part 34 her story

I woke up early. I don't know why probably because I was anxious for the date. I wasn't going to let Thuli and her shenanigans ruin this for me. I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I was going to bath around 10. Kamo was gonna pick me up at 12pm and I couldn't wait. Me: Morning. I said to dad who was drinking tea while reading a newspaper. Dad: Morning baby. Dad is always up early and he always sleeps after me. I sometimes wonder if he even ever sleeps. I filled the kettle with water so I could also make myself a cup of tea. I also buttered slices of bread. We eat bread so much nowadays but again I wasn't complaining. I went to sit next to dad. Dad: How did it go with Kitso? Me: Yazi dad I never hear you calling her baby or sweetie. Pet name nyana. Dad: She's a humanbeing not a pet. Me: That's not what I meant. Be a bit romantic. Dad: Hai suka. I wasn't asking for relationship tips I was just asking a simple question. Me: We had a good time together. She's really fun to be around. Dad: I'm glad you all getting along. Me: Me too. After eating I went to wash the few dishes that were there before boiling water using the urn and passing time chatting to Kamo. I still hadn't forgotten about it but I just wasn't letting it affect me. Me: I'm feeling a bit off. Kamo: Don't do that. Me: Do what? Kamo: You trying to find excuses not to go out with me. Me: Like my head is a bit heavy. I think it's these braids. He chuckled. I was just messing with his head. Instead of texting back he called me and I giggled before picking up while going outside for some privacy. I talked in a whisper I had to pull out a convincing act phela just to mess with him. Me: Kamogelo. Kamo: Don't piss me off Khensani! I wanted to laugh but I contained myself. Me: Not too loud. I heard him groan. I really wanted to laugh my ass of at that point. Kamo: You should be getting ready. Me: I can't even get my head off the pillow. Kamo: I'll take you to the doctor. Me: A medical room makes me puke. Kamo: Nokubonga! I laughed out loud. I just couldn't contain it anymore I was going to die of Laughter. I heard him click his tongue before hanging up. I just laughed more. You know how irritating it is when you trying to be serious then someone laughs without ceasing it's actually annoying. I prepared my bathing water then took a bath. I dried and lotioned after. I wore a black dress one I bought yesterday. It was tight but not too tight with short sleeves and just above my knees. I made two buns with my braids. I only put on ponds and a blue matte lipstick. I wore big silver hoop earrings and wore my Huarache I'm not a fan of heels and Kamo never said it's a formal occasion. Either way I wasn't trying to impress. Dad: You look exquisite. Me: Don't sneak up on me like that. I giggled. Dad: I had to come see you. Me: I was gonna come out. Dad: If he ever breaks your heart.. I laughed. I'm pretty sure he had made the message pretty clear to him as well. Me: I get it dad. Dad: I don't want anyone making my princess cry. Me: He won't. You heard what he said I'm only gonna cry tears of joy. I grinned and he chuckled shaking his head. Dad: You can never be too sure about that. He's a boy after all. Me: I don't wanna hear it dad. I took my bag and phone then kissed him on the cheek. Kamo was waiting outside for me. Me: Don't wait up. Dad: Don't test me Nokubonga. I laughed. I was only joking nje. I waved at him then left. He was leaning on the car and when he saw me he bit his lip and I giggled hiding my face with my hands. He was wearing a black chino with an olive longer length T-shirt and Black Adidas NMD. He kissed me on the cheek. Kamo: You look marvelous. Me: Thanks you not too bad yourself. He opened the door for me before going to his side. He started the car and drove off. Me: So where are we going? Kamo: Dros. Me: Fancy I see. Kamo: I'm trying to impress. Me: And here I was thinking I'm the one who should impress. Kamo: You kidding right? Me: No. Kamo: You don't know how I fear someone snatching you away from me. Someone who's not as annoying as I am or who's not as full of themselves. Me: I love you Just the way you are. Come to think of it you'd be boring if you weren't annoying. He chuckled. Kamo: You weird. Me: And you love me just the same. Kamo: You know me too well. Me: That's funny. Sometimes I think I don't know you at all. Kamo: What do you mean? Me: Don't read too much into it Kamo: Alright baby. I was going to ask him what's the deal with Thuli but I not yet lest I ruin our date before it begins. I'll have to find the appropriate time for that. Maybe later when he drives me home but at that moment I decided to focus on the present. Our date. He came to open my door after parking. Kamo: Did I tell you how sexy you look? Me: Nope unless I forgot. Kamo: You look gorgeous and super sexy MAMI. I giggled and blushed. Me: Thanks baby. He had made a reservation so they took us to our table which had an intimate setting. We took a whole lot of beautiful pictures with his phone of course. After our date we went window shopping while holding hands. It was actually one of the best days of my life. Kamo: I love this. Me: Why we looking at lingerie again? Kamo: I wanna see you in one of these. I chuckled. My boyfriend is so naughty guys we went window shopping while holding hands. It was actually one of the best days of my life. Kamo: I love this. Me: Why we looking at lingerie again? Kamo: I wanna see you in one of these. I chuckled. My boyfriend is so naughty guys I'm even used to it. He might not wanna have sex with me yet but he's always talking all kinky and always making me shy. I think he does it in purpose just so he can have me all shy and quiet. Me: I wouldn't even fit in there. He was holding a small sexy