part 17 her story

I spent most of the night studying for my test tomorrow. It might have been just a test but it was going to contribute not only to my First term results but my end of year results as well so I couldn't afford to slack. When it comes to my school work I don't play. I went to sleep when I was satisfied with all that I was able to grasp. I woke up and as usual dad had prepared bathing water for me. I stripped then took my bath. I wore my stockings skirt and golf shirt. I brushed my hair then took my bag which had all that I'll need and went to the kitchen. Me: Bread? Dad: Yeah. It's wholewheat so I'm pretty sure it's healthy. Me: You such a nerd. I took a few slices and buttered them before sitting down to eat. Dad: It's funny how you call me a nerd while you spent the whole night studying for a test. Dad was just exaggerating there. I didn't spend the whole night studying I would be slumbering then but I was perfectly refreshed. Me: You blowing things outta proportion now. Dad: Yeah whatever let's go.. Me: I'm still drinking my tea. Dad: Finish up pumpkin I have a busy day ahead. I rolled my eyes before gulping down my tea. Me: And I'm not a pumpkin. Dad: What's wrong with a pumpkin? Me: It's round and big. He chuckled shaking his head. I took my bag and we left got in his car and he drove off. We arrived at my school and he stopped the car where he usually does Me: Is this not the part where I get out and leave? Dad: You will in a minute Me: Oh I sank back on my seat then looked at him. He looked back at me. Dad: I want you to know something. Me: You scaring me now. Dad: It's nothing big don't worry. I know I'm not the only one who immediately begins to worry. It happened in this case a whole lot of worry find dwelling in my being immediately. I just nodded although he too could see the worry that had embraced my face. Dad: I need you to know that I love you and you'll always come first in my life no matter what. Me: And you expect me not to worry while you talk like that? Dad: I'm just assuring you of how much you mean to me. Me: Are you dying or something? He chuckled while I felt a tangle of tears in my eyes. Dad: That's ridiculous. I'm still going to live until your children have children. I breathed out. He had me there for a second. My heart got filled with relief immediately. Me: I'm glad. But why you talking like that? Dad: I told you not to worry. Me: That's why I get worried because you telling me not to. Dad: I love you baby now go. Me: I love you too. He had already given me money so I took my bag and jumped out. The bell rang just as I reached the gate so I immediately went to my class where I put my bag down. Thuli probably thought I was coming although I would never be absent especially when I'm writing. After assembly we hugged then walked to class. Thuli: I thought you weren't coming. Me: Really? Thuli: I mean I waited for like thirty minutes. She wiped imaginary sweat from her forehead using her hand. Talk about being dramatic. I let out a snicker. Me: Yeah right. I got inside class. Nobuhle was present today and oh well she looked miserable. Kagiso waved at me and I returned the wave with a smile. We sat down in our seat. Thuli: And that? Me: What? I knew she was talking about Kagiso but I needed to hear her say it. Thuli: Don't act dumb on me. I laughed a bit. Me: I don't know what you talking about. Thuli: You and her. She pointed at Kagiso and I chuckled. Me: Oh that. Thuli: Yes that. She rolled her eyes. I forgot she had been focusing so much on her boyfriend that I hardly had time to feel her in on the new updates in my life. Me: We made peace. She apologized for being such a bitch her words not mine and I told her I had long forgave her before she even thought of coming to me. Thuli: Oh Me: Yeah. Thuli: I hope she was genuine though. Me: I hope so too. For all we know it could all be part of some plan against me. Thuli: Let's not think too much about it. All that matters is she finally saw the light. Me: Yeah hey I'm glad she did. Thuli: And she doesn't look like a bad person to me. Me: My thoughts exactly. The teacher came and lessons presumed as usual. We were going to write after break after attending one more lesson of course. Soon it was break time. Me: Xoli again. Thuli: You making me feel bad. Me: I'm just asking. She nodded slowly and I wasn't even surprised. It seemed as though I was losing her to him but again who am I to complain? Who knows maybe if I had a boyfriend I'd also do the same. I certainly didn't want to come out as selfish. I also nodded and got out of the class. Someone pulled me to them and I immediately knew from the cologne who that was. I thought I was finally rid of him. I looked at him and he returned the gaze with his eyebrows brought together. Me: What do you want? Kamo: So you didn't miss me at all? Me: Not even a tiny wintsy bit. Kamo: You says the nicest of things. Me: Oh wintsy bit. Kamo: You says the nicest of things. Me: Oh I try. Kamo: Spend the day with me. Me: I'd rather die. Kamo: Why do you hate me so much? Me: Why do you love annoying me so much? Kamo: Why are you always insulting me? Me: Why can't you stay away from me? Kamo: I try to believe me I do. Me: Then you not trying hard enough. Kamo: Can you stop being difficult for a moment?! Did he just raise his voice at me? Maybe I'm imagining things but from the states that suddenly came our direction I knew I wasn't imagining things. I hate being shouted at it