part 21 her story

Dad came to fetch me as like he had promised after school. My mind was just far away I was thinking about this Kamogelo thing. Yes a part of Me wanted to give us a chance but a big part of me was too scared. I know it's not right comparing him with the other guys I had been with but I just couldn't help it. Dad poked me and I got startled a bit. Dad: Where are you? Me: Right next to you. Dad: But your mind isn't. Me: I just have a lot of stuff on my mind. Dad: Does it have to do with Kamogelo? Me: Why would you think it's him? Dad: I know these things. Me: Is it the same with Kitso? He chuckled. Dad: Maybe if you love him like I love Kitso. Me: I'm scared. Dad: Tell him your fears before you lose him forever. Me: You right I guess. I shrugged my shoulders. Dad: Of course I'm right Me: Yeah whatever. I rolled my eyes and he chuckled. Me: So can I see her again? Dad: Who? Me: Kitso. I'm sorry I ran off last time it was all too overwhelming for me and she didn't deserve such treatment. Dad: She understands. I'm sure she'll love to see you again. Me: I didn't think you'd go for a Tswana woman though. Dad: Your boyfriend is Tswana too. Me: Really dad? I rolled my eyes and he chuckled. He parked at the mall. I left my bag in the car when we got out. Me: So which phone are you buying? Dad: We'll see. You'll probably want one with your facebooks and stuff. Me: I don't have facebook dad. Dad: You don't for now but all kids your age have it. We went inside an MTN store. After all checking out and much anticipation he bought me a Samsung J1. He paid and when we left I could not stop looking at it. I just couldn't believe I finally had a phone. I was excited to say the least. Dad: Welcome to the twenty first century. Me: Hey! I pushed him lightly and he laughed. We also got some takeaway chicken and chips with white bread and we left. I was just exploring my phone shame and he let me be. When we got home I changed out of my uniform then went to dish up for us. Dad: Umm.. Please dish up for Kitso too. Me: She's coming now? Dad: Yes baby. I nodded and added an extra plate. There was a knock on the door and I assumed its Kitso. I went to open up for her and she smiled at me. Me: Molo Mah you can come it. Kitso: Hey Bonga. I made space for her and she got in then closed the door again. Our door is always closed yazi. I gave her a plate and dad who said Grace after I sat down too. She looked like a very humble and friendly lady. Me: I'm sorry. You look familiar. Kitso: Really? Me: Yeah it's like I've seen you somewhere before. Kitso: Maybe you have. She looked at dad who just looked away. Okay that was weird. Anyway at least there was no awkwardness in the air. She was really a nice woman and I could see she brought out the best in dad. I took all our dishes to the kitchen and washed them. I went back to the couple and became the third wheel. I didn't care though I was just fascinated by the beauty of this woman. Me: Umm.. Sisi Kitso. She looked at me she had a beautiful smile shame. Me: I'm sorry about the way I acted when dad introduced you. Kitso: It's okay I understand that all of it was too overwhelming for you. Me: Anyway I'm going to sleep. Dad: You mean you going to be on your phone then sleep when you've exhausted the poor battery? Kitso: Leave the poor kid alone Andile it's her first phone. That's dads name. Me: Thank you Sisi. I took out my tongue to dad before leaving them alone. I closed the door just in case. I didn't want to hear their conversation after all I decided to download whatsapp facebook and instagram. Thuli had been all up in my ear about them. I didn't know who to add or follow so I didn't create accounts yet just only that of Whatsapp. After that I charged my phone and slept. Good thing I didn't have any homework. The following morning I was woken by my alarm. Yep I had set it up with my phone on my phone. I woke up and dad had already beat me up to it. Dad: Morning. Me: Hi dad. He gave me my bathing water and I went to bath. After bathing I dried and lotioned. I wore my tunic stockings and school shoes with long white socks. I let my hair loose. I had to get used to it being this way. I decided to take a few selfies which turned out beautiful more than I had anticipated because I hardly ever took pictures because I didn't think I'm photogenic. I left my phone in the charger took my bag and went to the kitchen. Dad: Wow Me: What? Dad: You look beautiful even more today. Me: Ain't you suppose to tell that to Kitso? Dad: You still the number one lady in my life so you'll come first. Me: Thanks dad. I kissed him on the cheek. He gave me my bowl of porridge and I ate. We left after then. Dad: Thanks for letting Kitso in. Me: She brings out the best in you dad and I also wanna see you happy. Dad: it means a whole lot to me. Me: I only want what's best for you. Dad: Am I not suppose to be the one saying that to you? Me: Haha nope. I kissed him on the cheek. He gave me my money. Dad: Be good for daddy and talk to Kamo. Me: Yes dad. I rolled my eyes and he laughed. I met up with Thuli at the gate. We shared a hug. Thuli: Mm

