part 16 her story

Me: I think it's time I had a phone. Dad: Oh? Me: Yes I've had people asking me for my numbers only for them to be disappointed in the end. Dad: Is that really what it's about? Me: What else? Dad: I think there's more to this than what you telling me. Me: Oh? Dad: Yes I wasn't born yesterday. He was looking at me. I couldn't fathom why it seemed like I suddenly had to beg for dad to get me a phone. He's actually the same person who offered in the first place on more than one occasion and I declined. I didn't get why I now had to pursuade him to buy me a phone. Me: It's fine forget I asked. We finished with our breakfast and he drove me to school. Dad: I'm not saying I won't buy the phone. Me: No really it's fine. Dad: Are you sure? Me: Yep. I took my money kissed him on the cheek and got out. I had made sure there's no mark on my face of the slaps I had gotten from Nobuhle the previous day. I really hope she no longer becomes a thorn in my life. She's like a pain in the ass I really hoped that she'll take Kamo's words to heart and leave me alone. It's not my fault that Kamo broke up with her I didn't initiate it and I sure as hell didn't ask him to. All I ever asked was for him to leave me alone. That's all from day one and I hope by now she gets it. I hugged Thuli whom I'm sure she had a lot of questions for me. It had been a dramatic day yesterday. Thuli: How are you? Me: Fine I guess. I shrugged my shoulders. I comprehend how I was feeling this day. I really wasn't sure of myself and if I'm even looking forward to the day. Thuli: Even my life is not half as dramatic as yours. Me: How I wish I was still that same unnoticed girl who no one wanted to be friends with things would be a whole lot better. Thuli: I blame K-more though. Me: Says you who was his number one fan. Thuli: I was blinded by his handsomeness and sexiness babe. " So I'm not sexy nor handsome? " Her eyes immediately popped out and I tried so much not to laugh. She couldn't even say anything for a few seconds and that's so unlike Thuli she always has something to say though. Thuli: Hey baby. She hugged him though he wasn't cooperating in anyway on the embrace. I understood where he was coming from I know I wouldn't be pleased if I heard my boyfriend complimenting another girl this much. Hell would freeze immediately. Haha I'm joking though. Anyway back to the situation at hand Xoli wasn't pleased whatsoever with Thuli. Thuli: Are you mad? Xoli: Who were you talking about? He had a straight face on and I realized then that shit had hit the fan Fam! Okay I say that a lot but it was true. The bell rang saving me from all this fiery awkwardness and probably giving Thuli time to think of a perfect lie. I mean I can imagine how he'd feel knowing she's talking about the President everyone envies this son of a bitch. Argh he just annoys me nje. I took Thuli's hand and we hurried to our class where we put our bags down before sprinting slowly to the assembly area. Me: He had no right to eavesdrop on our conversation though. Thuli: That's pretty too late. Me: Oh I know. I'm sorry. Thuli: He's so mad at me Bonga what am I gonna do? I really didn't know what to say to her. I'm not an expert when it comes to relationships. I mean I've never had a relationship that lasted more than a minute figuratively speaking so I was clueless. I gave her a hug and assured her everything would be alright. This wasn't that much a big deal or at least that's what I thought. We could be talking about a character from a soapie for all he knows so I think this was going to be easy. We got inside our Class and went to our seat. Nobuhle was absent today and a part of me was grateful that I could finally breathe. Don't blame me though I still wasn't a hundred percent convinced that she'll leave me alone prior to Kamogelo's command. Her sidekicks were present though I wonder where they disappeared to yesterday. She's usually with them more like always unless she's maybe fucking no Kamogelo. Okay that was meant to be a joke. I knew I was going to spend the break alone and I wasn't complaining. Thuli had to go sort things out with Xolani. We had worked together and had come up with a convincing lie. I'm not a liar nor was I raised as one but this situation just had to be pardoned from the truth. I went to buy myself fruits as usual and a packet of snack coming back from the shop I met with one of the sidekicks. She's actually the one who was with Nobuhle when we were waiting for our dates at the Valentine's bash. Her: Hey. Me: Umm.. Hi I was surprised to say the least. This girl has never bothered to talk to me I mean never even though we in the same class. Well unless she was ganging up on me with Nobuhle and the other one. I actually wondered why she's suddenly talking to me. You know

