part 19 her story

I ran for as long as I can remember. I didn't know where I was going but I just couldn't stop. If I wasn't a soccer player I probably would not have ran for this long. I couldn't believe what I just heard I couldn't believe that my own father would do me like this. I mean one moment it's only him and I and the next he has a girlfriend. Just like that. I mean I only blinked once and boom he has a girlfriend. The more I thought about it The more I ran and the more I got far from home. It would have been better if I had known about her before maybe I would have tried to understand many I would have tried to process it but no. I asked him so many times what he was hiding from me but in all the times he said nothing. Does nothing have two eyes two ears and a mouth? Is nothing a female? Could've guessed so. I was brought to reality by some flashing lights. I didn't even realize I was running in the tar road. My mind froze I couldn't think of anything to do. In those few seconds I saw my life flushing in front of me and I closed my eyes because my legs had decided to get numb on me and all that I could think of was "Anything goes" . It doesn't make sense right but I somehow didn't care what happens to me. If it hits me a part of me hoped to die right on the spot. As I was frozen right on the spot The vehicle briked instead and that's when I opened my eyes. Voice: Khensani. Oh god I immediately knew who that was. I wasn't expecting him all I was waiting for was feeling my soul departing from my body and saying goodbye to this world. Kamo: What the hell are you doing running on the road at night while wearing shorts?! He was shouting at me and as much as that was much anticipated I couldn't handle it and just broke down. I had been crying ever since I left home but now I couldn't even stop it. I wailed loudly and he gave me a warm hug while moving me from the road and I just cried in his arms once again finding comfort in his embrace. He brushed my back softly while humming a "sh". Kamo: You shivering. There was a cold breeze blowing and I wasn't even wearing a jersey. I lifted my head from his chest and looked at him he gave me a sympathetic look. Me: I'm sorry. I got free from him and hugged myself I was feeling cold. Kamo: Let's go to my car. Me: I should go home. Kamo: That's risky. I wouldn't be able to live with myself knowing that something happened to you. Me: You don't have to worry about me. Kamo :Stop being stubborn and let's go. He gave me his jacket which he forced me to wear and took my hand and we walked to the car. I was actually now very tired from all the running that I felt my body heavy on me. He wasn't alone. He opened the back door for me and I got in. I couldn't even greet I was somehow embarrassed because I knew they had seen all that transpired with me. "Hi" Said the girl next to Me and when I looked at her she was smiling. Me: H... Hi She laughed lightly. Her: I don't bite. Kamo: Tell her please. He was the one driving and next to him was some guy whom I hadn't seen yet his face I mean so I'm unable to describe how he looked like. The girl was yellow in complexion and had thick brows and dark lips with big eyes and a beautiful smile. She was also beautiful and looked thick. Girl: I'm Kagisano. Me: Nokubonga. Kagisano: Nice name. Me: Thanks. Kamo: I've long been begging her to be my girlfriend. That's when the guy turned to look at me and it was Thuto his friend. The one from school. He gave me a smile. With so much attention on me I looked down. Kagi: Nah she's too pretty for you and she looks innocent. I wouldn't want you ruining her with your dirty ways. Kamo: You my sister you supposed to be on my side Kagi: Not this time little brother. Thuto: Don't worry my nigger I got you. I was just silent while they were talking. Kagisano had a very bubbly personality while Thuto and Kamo were arrogant perverts. I didn't even know where the car was going I didn't even ask. Kagi: Are you always this quiet? Me: I don't talk much. Thuto: I beg to differ. Kagi: Who asked you to speak? Kamo: She's not as innocent as she looks. He said looking at me through the mirror and I rolled my eyes. Thuto: She's Fiesty. Kagi: Oh just leave the poor girl alone. Kamo: Can you believe she once slapped me? Kagi: You probably did something right Bonga? Me: Yes he did. He forced his lips on mine. She laughed together with Thuto. Kagi: Must have hurt little brother? Rejection I mean. Kamo: It bruised my over sized ego as she calls it. Thuto: She tells him a mouthful. Kagi: Suits you. You know Bonga my little brother thinks no girl can say no to him. Me: Well this one can. Kamo: That was before you replied to my kiss. I covered my face with my hands and the whole car cracked up in laughter. Kagi: You making her shy now. Kamo: She just brings out the best in me if only she'd give me a chance. Me: Maybe in another lifetime. Kagi: Woah! Thuto: Sorry my Gee can't help you in this one. Kamo: How was my kiss Khen? They looked at me again Kamogelo via the mirror and I blushed. I didn't want to it just happened. Kagi: I guess you got our answer. Kamo: Such a pity you ran off. They laughed as he drove into some garage. There was music pumping just not too loud. Me: Y'all having a party? Kamo: I would have invited you if you hadn't dodged me yesterday. Kagi: You guys seem more dramatic than Uzalo and Skeem Saam put together. She and Thuto laughed once more as we got out of the car. Kamo: You should have waited for me to get your door. Kagi: I see you Tryn'a score some points Lil bra. Kamo: Oh shut up. Kagi: I'm still your sister. Kamo: We twins. Kagi: I'm still a few minutes older. Kamo: Yeah whatever. She disappeared into the house and I was left with the two guys. Thuto: Help us carry the booze inside. Me: This ain't my party suit yourselves. Thuto: Your girl Bruh. Kamo: If only she knew how much she turned me on with her feistyness. I rolled my eyes and they chuckled. From outside you wouldn't think it's a party but just loud music but inside it was packed. Me: So many people. Thuto: It's a party. He rolled his eyes the same time I did and Kamogelo chuckled but stopped when I looked at him putting on a serious face. "The