part 33 her story

I decided to go take a nap for a while my head was buzzing. I was smelling betrayal and that left a soar taste in my tongue. When you love someone when you truly love them you'd do anything for them. I didn't want to think of the two most important people in my life betraying me. They wouldn't. Thuli's behavior was just too suspicious. I knew sleeping would be a sense of peace to me it probably won't last but for those little hours it'd be something. Waking up I was alone in the house. I went to the kitchen and filled the urn and kettle then simultaneously switched them on. I needed a cup of strong coffee. Black with no sugar. It was actually going to help me think straight. Where Alcohol is absent caffeine always comes in. My phone rang and instead of a smile flashing on my face it was a frown. It was Kamo and I really wasn't in the mood for him. I sighed then answered on the second ring rolling my eyes. Me: Hello. Kamo: Hey baby. Me: Yeah. Kamo: And then? You know his voice used to bring butterflies in my stomach but now it was irritating me like a mosquito when you trying to sleep all buzzing in your ear. Why was I letting my suspicions get the best of me? I had to pull my shit together I wasn't going to let Thuli fuck things up for me. The least I could do is at least pretend to be happy though that was going to be hard. Me: I'm sorry I just had a small argument no baba. That was technically not a lie though. I know we patched things up but at least it once happened. Kamo: Oh? Me: Yeah he dropped such a bomb on me telling me we moving. Kamo: What? Me: Yeah I was just as surprised. Kamo: So school? Me: You know Thuli asked me the same question. You guys think alike. Kamo: You haven't answered my question. Me: I'm still gonna go to the same school. Kamo: That's a relief. Me: Ya Sarcasm at its best. I was actually feeling like the fool in all this. What if somehow this was a premeditated conspiracy against me? What if Nobuhle was also in on this? Could it be all this was an act? Kamo: Babe? I had actually zoned out yet again. I thought sleeping would help but I was wrong. Me: I'm sorry you were saying? Kamo: Dintshang ka Wena? Me: I'm fine just got a lot on my mind. Kamo: Seems I caught you at a bad time. Well he sure as hell did. That's for sure. A whole Lotta things happened today and everything was leaving me in turmoil. Me: Umm no. Kamo: Kao bora? Me: Cha. Kamo: I'll call you later. Me: Babe. Kamo: I love you. He hung up not giving me the chance to reply. Me: Fuck. I decided to cook to take my mind off things. It always helps. After drinking two cups of coffee I took a bath and wore an old short dress. It was hot and I was going to spend the whole day endlini. I started with the pots. I wanted meat so I made steak. I also cooked pap and made gravy and coleslaw. Dad came with Kitso someone I was expecting but ke I had to get used to her being in dad's life. Kitso: Hey. Me: Hi. I smiled. Dad: I hope you made enough seems like Kamogelo is not the only one who can't get enough of your food. I chuckled. Me: I always make enough. If I didn't love Economics as much as I do I would have done cooking At school. I finished cooking and dished up for the three of us. Kitso: Don't you wanna do your hair? Me: Imbi? She giggled. Kitso: No I wanted us to go out. Me: You mean only us? She nodded. That actually didn't sound like a bad idea. It'll help me get my mind off things. Me: I'd like that. Kitso: Cool we can buy a few clothes. Me: You paying? She laughed. Kitso: Yeah. Me: Good plus I got a date tomorrow. Dad: How come I don't know about it? Me: You do know. This date was going to be the perfect time for me to know what Is really going on here. I know Kamo would never lie to me or at least that's what I thought. After eating I went to change while she offered to do the dishes I wore a boyfriend denim dungarees with a white plain T-shirt and black and white All stars. I looked like some pantsula chick all I needed was a bucket hat. Haha. Anyway she was driving. I didn't even know she could. Me: I think it's time I learned how to drive. Kitso: You don't know? Me: Nope but nou ki Yak galla. She laughed. My voice always sounds funny when I try Tswana. I wasn't offended though. Kitso: I can teach you. Me: I'd like that. Kitso: We'll start on Monday. Me: Yay! That was something else to look forward to. We packed at the mall and started at the salon. I did long box braids in Brown and yena she just relaxed her hair. I looked beautiful even took a few snaps. I still hadn't activated a facebook account. I was hesitating to open one don't know why though. I put one of the pics as my display picture on WhatsApp and logged off. My phone beeped when we were at Legit. Kamo: You look dashing my Queen. I smiled. Me: Thanks. We bought some jeans and even a dress for tomorrow and shoes. We then went to Sportscene and she bought me a Floral print Nike Huarache. I was so happy. I hugged her tightly. Kitso: Okay.. can't breathe. I giggled and broke the hug. Me: I'm sorry. I'm just so grateful. Kitso: You welcome. We went for takeaways at McDonalds and then drove back home. I felt a bit better after all that retail therapy.


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Refilwe 2019-03-24 11:32:31

Kitso is such a blessing