makes me go completely crazy. Me: Don't raise your voice at me. I said calmly and he sighed deeply. Kamo: I'm sorry. He took my hand. Kamo: Please don't fight just for once. Me: You can't force me to spend time with you. Kamo: Really? Me: Yes. He thought for a while still holding my hand. Kamo: I could gather the whole school body then- I cut him short. I didn't even want to hear it. Just thinking of having so much attention on me made me crumble. It's like he knew which buttons to press and it infuriated me. Him knowing my weaknesses was something I would have never wished to have happen but unfortunately it wasn't up to me. He already knew how much I hated attention something he loved. Me: Fine. God are you always going to threaten me just so I end up agreeing to what you want? Kamo: Well you do know that desperate times call for desperate measures. I rolled my eyes. Me: Yeah yeah. Kamo: Let's go princess. Me: Let go of my hand. I snatched my hand back and followed him to wherever he was taking me. He took me out of the school yard as usual. Kamo: What do you wanna eat? Me: I just lost my appetite. Kamo: It doesn't have to be food. He bit his lip and looked at me. I got what he was suggesting and immediately got disgusted. Me: Eeuw. Kamo: You have a very dirty mind Khensani. Me: Mxm. He bought fruits and chocolate bars and Simba snacks and juice. We went to sit at the back of some shop which had those bread crates which we used as chairs. Me: Why are we hiding here? Kamo: I want you comfortable. Me: I see. Kamo: Or would you rather we go back to school and then I get you wet and everyone gets to see your horny face? Me: You such a pervert. I clicked my tongue. What made him think something was ever going to transpire between us? If he hadn't forced me I wouldn't be here with him. I opened a banana and started eating. Kamo: The way you eating that banana girl.. Mmm Me: The fuck? I threw it at him and suddenly didn't feel like eating. Kamo: You should've allowed to lick it off your face. Me: Can you just shut up? Kamo: Make me. Me: I'll go. I got up and he did too. He put his hands on my waist and I tried taking Em off but failed. Kamo: Stop fighting me. He pinned me on the wall with his one hand holding my hands on top of my head like he usually does. Me: Please let go of me. Kamo: Why? Me: You making me uncomfortable. Kamo: Oh? Me: Yes. He brought his body closer to mine and I could feel the warmth of his dick and I gasped. He looked at me intensely. I tried staring back and he wasn't backing down so I looked down no pun intended. He parted my thugs with his knee which was touching my pussy. Me: Kamogelo. Kamo: Khensani. His free hand lifted my chin with his thumb forcing me to look at him. He then brushed our noses together. I couldn't breathe. He was too close to me too close for my liking and I felt my knees weakening. Was my body about to betray me? Kamo: You say you don't want me but your body is telling me a different story. His hand went to my ass squeezing it and I let out a loud gasp. Kamo: Stop fighting it. Me: Please.. Stop It came out as a whisper. He ignored my plea but kissed me instead. I didn't reply but he wasn't giving up. The feel of his lips on mine was giving me such sensations that I fell into the snare of temptation and involuntarily kissed him back. My mind had completely shut and it was like I had lost control of my own body. It went on for a while his hands went to my butt and I had my hands on his neck. He lifted me up as I wrapped my legs around his waist and still pinned me to the wall. I lost myself in it and it was just amazing it was wonderful and somehow I couldn't let go I didn't want it to end. It had been such a long time since I had the touch of a man or even since I had a kiss. He broke it but didn't put me down. I opened my eyes and he was looking at me. Kamo: You don't know how long I've wanted to hold you like this. I giggled. Kamo: And your giggle God it's such a turn on. Me: Put me down. I regained back my consciousness and fixed my self. What did I just do? Did I just.. I felt tears wailing up in my eyes. He looked surprised too. Kamo: What's wrong? He came closer and tried touching me. Me: Don't touch me. I wiped my tears. This is how it all starts and then I'm back to being depressed. I had come far so far that he just wasn't worth me going back to that dark lonely place. Me: This was a mistake. He looked perplexed. I started walking away fastly. He followed me. Kamo: Khensani wait. I turned to look at him. I was having all these feelings suddenly that I couldn't fathom. Me: Leave me alone please. I ran back to school with him calling my name. He wasn't worth it. I couldn't go back . I hated him for making me feel this way and reminding me of everything I had worked hard to bury deeply inside. The bell rang immediately when I came from the toilet. I had went to wash my face. I got in my seat next to Thuli and the teacher got in immediately after. I shifted my attention back to my school work. I had to. More because I was going to write In a few. When the bell rang after school I didn't even wait for Thuli. I immediately went out of class lest he comes to look for me. I don't know how long I was going to run away but I knew I had to at that moment. I got into a taxi that took me straight home. I put my bag down and threw myself on my bed after arriving not bothering to change out of my uniform.


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