part 32 her story

Dad was still reluctant when I asked him what he did. He wasn't about to say anything and I knew I was fighting a losing battle. Kamo won't tell me too so I gave up trying. I was excited about our date on Friday I had those butterflies in my stomach. I couldn't wait and I was even a bit restless. You know that feeling one had in Primary when you going on a school trip the following day and you would not even sleep in the present day? That's the feeling I had. I was really looking forward to it I didn't even worry myself about what I'm gonna wear. My main focus was on the date it's self. I don't know why I was so overly anxious but I really couldn't wait. I even had a dream about I'm telling you. You know when you can't wait for something to happen you think about it all the time? Well it was in my mind. I wonder if Kamogelo knows how excited I am right now. It was Thursday meaning the date is tomorrow. It would have been better if he hadn't told me cause I wouldn't have been this excited hlena. Anyway I woke up and brushed my teeth. Dad wasn't in the house but his car was outside. I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I was humming softly I was zealous. In fact I wonder how my mood was going to be ksasa seeing I'm already zealous for a date that hasn't happened yet. Can you blame me though? I felt special. I have never been on a date before. Dad: Someone is in a good mood. I giggled. Me: What can I say? It's a good morning the birds are singing and the sun is shining bright outside. He chuckled. I just let him be. Dad: You do know I wasn't born yesterday right? I chuckled. I knew what was coming after that. Yazi baba likes acting too old and he's only what? 40 years? Yeah. Me: I'm not lying though. You outside o bonile ukba the sun is up and shining brightly. Dad: I wasn't talking about the weather mina. Me: Where did you go Vele? Dad: Trying to change the subject? I chuckled. Me: It's just a question. Dad: I went to the Landlord to put on notice. Me: Why? Dad: We moving out of here Me: What? I seriously couldn't believe we were moving. I mean things were going well for me now I didn't want to run anymore. Yes we had done that a lot but I thought we were settling down now. Moving? I wasn't sure about that. At least if he asked me or at least discussed it with me first. I know I'm just a child in this house but he was talking about my future as well. I know he's the parent and he's the head of our family and decision maker but I also live here as well I should matter. Dad: Don't worry. It's for the last time. Me: I don't think you get this dad. Dad: What? Me: You didn't discuss it with me first. I mean what if I hadn't asked you where you coming from? Where you just going to tell me to pack we going? He cleared his throat. I wasn't trying to act up or anything but I feel I should have been informed the minute he started looking for another place for us to stay. I could have helped. What if I don't like where we moving? Will I be forced to just suck it up because I'm not paying or contributing to the rent? It sucks being a child sometimes shame. Dad: I was going to tell you though. I folded my arms and looked at him. From what I was seeing he was never going to tell him. I seriously don't know what changed. We used to make decisions together regardless of how small or big they were but now now I feel like I no longer matter. He no longer asks for my opinion. Not even on a piece he's written or a certain topic he wants to pursue. Was it Kitso? I mean things changed the minute she came into the picture. Me: I really can't believe you now. Dad: Don't do that Nono. Me: Things aren't like before. I sat down and he did too right next to me. Dad: Look baby nothing changed. I'm still doing what's best for you for us. Me: How's moving what's best? Dad: We moving into a bigger house with space. Where you'd get your own room and space. Me: What ain't you telling me? Dad: What do you mean? Me: Really dad? You don't see what's going on LA? Dad: I think you just reading too much into things. Me: No dad. What I think no longer matters to you you no longer ask for my opinion in anything. Ngathi mina I'm nothing more than your daughter. Dad: That's not true. Me: Really? Maybe I'm imagining things like ushilo but maybe I'm not. Either way it's fine. I got up. I was defeated actually. I just didn't want to argue or fight. I was scared though. I was scared of Losing my father to her. Things weren't like this when it was just us two only. Maybe I'm reading too much into things or maybe I was saying this scared of the reality that may be. Dad: Look baby I'm still here. This is still me. Me: It hurts you no longer see me the same. Dad: That's not true. Me: Think about it. I took my phone and took a walk to just clear my mind. We were moving out of her

that was hard to believe. The end of the month is next week meaning this was probably my last week here. I didn't even ask where we moving but I didn't think it mattered. Dad surely didn't think of asking me for anything so why not just embrace whatever he throws at me. It's sad realizing how little you matter to someone who means a whole lot to you. I begged destiny to let this be only on my mind cause if it's true I won't be able to endure. My phone rang relieving me of the thoughts that had bombarded my mind. Me: Hello. "Hey Bongz" I giggled. That was Thuli I could just hear from her voice and the nickname she called me with confirmed it. Me: Unjani mgani wami? Thuli: I'm getting there. I should be asking you. Me: I don't know hey I really don't know. Thuli: What's wrong? Me: Everything is wrong nje everything. Thuli: Ya nlahla manje. What are you on about? Me: My life is a mess. Thuli: Is it K-more? Me: What? No. Thuli: What then? Me: My dad. He said we moving next week nogal and I had to ask him before he spilled the beans. Thuli: Moving? What? Where? Me: Andazi I didn't ask. Thuli: So school? Me: I haven't asked that far. The problem is he didn't discuss this with me first. Thuli: Maybe he had his reasons. Me: Well he could have at least enlightened me about those reasons. Thuli: Your father is a good man I know he did what best for the both of you. Me: You suppose to be on my side. Thuli: I'm just trying to see this from both sides. Don't be too hard on him about this. Me: Whatever man. Thuli: You just like your boyfriend you hard headed. Me: And how do you know that about him? Thuli: Come on you always tell me. Me: I'm sorry I just have a lot on my mind. Thuli: You still having troubles with K-more? Me: Nope we cool now. Thuli: Oh? Me: Yeah he's even taking me out on a date tomorrow. I grinned like she could see me. This date thing really had my mood on a hundred regardless of whatever. Thuli: What?! I don't know if I was imagining things or what but what I heard in her voice wasn't excitement. I didn't want to read too much into things lest I be blowing things completely out of proportion. Me: Yeah. Thuli: Oh. It sounded like a frown. I expected Thuli to at least be half as excited as I was but Dololo. Me: What's wrong? Thuli: You very lucky friend. Me: I'm not following. Thuli: K-more never takes a girl on a date or even spend money on her. Me: How do you know that? Now I was curious. She was talking as if she knows him more than I imagined she did. Maybe I might be the one who's in the dark here. I mean it sounded like there was more to this than I had imagined. It actually sounded like UThuli wasn't telling me something and I wondered what. Thuli: Don't be like that. Me: I'm just asking. Thuli: You Know nawe that K-more has a history. Me: Yeah eish I tend to forget. Well I wasn't going to ignore what my instincts were saying. Female intuition is never wrong never. Could it be she deceived me? My mind was going crazy. Suddenly I wasn't looking up to this date. I made a U-turn and went back home. I didn't want to think a lot about this but I couldn't ignore what my conscience was telling me. Dad: You back. Me: Umm yeah. I went to boil some water for tea. I hadn't eaten ever since I woke up. Dad: Look baby I'm sorry that I made you feel left out. It really wasn't my intention and I promise that from now on things are gonna change. My mind really wasn't here. Was I stressing for no reason? I was even having a mild headache. Dad: Nono? Me: It's okay dad. Dad: Are you okay? I faked a smile. Me: Yes I'm alright. Dad: Don't forget that I know you. Me: Dad please. I made my tea with a few slices of bread two to be more specific. I didn't even spread anything on the bread. I really didn't know what to think but my mind was stuck on the worst.


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