booze is here Yay! " It was some girl who was already drunk and I wondered where she'd fit more booze in there. Thuto: I think you've had enough. Girl: But baby I- He took her and they disappeared to whatever. We were in the kitchen and people kept coming for alcohol. Kamo was now drinking too and all I was thinking was if I was ever gonna go home. Kamo: You seem bored. He was drinking Heineken. How I love that beer though! I just don't like drinking. I only drink when I feel like it and I wasn't feeling like shit at that moment. Me: I just wanna go home. Kamo: Not before you tell me what is bothering you. Me: I don't wanna talk about it. Kamo: I guess you gonna be here for a long time. " K-more I miss you soo much " We turned to look at it was some girl wearing ripped bumshorts and a crop top she had a belly ring. Kamo: I'm having a conversation with my girlfriend. Girl: Oh now you don't want me? Did you think of your girlfriend when you had your tongue buried in my mouth? He slapped her. Okay I didn't think Kamogelo could get that angry and he looked more than pissed to say the least. I think the bitch got sober immediately and ran out. Me: You need to control your temper. Kamo: I don't have a temper. Me: Really? Kamo: I just don't like entertaining bullshit. Me: Oh? Kamo: Yeah and that was bull shit. Me: Should have thought of that before you tongue kissed her. Kamo: You jealous? Me: You wish. Kamo: You don't have to worry babe. I got eyes only for you. I took a can from the cooler. Kamo: What are you doing? Me: Joining the party. I rolled my eyes. Besides he didn't want to take me home and the alcohol was gonna help numb my problems. I didn't want to get drunk though just a little tipsy. Kamo: Come. He took me by the hand. Me: Where are we going? Kamo: Somewhere a bit more private. Me: What do wanna do to me? Kamo: We only gonna talk. Me: You say that now. Kamo: I'm not gonna have sex with you Khensani. I nodded and we went outside to some backroom. It was two roomed. He took keys from his pocket and opened the door. He made space so I can enter and he came in after me closing the door and locking again. Me: Why you locking? Kamo: I don't want any interruption. Me: I see. I continued drinking my can and he let me be. Kamo: I didn't think you drink. Me: Only when I feel like it and that's hardly Kamo: Good to know you not a drunkard. Me: Haha no ways. I sat down on the couch. He sat opposite me on a two armed chair. He was on his third can but still standing. Kamo: Now talk. Me: What do you want me to say? Kamo: Why were you running on the road naked? Me: I'm not naked. Kamo: Okay why were you running? Me: To cut the long story short my father came home with some woman saying she's his girlfriend. I don't why but I found it easy to open up to him. I had never felt this way around him before. Kamo: And there's something wrong with that? Me: What? Kamo: Surely you wouldn't run away because your father found himself some pussy. Me: What the hell Kamogelo? That's my father you talking about! Kamo: I'm sorry. All I'm saying is there's more to this than what you letting on. Me: Oh yeah. Kamo: Where's your mother? That's one topic I didn't think I'd ever have to go back to. My mother. It's not easy growing up without a mother yes my father was always there but it's not the same. I needed to have that warm loving care that only a mother can give. Maybe if she was there I'd still be a virgin and maybe my father and I wouldn't have had to move so many times. I felt his fingers on my face and that's when I realized I had zoned out and was crying when he wiped my tears. Kamo: Talk to me baby I wanna be there for you. I sighed deeply. I had to talk to someone. He was the perfect person because I felt free around him. Me: I was only three years. I swallowed deeply and took a deep breath in. This was going to be harder than I thought. Kamo: Talk to me. He made me lie on his chest. He was now sitting with me on the couch. Me: We were once a happy and complete family. I don't have many memories of her but mostly what daddy told me. I woke up one morning and she wasn't there. Dad told me she had to sort out some things with her family. I waited and waited till now. I know she's somewhere out there He promised that he'll wait for her. He said he'll never replace her. I broke down. I missed my mom. Yes I'd wake up some days resenting her for leaving me but sometimes I'd wish she'd just come back for me. Kamo: I understand now. It must hurt. Me: More than you can imagine. He held me tightly and I didn't cry but just listened to the beating of his heart. Kamo: What me to take you home? Me: Not yet. We remained in that position probably till I fell asleep. I woke up alone and in bed. I got a bit nervous till I remembered where I was. I wasn't feeling any pain down there so nothing happened. I decided to take a bath while waiting for Kamogelo. He had locked me in the house. I took off his jacket along with my clothes. Dad must be worried. I had never slept out without telling him. I wrapped a towel around my body when I was done and looked for lotion. Kamo: You awake. Me: Yep. The towel was short revealing my thighs. I looked at him and he was looking at my exposed thighs. Me: I need lotion. Kamo: Huh? His eyes were fixed on my thighs. I snapped my fingers so I could get him back to reality. Kamo: What? Me: The lotion. Kamo: Umm.. It's.. In... The... Ummm Me: What? He closed his eyes. Kamo: In the closet. I went to take it and took of the towel completely forgetting his in the room. Kamo: Fuck Khensani. I jumped grabbing the towel spontaneously. He went out and I felt bad. I lotioned very fast then wore my old clothes. I found him outside smoking. Me: I'm done. He nodded not looking at me. He fixed me some breakfast and I ate. We left after I ate and I was wearing his jacket again. I directed him to my house. He parked a few houses after. Kamo: Hear him out first. I'm sure there is a lot you need to know. Me: Fine I will. Kamo: Good. He kissed me on the cheek and I got out waving goodbye at him. Immediately when I arrived my father attacked me with a hug and I embraced him back.


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