part 31 her story

Thuli: I'm really grateful you came. Me: I'm sorry I took so long before coming to check up on you She smiled. Thuli: You came that's all that matters. Me: I'm glad you didn't go through with it. Thuli: I wouldn't have lived with myself. This dating thing really ain't for me. I sighed. Truth is that's exactly how I felt at that moment. Maybe things were better when I was single when I didn't have all these feelings for Kamogelo. Me: I'm beginning to think dating ain't for me too. Thuli: Don't be silly K-more loves you. Me: Maybe love isn't enough. Thuli: You know I almost went with it because I felt I had to prove my love to him but I remembered your words. You should cherish what you have no K-more. A Lotta girls would kill for what you guys have. Me: Maybe you right but it's pretty hard when I don't know where I stand. Thuli: He'll come around. Me: I highly doubt that but anyway thanks. Thuli: I'm actually the one who should be thanking you. Me: It's what friends are for. Thuli: I should buy you a cup written "Best friend of the year " I laughed. Thuli can be crazy at times. We hugged for the last time and I got inside the taxi. Spending time with Thuli actually made me forget a bit about the problems I was facing. You know we haven't been dating for even a month but already we having problems. What's going to happen when we've been together for 3 months? Will we even reach it? I didn't want to doubt Kamo or our relationship but again I didn't want to waste my heart and feelings for a relationship that won't even go anywhere. I just had to be realistic about this. I love Kamogelo I really do but again I just wonder if it's enough. I received a text from dad while I was on the taxi. Dad: Are you on your way? Me: I'm about to get off. Dad: Good. Me: Why? Dad: You'll find out when you arrive. I didn't reply. I was curious though. I just hope it's not another Kitso surprise shame. Dad can be secretive at times and it always puts a verge on our relationship. That's something I don't want. God knows he means a lot to me he's practically my life. That's why it was hard for me to accept uKitso. I got off at our gate as usual. I was actually texting no Thuli. I was laughing at her usual silliness. "Already replaced me? " I lifted my head up to be met with Kamo's brown eyes. I didn't know if I should be happy he's here or mad he's been avoiding my calls. I decided on a plain expression but that also didn't work. I clicked my tongue and passed him. I was pissed now. He can't come here and pretend as if all is well not after ignoring me for three days even after I apologized and truthfully told him what transpired prior to me missing his calls. Nah Fam it doesn't work like that. I found Dad in the kitchen. So he's here with dad. Right. Me: I'm here now. Dad: Where's Kamo? Haibo he's even shortening his name. Wow. I clapped once shame. I didn't know what was going on with these males shame. Suddenly they all buddy buddy? I didn't even want to know. All I wanted to know was why he was so eager for me to come home. Dad: I asked you a question. I rolled my eyes. Am I Kamogelo's keeper manje? Haike. Me: He's outside. Dad: Call him for me. I groaned and went to call him finding him having a smoke. Me: Hauna mahloni. You smoking in my father's yard? Yoh. I clapped my hands once. He didn't say anything. He continued with his cigarette. Me: Baba Yak biza. Kamo: I'm coming. I left him there and went back inside. Me: Uthi he's coming. Dad: Alright make some tea for me in the meantime. Me: Yes sir. I plugged the kettle half filled it with water and allowed it to boil. I took out a cup and made him his tea. That's when Kamogelo came back. I gave Ubaba his tea. Dad: Thanks Nono. Me: Pleasure. I was about to go when he stopped me. Dad: Kamogelo has something to say to you. Me: Sorry to disappoint you kodwa I don't wanna hear it. Dad: Nokubonga? Me: Dad? Dad: You gonna listen. I'll go drink my tea outside. I huffed and let him be. Dad excused us. I sat down on a chair. He was looking at me. Me: You just gonna look at me? Kamo: Why you being difficult? Me: Difficult? I snickered. This guy really gotta be kidding me now. I'm the one who's being difficult while he probably wouldn't have been here if it wasn't because of dad? He has a nerve shame. I should be calling him difficult. I rolled my eyes and folded my arms. Me: So you here to insult me? Kamo: I'm sorry that's not the reason why I'm here. Me: Look if it's dad who put you up to this you don't owe him any favours. It's okay. Kamo: Are you ever going to give me a chance to talk? Me: Is that not what you doing? Kamo: I need a moment without you interrupting me. Me: Oh. Talk then I won't interrupt. Kamo: You promise? Me: It's a promise. He should now know that promises are meant to be broken. If he's gonna come with shit or try to shift the blame on me I won't just sit without defending myself shame. I'm sick and tired of always allowing people to walk all over me. Kamo: Alright thanks. He sat down on a chair opposite mine and looked at me. This guy likes looking at me and his stares are intimidating but not to me. Kamo: I know ive acted like a jerk these past few days. More like a pervert coward