black lingerie. He chuckled. Kamo: You think you fat that's your problem. Me: I'm thick. Kamo: You a size 34. My jaw dropped. I actually didn't think he knows that. Me: Yazela phi? He chuckled. Kamo: Really? How long have I touched you all over? Me: Mxm. He just chuckled. Kamo: I'm buying this. Me: Don't tell me you cross dress. Kamo: And if I do? My eyes popped out. That can't be true. He didn't look like the gay type. Not that I have a problem with gay people but I can't be dating a guy who likes wearing girls clothes. That would be so awkward and weird. I swallowed hard and he laughed leaving me all astonished like that. Me: So you do cross dress? Kamo: Don't be silly. He was holding a black and red lingerie. It had like a thong which was transparent I actually wonder if anyone would even be comfortable wearing that. It had a bra and a transparent lace top kinder thing. Kamo: Now this would be perfect for you. Me: I'll never wear that. Kamo: We'll see. Me: Kamogelo! Kamo: Let's go pay. He didn't even hesitate he took my hand and we went to pay. There was not that much of a long Queue. After paying we went out. Me: You really bought that? Kamo: Yep and I'm keeping it for you. Me: What makes you think I'd ever wear it? Kamo: Trust me you will. Me: We'll see. Kamo: Yeah. We went to watch movies after. It was around 3pm. We watched a romcom. After the movie we went for ice-cream. Me: I never really thought of you as the romantic type. Kamo: I'm actually not it's all you. Me: Me? Kamo: Yeah you making me soft. Me: That can't be a bad thing. Kamo: It is but I'd do anything for you. Me: Anything? Kamo: Anything but not cutting off my dick. I laughed. I should have expected him to say something that explicit. Me: Can I ask you something? Kamo: What? Me: Promise to be honest. Kamo: You know I'm always front with you. This was the perfect moment for me to ask about Thuli. I know she's my friend and I should be asking her but with the way things are I had to ask him first. Thuli might tell me something contrary to the truth. Me: What's up with you and Thuli? He raised his eyebrow at me. I don't know why he likes putting on this intimidating look. He should know by now it doesn't scare me a bit. Kamo: Ocho jwang? Me: I told her you taking me out then her reply was definitely not what I expected. He chuckled. Okay did I just say a joke or something hilarious without noticing? Angazi Ke. I licked my ice cream while waiting for him to say something. Kamo: I'm not surprised. Me: Oh? Kamo: Your friend has not been completely honest with you. Me: What do you mean? Kamo: Why do you think she suddenly chose to be your friend? I shrugged my shoulders. I really didn't think she was my friend for a certain reason. I mean she had never gave me a reason to doubt her until now. Me: We in the same class and I didn't have any friends. Kamo: You do know she's been in the same school since Grade 8 right? I nodded. I didn't know what that had to do with anything though. Me: What am I missing? We were sitting in some wooden chairs at some food court. Kamo: She's not as innocent as you think. Me: I'm really lost now. Kamo: Okay I'll be completely honest with you. Me: I'd love that thank you. Kamo: Well there was a party when I was doing like Grade 10. It was those pensdown parties organized by the matrix. Me: You mean two years ago? Kamo: Yeah. So you know me I've been running this school ever since I sat my shoes here. I rolled my eyes. He didn't have to say that though. Kamo: Anyway she was there too. Me: I'm not sure I still wanna hear what you gonna say. Kamo: I need you to hear it from me babe. Me: Alright. Kamo: So I was too much of a player then fucking anything that wears a skirt and she happened to be one of those. Me: I thought she was a virgin. He chuckled. I was now as confused as ever. I mean could it be she also lied to Xolani? What the hell was going on here? Kamo: I told you she's not as innocent as she plays out to be. I wasn't even the only one who tapped her that night and if I wasn't drunk that would not have happened. I mean look at me. I regretted it from that night and I've only been tolerating her cause she's your friend. Me: Wow. That's all I could say. I actually felt dizzy from all he had said. I know he wouldn't lie to me. All I wondered was why would Thuli lie to me? I still think there was some missing parts in this story. Me: What happened after? Kamo: I moved on to the next chick. Me: I mean she's always been your fan and then she also told me you never even spend a dent on a girl. Kamo: She's right. Me: How does she know all of this? Kamo: She became friends with every girl I dated from then. Somehow she thought I'd go for her so she'd always create a verge and make the girl doubt me. Me: You saying she caught feelings? Kamo: She just wants to be close to me in a way. Befriending my girlfriend made her think she's closer to me in a way. Me: But I wasn't your girlfriend when we became friends. Kamo: She knew you'd eventually fall for my charms I mean no girl can resist this. I rolled my eyes and he chuckled. Me: Yeah right mubiza. Kamo: Wa itse ka baba. He kissed me on the cheek. Kamo: Please don't let her come between us. Me: I won't. Kamo: Good. I was really disappointed in Thuli. How could she? All along I thought she was my friend but she was only interested in my boyfriend. I mean she even lied about being a virgin when she long lost it. What more could she be lying about? I definitely couldn't trust someone who wasn't front with me when all I ever did was confide and be honest with her. She's my only friend so losing her I don't know. What I did know was that I wouldn't be friends with someone I can't trust. I value honesty above everything else.


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