nope. I kissed him on the cheek. He gave me my money. Dad: Be good for daddy and talk to Kamo. Me: Yes dad. I rolled my eyes and he laughed. I met up with Thuli at the gate. We shared a hug. Thuli: Mm I'm mad at you. Me: What did I do? I was confused. I tried thinking of something but I couldn't remember doing her any bad. Thuli: Well you and K-more. Me: What are you on about? Thuli: He made you his wce. Me: His what? Thuli: Woman crush everyday. Me: Huh? I was more confused. I was lost in the wilderness nje. I had no idea of all that she was saying. She took me by the hand and we walked far away from people. We were in the school yard though just behind the classes. Me: What's going on? She took out her phone from her bag and scrolled through it and flashed the screen on my face. I took the phone from her so I could view properly. Me: Is this me? Thuli: Duuh! She said rolling her eyes and I was just in awe. It was a picture of me sleeping and from the outfit I could see he took it Saturday. It was beautiful but why would he take a picture of me sleeping? That's creepy. Me: Wow. Thuli: You really got him falling deep. Me: He took a picture of me sleeping. Thuli: How did he get it though I mean I know you don't have a phone so I pressed my lips together and looked around. Thuli: Bonga?! Me: What? Thuli: Did you guys... You know? Me: Eeuw no. Thuli: Then enlighten me please cause I'm pretty lost. Me: Okay fine. It happened a few hours after you left. Thuli: What? Me: I spent the night at his place but it's not what you think. She grinned boldly looking at me. The bell rang saving her from grilling me with questions and we went to put our bags down. We went to assembly after. We were dismissed back to our classes after. Thuli: I'm not done with you yet. Me: Haha whatever babe. We got in our class and the teacher came after. At break time I needed to go talk to Kamo I couldn't delay it any longer. Thuli: What are we eating today? Me: Umm I can't stay with you. Thuli: Oh? Me: I need to go talk to Kamo. She smiled at me and I chuckled shaking my head. Me: Don't get any ideas. Thuli: And tell me immediately how it went. Me: Cool babe. We hugged shortly then I went to look for the President. He was outside his class flirting with some girls there were like three of them and they were busy running their hand on his upper body. One was playing with his tie and the other his hair. I thought of turning back at that point but I had to get this over and done with. I walked to where they were and cleared my throat. The girls scanned from up to down they were wearing skimpy outfits. Kamo: Disappear. He said to the girls fixing his tie. I didn't even let what I saw affect me in anyway I just wanted to get all of this out of my chest. They obliged because he gave them very scary looks he's got one intimidating look shame. It was now just him and I. Me: Why you so rude? Kamo: I wasn't rude. Me: To think you were enjoying all that attention before I came. Kamo: You jealous? Me: Not at all. Kamo: I'm wondering how long you gonna be in denial. I cleared my throat. I was suddenly scared. I don't why though. Me: Can we talk? Kamo: Ain't that what we doing? Me: I mean somewhere a bit more private. I looked around. A whole lot of people were paying attention to us and I could see they were talking about us. Kamo: Come. He took out his hand for me and I held it then he led the way. We went to the grade 8 classes and there was one which wasn't occupied. He closed the door before sitting down while I watched him. I was standing opposite him and we were facing each other. He was leaning back on the chair and looking at me intensely. Kamo: So? Me: Umm.. I.. God he was making me so intimidated. I had never thought I'd be this scared in his presence. I took a deep breath in I had to do this. Me: I don't know where to start. Kamo: Just relax. I took a deep breath again. He was still looking at me Me: You not making it easy. Kamo: This is still me. The rude arrogant and annoying guy. I chuckled. Me: Bottom line is I'm scared. I've just... I've been through a lot. None of my my relationships have ever worked and.. I took a deep breath in and looked up trying to prevent the tears from falling. Me: Thing is they all wanted to sleep with me. They'd even admit that they never loved me and were only interested in my body. I looked down and fiddled with my fingers. At least I didn't cry. He took me and sat me on top of him. I couldn't even face him. He lifted my chin with his index finger and I looked at him. Kamo: I wouldn't be chasing you all these weeks for pussy trust me I'd snap my fingers and have a bitch bend over for me. My eyes popped out and he was as serious as can be. Kamo: I love you Khensani. I loved you from the first time I set my eyes on you and I knew I had to make you mine. I contemplated with approaching you and when the bash came I knew I had to make it happen. Me: So much for no foul play. Kamo: I had to do what I needed to get you. Me: I'm glad you never gave up on me. Kamo: My heart wouldn't have survived. Me: Kiss me. Kamo: What? Me: You heard me Kamogelo. I rolled my eyes and he chuckled. Kamo: Does this mean?.. I nodded and he kissed me. It was our first kiss as boyfriend and girlfriend and it was amazing.

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