part 36 her story

The following week I was helping dad with packing. This was finally it. We were moving out of here and hopefully somewhere much better. I was content with everything now. I believed he was doing what he saw fit as the head of our family. Having my own room was something I was really looking forward to now. I actually couldn't wait. I even imagined how it would be like is it gonna be big? The decor everything nje. I still hadn't seen where we moving and I didn't even know the location. Dad said it was a surprise and I anxiously couldn't wait. Me: This is it! I was actually excited. I know at first I was not up with this idea but thinking about it It was actually a good thing. This meant we would no longer be renting but having our own house. I'm not talking living in someone else's yard. I hadn't even asked dad how he was able to afford all of this. I was just too happy to worry about little things. Dad: Yep! Me: It's still hard to believe. We moving into our own house. I grinned. I was super excited. We could finally buy pets and other stuff we had been unable to own because of renting. You know every landlord has his own rules and we had no choice but to abide by them at least all of that had changed now. We were going to live according to my father's rules not some random stranger and this was liberty for me. Not the liberty to be reckless but to be comfortable and with no worries of tomorrow. Dad: You ready? I nodded. We had loaded everything into the truck. He had hired it to help with our stuff. We had packed everything. The room was practically empty. I thought Kitso would be here with us I didn't ask my dad about it but I was sort of disappointed when I didn't see her coming. Dad locked the house and took the key to the main house. We went to his car and drove off with the truck following behind us. Can you believe I was going to see our home for the first time? I was so excited. I couldn't wait. The neighborhood we drove into somehow looked familiar. It was a middle class suburb. The houses were single stories but pretty huge. I wondered if this is how our house is like. I didn't even sleep in the car I was that excited shame. The car drove into some huge house I really thought we were lost but the truck also followed in. Me: You gotta be kidding me! He just smiled. I screamed. I was still in the car. Dad even covered his ears with his hands. I calmed down. Me: This is It? He nodded chuckling. I got out immediately the car stopped. Kitso came out of the door. I didn't even run around the house I immediately went to throw myself in her arms. I was happy to see her shame I had missed her so much. I broke the hug after a few. She smiled at me then gave me a kiss on the cheek. Kitso: Someone missed me. Me: So much. You never came to visit for a whole week. Kitso: I was helping clean the house for your father and buying some furniture. Me: Can I get in? Kitso: Of course I'll give you a tour. Dad was somewhere outside I didn't even care about him that moment. There wasn't much furniture but it looked beautiful. A big spacious kitchen The dining area was combined with the lounge. It had four bedrooms all en suites. I never imagined my dad will ever be able to afford such a big house. It even had a prayer room I'm thinking Kitso's idea and a movie room. That I wasn't expecting and a study probably for dad with a collection of books. You'd think it's a library. My room was In purple my favorite color. It had a big Queen size bed a small flat screen TV a study table at the corner with a lamp and those office chairs. There was a small couch in front of the TV. There was also a big window with which I could look at the neighbors house. I was so in love with my room. I even jumped on top of the bed for a few minutes. My phone rang so I threw myself on the bed and laid on my back then answered. It was Kamogelo. I had forgotten about him The way I was excited about our new house. Me: Baby. Kamo: Hey you okay? Me: Yeah you? Kamo: I'm fine. How's the new house? Me: So beautiful I can't get enough of it. I have my own room with a bathroom and TV. Kamo: That's nice. Me: It is. Kamo: Baby? Me: Yeah? Kamo: Can I ask you something? Me: Umm... Okay. Kamo: When last did you speak to your friend? Me: Who? I knew who he was talking about. I only have two Friends and I was pretty sure he wasn't talking about Kagiso because we weren't that close. Kamo has never asked me about Thuli before and him asking me now made my mind run wild. I couldn't fathom why he'd ask when I last spoke to her and what I was missing from this unbalanced equation. It left me in turmoil. Kamo: Thuli. There was a certain anxiety in his voice I don't know if I was just imagining it or if I was right. Come to think of it I hadn't spoken to Thuli ever since the date issue. I had just been avoiding her and only remembered her now. I just couldn't entertain her over the phone I needed to see her so she could clear all this confusion and fill in the missing pieces in Kamo's story. Me: Last week why? He chuckled but it was as fake as can be. I was now starting to doubt my boyfriend. I hated being in the dark and he was now pushing me deeper in the dungeon. Kamo: I thought maybe you talked.. You friends after all and I thought you confronted her after what I told you. Me: I didn't. But I was planning to. I didn't want him to know that though who knows what he might do. I was just confused and tried not to let my insecurities get the best of me. Kamo: Alright