curiosity and she was actually polite something I never had thought existed in her members. Her: I'm Kagiso. Me: Nok- She cut me off. Kagiso: Nokubonga I know. We in the same class after all. Me: I'm sorry I don't know yours. I only know Nokubonga. Kagiso: It's understandable. Most people don't know us I mean me and Tumelo. Me: It's embarrassing for me cause we in the same class. Kagiso: Well at least now you know me. I chuckled softly and she joined me. I was even surprised that we were having a decent conversation well at least on her side I was surprised she's being decent. Kagiso: Can we go sit down and talk? I never would have thought she'd want to talk to me. Like spend more than five minutes talking to me with no venom being spit to me. I hope you can understand why I'm shocked by all of this. I nodded and we went to sit at the bunch which I usually sit with Thuli at during break. We called it ours. Kagiso: Firstly I want to apologize for being such a bitch to you. Okay I didn't think she was going to be this brutal and open about this. I was expecting her to filter her devious actions a bit but surprisingly she admitted the bitter truth. Me: You don't have to apologize. I wasn't used to people coming to me and admitting their faults and I never even expected them to. I never hold grudges so I'd just forgive them before they even ask me to. It's just the way I am I think I'm too forgiving to say the least. Kagiso: Please let me finish. I nodded. Feeling a little bad for interrupting her apology. Kagiso: I have to apologize. Believe me I feel very bad for everything. I feel bad for letting Nobuhle lure me into her evil plans to crush you and make your life miserable. I shouldn't have let her make me her accomplice in whatever beef she had with you. You a good person Bonga with a good heart and you didn't deserve such treatment. I smiled. She sounded very sincere and I could feel it came from the bottom of her heart. If only she knew I never hated her for it I don't hate even Nobuhle regardless of all the bad she had ever done to me. I can say that hate never dwells in my heart but only love. The love I was taught by my father the true unconditional love with which he loved me and still loves me with. Me: I long forgave before you even thought of coming to apologize. Hence I had said you don't have to apologize. I gave her a hug. It was a sign of how genuine my forgiveness of her is. I'm just glad she came back to her senses. We broke the hug and she wiped her tears. I think she still couldn't believe that I didn't hold any of what happened against her. Kagiso: I really didn't think you'd forgive me just like that. Nobuhle had made us believe that you an evil person. I laughed. At least now she knew I was not even close to being Evil. Me: I can imagine. Kagiso: Now I see why K-more loves you this much. Me: Oh not you too! I rolled my eyes and she giggled. His name just had to always pop at Every conversation I have with someone at school. I really wished they didn't have to always bring him up. The poor guy's ears must be itching almost all the time. Kagiso: I'm serious though. Why do you think Nobuhle hates you this much? Me: I don't know. Because I'm ugly and fat? I shrugged my shoulders. She laughed like I had just told the most hilarious joke. Kagiso: You so funny yazi. It's because she feels threatened by you. Me: By me? I laughed. She must be kidding she can't be serious. Kagiso: For real. You everything she's not. You beatiful you sweet humble and just lovable NJe and you always put K-more in his place. Something no one else is able to do. Me: You too nice. Kagiso: I'm saying it like it is. She lost him the minute he saw you. The bell rang before I could ask any questions. Somehow her last words were ringing in my mind and busy replaying in my mind. I didn't understand what she meant. It was like a parable to me. Thuli's smile when I entered the classroom was enough to assure me that things were now good between her and the boyfriend and I was more than happy. I didn't like seeing her that miserable. Me: So? Thuli: I did as we discussed. Me: I'm happy it worked. I hate lying. Thuli: I'm just relieved it's all over. Me: I'm happy for you. We hugged shortly then the teacher entered and lessons presumed as usual. I hadn't seen Kamogelo the whole of today and trust me when I say I wasn't complaining. Thuli had seen her though so I can confirm he wasn't absent. Thuli: Umm.. Babe? Me: Yeah? Thuli: I'll be walking with Xoli. I frowned. I really wasn't expecting that. I mean we had hardly spent time together yesterday and today but I didn't complain lest I come out as being selfish. Me: Alright then. I faked a smile. Thuli: You'll be cool? Me: Don't worry about me. Go to your man. I said spanking her lightly and she giggled. She went out of the class while I remained. I wanted to do my homework immediately knowing I'll be tired when I get home. After about an hour and a half I was done. I took my bag bumping into some guy at the door. Me: Ohh I'm sorry. He was tall so I looked up being met by a dirty smirk. This guy again! I inwardly rolled my eyes. Guy: Lovely seeing you this close to me. I walked back a bit and he laughed. Guy: I'm Thuto by the way. Me: I never asked. Thuto: Fiesty I see. Now I know why K-more is head over heels in love with you. You got fire babe! Me: Oh not you too. I'm getting tired of hearing that name! I groaned and he laughed. Thuto: Later princess. He winked at me then left I clicked my tongue and went on my way. I should have long guessed from the arrogance of this guy that he's Kamogelo's friend. That's the ass guy who I now knew being Thuto. I went out of the school yard and took a taxi which dropped me straight at my gate. I got in took off my uniform then wore a long T-shirt which was like a dress. Instead of sleeping I cooked first. Dad wasn't home yet and after he had accused me of being lazy I didn't want to give him more ammunition to crucify me. I made a simple rice with mince and mashed potatoes. The aroma was enough to get my stomach grumbling and he came just as I was dishing up. Dad: Seems I'm right on time. Me: Talk about perfect timing. We shared a laugh. He went to the bedroom to do whatever before coming back and he sat down since I was already done. We said Grace as usual then ate. Dad: This is scrumptious my dear. Me: Thank you. My dad is very educated hence he's always using this high grade English. Well that's why he's such a good writer. He told me he studied Journalism but couldn't get any full-time job. Things are tough there. Good thing he was also a good designer hence the clothes making and everything. I washed our dishes after we ate then went to take my well deserved nap.

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