myself in his arms. I didn't cry but just wanted to feel him so close to me and just listened to the beating of his heart since he's taller than me. When I was content we broke the hug and I accompanied him to his car. Me: So you and dad? Thando: What about us? Me: You seemed like old friends. Thando: To think he once hated me. I just laughed. Me: That's a bit harsh. Thando: Remember what he said to me? Me: Who are you and what do you want from my daughter. We both laughed. My dad can get crazy sometimes. But I just love him he's just the best Not every male is able to juggle being both a mother and father to a girl child but he managed and I'll forever be grateful to God for him. Thando: His love for you is exceptional. I've never seen a father love their child like this. Me: Hopefully you'll be the same to our kids. Thando: Of course baby. He perked me on the lips. Thando: You'll be fine right? Me: Yes love. We hugged one last time before he got in his car and I waved to him until he disappeared. I sighed and turned back it was time to face my demons yet again. Kholiswa: You took long. I rolled my eyes and sat down who the hell does she think she is? The only person who's suppose to be complaining is my dad and he wasn't saying anything. She had no right. Absolutely no right. Dad: Leave my baby alone Wena. Kitso: Excuse me. She got up. Dad: You don't have to leave my love. Kitso: I just thought you guys wanted to talk.. Without me. Me: As far as I'm concerned you my mother. It might not be biologically but you were there for me when she was busy enjoying her life before she finally remembered she has a daughter and unfortunately for her it was too late. Dad: All these anger is repulsive my baby don't let it destroy you. Don't let her change you your heart. I sighed he was right. She was just rubbing me off the wrong way nje. Kholiswa: I'm sorry I wasn't trying to piss you off. She sighed. I sat down. I was going to forgive her I cannot do it alone and I know my God is able He'll help me through it. I wouldn't be able to do it on my own. How do you forgive someone who hasn't been there for you for 16 years? Should I be happy that she's here? I remember a time when I was watching the Steve Harvey show. He said something about looking at the future rather than the past. Yes sure she wasn't there for 16 years but rather I should look at the time she's here and the many years we could spend together. Although that time he was giving out relationship advice it actually fit here. Kholiswa: All I want is to be a part of your life again. To get to know you and the wonderful woman you've become. I'm not saying makeup for lost time cause it's impossible but I just want us to build memories together. I know it won't be easy but all I'm asking for is a second chance. Me: Can you please give me some time? To think about everything. Kholiswa: Of course I know it won't be easy. And I totally understand. Me: Thank You. Kholiswa: I'm the one who should be thanking you now. She stood up and took out her business card and gave it to me. Kholiswa: Please call me when you've made a decision. Somehow she made it sound like she had just pitched me a business deal but anyway I took it and put it in my pocket. Kholiswa: I'll be on my way. I nodded and just went to my room. Getting there I threw myself on my bed then just stared at the ceiling thinking about whatever. I didn't wanna stress myself I didn't want to think a lot about it. There was still varsity and before that

results day. I still hadn't made a decision regarding which campus I'm going to enroll at but first after I know where I've been accepted and which bursaries I got the rest can follow. A month later I had decided to forgive her. Not for her but to free myself. Forgiveness is after all one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit and as a fully devoted Christian and daughter of God I had to follow in the footsteps of Christ. He did say if we forgive those who wronged us their trespasses he'll also forgive us our trespasses. It was the last week of December and that of the year. Bandile had grown up very well and he was becoming a spitting image of dad. I had agreed to visit Kagisano because regardless of everything that had happened she was still my friend. We decided to just put everything behind us and she promised not to mention my boyfriend. Christmas was tomorrow and well we were going to church And were just going to have lunch when we come back. My mother wanted me to spend it with her and her family but I told her straight up that she's pushing things. She agreed with my decision. Forgiving her didn't mean allowing her back into my life. She'd just have to wait I wasn't ready yet and I needed her not to push me. It was a Tuesday And when I woke up I just brushed my teeth and face before going to the kitchen for breakfast. Me: Family. I kissed them both on the cheeks and sat down. I can't believe I haven't seen Luthando the whole of this week. He didn't tell me much details of where he's going but just promised to be with me by New year's eve. I missed him so much I felt my mind go crazy. I yearned for him for his touch and just everything even to hear his funny chuckle that always makes me laugh. Kitso: You okay? And that's when I was brought to reality and from my thoughts. Me: Umm... Yeah just have a lot on my mind. Dad: You mean that boy? Me: Dad please. Kitso: Leave my baby alone Andile. Dad: I thought I was your baby. Kitso: Hai suka you old thing. I laughed Dad was really being a baby and somehow It was just cute. I was just glad my mother didn't come between them in fact they were more in love now than ever. Dad: I just hope he doesn't turn out like Kamogelo. Me: He won't don't worry dad. Dad: I can see he makes you happy and that's all I want. I don't want my little girl crying. I smiled he made me miss him even more but I didn't show. Dad: You even gaining weight.. Me: Really? I looked at him confused. I was still wearing the same size and none of my clothes were tight fitting so I had no idea what he was on about. I could have noticed if I was gaining some weight. He made me think of watching what I eat because there's no woman I know who'd wanna hear that they're gaining weight. Kitso: You look the same to me just glowing. I guess she could understand what was going on in my mind like me she wouldn't want to hear she's gaining weight. Dad: I just hope you not pregnant I'm still too young to be an Oupa. I laughed. If only he knew we hadn't even had sex. Me: After I get my degree and get married definitely not now. Dad: Good Bandile is already a handful. Kitso: Yet just yesterday you wanted us to try for another baby. Dad: Why you spilling our bedroom talks? I laughed and got up. Me: That's my cue. I went to my room so I can take a shower. I kept looking at my phone hoping he calls. Yes we did talk once in a while only when it's him calling me and when I try to call him his phone just takes me to voicemail. I missed him so much. I just couldn't wait for New year's eve. Tomorrow is Christmas and we just going to go to church and have some lunch as a family when we come back. I dried and lotioned when I was done. I wore my panty before looking for something to wear. I wore a Grey tight croptop with no bra and black Ankle grazers and my creeper. I still had my weave from the dance on so I just put a pink golf cap on top of it I wore gold hoop earrings and put a lip balm on my lips then took my phone and bag. Dad didn't make much of a buzz about the phone but just that I could have asked him to buy me a phone instead of my boyfriend. If only he knew I didn't even ask him too. When I was on my way out I shouted to dad. Me: Dad I'm leaving! I had already told him about going to Kagisano's. Dad: Okay! he shouted back and I closed the door and walked to her crib. I was surprised to find a bit of a crowd when I was approaching and it seemed they were having a party. Something Kagisano definitely didn't mention. When I got in the yard I called her because I wasn't about to go through the crowd to look for her. I just didn't know how to feel about this party I thought we were just going to hangout just thr two of us. " Hey" I turned to look at him. Me: Umm.. Hi. Kamo: She told me to come fetch you cause she's busy with something. What I didn't understand is why she didn't mention that over the phone but instead decided to send her twin brother. Me: Oh.. Kamo: Yeah you look beautiful. Me: Thanks you not too bad yourself. He chuckled and I just smiled. Kamo: Let's get you to my sister. Me: Of course after you.. Kamo: Nah ladies first. Me: So you can watch my ass? hell no. He laughed and I followed him in. What's going to happen here?

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