so where is your new home? Me: Now that you ask I think same street as yours just not sure. Kamo: You kidding right? Me: Absolutely not. The neighborhood looks familiar. Kamo: I mean if you here that means I won't have to go miles just to see you. Me: As if I lived that far. Kamo: I'm just saying it makes things better for us. Me: I guess you right. Look I gotta go step mom is calling me. Kamo: She's also moving in? Me: Umm... I don't know. Dad didn't tell me anything. Kamo: Oh okay. I love you. Me: Me too. I hung up. I lied Kitso wasn't calling me. I just needed to hung up so I can think. I don't know who's fooling who here. Kamo must think I'm stupid. Now I had more reason not to believe the little story he span me. I didn't know if I should cry or stop blowing things out of proportion. Maybe I was thinking too much about all this. I didn't know if I should believe him or not. But would he lie to me? I had been so honest to him about everything surely he wouldn't do me like that. I sighed. I decided to not over think. I'll put All the pieces together once I hear Thuli's side. If it's all in the past then surely I can't let it affect the present right. I went to the kitchen. All our stuff were put in their rightful places. Only my bags of clothes. I went to put it all in my room then went outside. There was a beautiful garden at the back. It was of roses and Lillie's. The aroma was just too heavenly. Kitso was watering the flowers. Me: It's so beautiful. Kitso: Like you yeah. She looked at me with a smile. I just laughed shaking my head. Kitso: You okay? Me: Yeah why? Kitso: You look a bit stressed. Trouble in paradise? I sighed. I didn't think it was all that obvious. She took off her gloves then took my hand and we sat on a wooden bunk just next to the garden. Me: I don't know if I'm overreacting or not. Kitso: You know you can talk to me. Me: I can't put a name on it but I think there's something going on between Thuli and Kamo. Kitso: Woah. Is she not your friend and he your boyfriend? Me: They're both being weird. Kitso: Enlighten me please. I sighed and fiddled with my fingers. Me: At first she was supporting our relationship and before we dated she'd beg me to accept him and stuff saying she wouldn't even think twice about it. She was a fan of him and at times I'd even think she loved him more than me. Then when I told her about the date she became weird. She made a remark like Kamo never takes anyone out on a date and she didn't sound happy for me. Kitso: Did you tell Kamo? Me: I did. He told me they once shagged about two years ago and Thuli has been on his tail ever since then befriending all his girlfriends. Kitso: You believe him? Me: I want to but it all doesn't add up. Thuli told me she's a virgin. Now Kamo called me today asking when last I spoke to uThuli. Kitso: Can I tell you my view? Me: Please. Kitso: It seems they're both hiding something from you. I think there's something Kamogelo doesn't want you to find out and I don't want to scare you but I think there's something going on there. Me: So I'm not imagining things? Kitso: Nope. It's only best you hear Thuli's side of the story. It might help shed some light. Me: You right I guess. Kitso: Now cheer up and forget about them for a while. How's your room? Me: It's beautiful and purple. I love it. I smiled. It was good to hear I wasn't just imagining things. Kamogelo's story just wasn't convincing enough for me and Kitso is right there was something he didn't want me to find out and I had to find out what that is. What if I'm just a random bet and all this relationship is fake? The thought alone scared me knowing how in love I am with Kamogelo. I could not survive losing him and I didn't want to. Kitso said we should go get started on dinner and I didn't decline. Cooking is like therapy for me it always helps take my mind off things. Dad came while we were cooking. He kissed both of us on the cheeks. Dad: How's my two favorite people? Us: Good. He smiled. Dad: I'm glad. How are you settling in Nono? Me: Very well dad but there's something missing. Dad and Kitso: What? I laughed at their twinning and they ended up joining me too. Me: Geez it's nothing big. Dad: Khuluma phela. Me: A dog. Kitso: So it can bite visitors or even worse us? I laughed. She looked scared. Dad: She has a fear of dogs. Could have figured that one out. Me: Don't worry we'll get a harmless one. Kitso: You mean one without teeth? I laughed. She really was scared of dogs. I then stopped. Me: No how will it eat without teeth? Kitso: We could just get a cat it's harmless. Me: Ba zo isenbenzisa to bewitch us. Kitso: That's absurd. Me: I want a dog. Kitso: I want a cat. We both looked at dad. He raised his hands up as if surrendering. Dad: I'm not getting involved. He got up and went to the lounge. I just laughed. I hate cats Kitso is scared of dogs this was a hard one shame. I helped her prepare the dining table when we were done with cooking. Dad came. We all sat down and said Grace before dishing up for ourselves. Me: So Kitso you moving in too? She looked at dad who looked at his food. Kitso: Do you want me to? Me: This house is too big for just dad and I. Kitso: Then I'll move in too. Me: Dad? Dad: She long moved in before us. Me: What? I pushed her a little. Kitso: Sorry. She giggled. Me: Now I feel like a fool. Kitso: Your dad should've told you. Me: He owes me. Dad: I'm still here! We laughed. It was nice being with them. Kitso was more like a sister to me not a mother. I've heard of step mothers being evil but she was far from that. So next week is school. I couldn't wait only because I wanted to see Thuli and deal with this. Kamo would just have to take a backseat till I know the whole truth. I had to. If they hiding it it must mean it's something big and my guess is it was probably going to hurt me. Rather be hurt than the truth than comforted with a lie. A lie hurts forever. I value honesty so much that thinking they're lying to me aggravated me so much. I doubt I'd be able to trust them again or even allow them into my life. I can't associate myself with liars while I hardly tell a lie myself. It doesn't work like that fam.


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