should I go on? I didn't disrupt him though I just let him talk and listened like I had promised to. This wasn't the moment to break the promise but I had to pay attention and listen to be able to find out if there's any sincerity in his voice. I just nodded. Kamo: I'm sorry for being such a jerkass and for what I did on Sunday. Leaving you hanging like that. That's not how a man is suppose to behave. This sounded like something dad would say. I wonder what he said to him shame I'll have to ask him when we alone. I still listened to what he wanted to say. You know looking at this guy in front of me I just wanted to go sit on top of him and kiss the living daylights out of him but I had to contain myself. Kamo: I love you Nokubonga with my all and it was childish of me to act the way I did. Believe me it was torture not speaking to you or even holding you when I saw you but I let my pride dictate for me. I don't wanna lose you God knows I wouldn't survive if you were to leave me. I'm really sorry for acting the way I did and I'd really love for us to fix things. To say I was happy would be an understatement. I was ecstatic to say the least this is what I had wanted to hear him say and more. Lord knows how much I love this guy. Yes I hard rejected him a couple of times but it was because I was scared of the love that had been brewing in my heart for him and now that he's mine I didn't wanna let go. I also doubt I'd be able to survive if I were to lose him. Kamo: Babe? Me: Mm? Kamo: Say something please. Me: What do you want me to say Kamogelo? I wasn't gonna forgive him that easily shame. Actually I had forgiven but I wasn't going to let him know that yet. Kamo: Yoh. He scratched his head a bit. Kamo: Motho Waka o ke Mo ratang. Me: Trying to charm me with your Tswana? Kamo: Is it working? I giggled. I nodded while grinning. He got up and squated in front of me then held my hand. He then kissed it. I smiled. Kamo: You forgive me? Me: Yes yes and yes. Kamo: Thank You baby. Me: It's pretty hard staying mad at your handsome face. Kamo: Good to know my looks still work to my advantage. Me: Very much. Kamo: I'd kiss you if we weren't - Dad: Don't even think about it. Kamo and I laughed. Dad: It's good to see you guys fixed things. I missed seeing my baby smiling not crying all day and looking ugly. Me: Dad! Kamo chuckled. Dad: It's the truth. Kamo: Well I'm only gonna make her cry tears of joy from now on. Dad: You better or I'll really break your balls. Kamo: Yes sir. I just smiled. It was nice seeing them getting along. Kamo: I have to go. Me: I'll walk you out. Dad: I hope you guys won't be exchanging any saliva in my presence. Me: Hai dad give us a break. He chuckled. We went out holding hands. Me: You taking a taxi? Kamo: I'll ask Thuto to come fetch me. Me: Okay. We walked outside the yard and stood under a tree that was a house away from mine. Kamo called Thuto who said he's on his way. Kamo: I missed holding you like this. He had his hands on my waist. I giggled. Me: Oh? Kamo: Yes. He brought our bodies together. Me: We still in the streets. Kamo: I don't care. They should mind their own business. His hand went to my butt. Me: Kamogelo Kamo: What? His other hand cupped a part of my face which he brought closer to his. Because I'm short and he's tall I had to stand on my toes. Kamo: Also missed these. He was talking about my lips. He then smashed his lips on mine while his hand was squeezing my butt. I had my hands over his neck as we exchanged saliva completely going against Dad's orders. The hooting of a car is what made us break the kiss. It was Thuto. Me: Your ride is here. I frowned. I didn't want him to go. Kamo: Don't do that. Me: I don't want you to go. Kamo: I'll make it up to you babe. Me: When? Kamo: Friday babe I'm taking you out. Me: Like on a date? I grinned. He nodded with a chuckle. I was excited. This was going to be like my first date ever and our very first date. It was going to be a first with him. So sad he won't be my first in everything but this was also a big deal. Kamo: One for the road? Me: One what? Kamo: Kiss. Why were you thinking Vele? Me: I wasn't thinking of anything. I really wasn't thinking of anything. We kissed shortly. Kamo: I love you. Me: I love you too baby. Thuto hooted and Kamo shoved him a middle finger. He kissed me on the forehead. He then left after spanking my ass. I giggled going back home. Dad: You sure took your time. Me: Bye dad. I disappeared into the bedroom and changed into normal clothes. I was hungry now so I went to cook supper. Dad: He told me how good of a cook you are. Me: Hau dad you always eat my food. Dad: I needed to hear it from his perspective. Me: He never told me that though. Dad: Well you sure did make an impression. Me: I'm glad. I continued with the pots then dished up for the both of us when I was done. I was really happy Kamo and I were fine. To think I had been doubting our compatibility and relationship I knew I would have regretted it had I terminated things with him. I really love him and the good thing is he loves me too.


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