part 14 her story

The bell rang and I can safely say I was saved by the bell. Kamo: Fuck! He groaned loudly while looking up before looking at me then side smirked and by that I knew he had something in mind. Me: No. He looked at me probably shocked by my spontaneity. Kamo: You don't even know what I was going to say. Me: It's still no. I know you were going to say something that I'd disagree with. Kamo: You know me that much? Me: We should go. He nodded and let go of me. I walked with him following me and I felt a slap on my ass that I jumped a bit and I heard him chuckling annoyingly. I turned to look at him with my blood boiling and steam coming out of my ears. Me: What the hell?! He was serious now when I turned but I gave a shit damn about his expression what he did was hella disrespectful. Kamo: Time princess. I groaned clicked my tongue and walked fast ahead of him. I was really mad the nerve of this guy! I got inside my class sweating. Thuli: And then? I just looked at her then back at the front. Truth is if I had said something it wouldn't have been nice and I wouldn't want my being mad at Kamogelo costing me my friendship. Not when we had come so far. I was in a fowl mood for the whole of the free period before test and Thuli dared not to talk to me. It might not have been fair for her but I couldn't control how I was feeling. I felt harassed. I was mad at him for crossing such a boundary. What was it hard for him to accept that I want nothing to do with him? I've had bad history when it comes to guys and him pursuing me flooded back bitter memories of all my experiences. Experiences that I didn't want to reminisce or even relive. When the siren rang for the last time. I stood up following Nobuhle who had just exited from the classroom. I don't know where I got the bravery but I'm guessing it's because I was just fed up. I might not have been thinking rationally. I tapped her on the shoulder and she turned to look at me. She was alone. Disgust immediately embraced her face but I didn't care. I had to get this over and done with. Nobuhle: What? I didn't care about how cold she was. I was not expecting her to be nice either way and this wasn't me being buddy buddy with her. I had to tell her to tame her guy and get him off my tail. Me: Tell your boyfriend to leave me alone. She looked at me like she didn't believe I had just told her what I did. After saying that I left her there. Leaving her to digest the egg I had broken on her face. Thuli: And that? Me: I'll tell you on the way. I got inside my class and took my bag then we walked. Me: You know I really thought I was rid of your president. Thuli: What happened? I told her everything from when he found me alone and the spanking part. I wasn't surprised when she somehow found this humerus and laughed. I let her be and continued walking. When it came to Kamogelo she never takes my side and I had lost all hope of that changing. She's suppose to scold Kamo in his absence instead of condoning his behavior. Me: I must have told a Trevor Noah joke. I rolled my eyes and huffed. I really couldn't wait for schools to close. At least I won't see him for two weeks. I really didn't want anything to do with this guy. She finally stopped then looked at me. Thuli: Sorry is just.. You guys just amaze. Me: There's no "you guys" . It's me then it's Kamogelo. Thuli: Umm.. Yeah. Me: What's laughable? Thuli: It's kinda like those romantic flicks where boy likes girl and - I cut her short. Me: I don't even wanna hear it. Thuli: Why you so mad though? Me: Are you kidding? I looked at her failing to believe she just asked me such a question. She cleared her throat. Thuli: It was just a spank. And it's K-more! She said that a bit too loud and I was grateful we were not in school premises. She was too much a fan of Kamo that I even thought that she liked him more than she liked him. It didn't matter what bad I'd tell her about him she still took his side. Me: I don't know why I even told you this. I got inside the taxi and it drove me home. This was frustrating for me and Thuli wasn't helping me in any way. I got home then immediately got out of my uniform. I wore a T-shirt and shorts before taking a nap. I knew I'd feel a whole lot calmer after that Dad was home when I woke up. I greeted him as I went outside to wash my teeth. Although I was hungry I did my homeworks first. Dad: No cooking today? Me: You can see I'm still busy. Dad: You lazy nowadays. Me: That's not nice. Dad: Really? I looked at him. My father was being plain rude now. It's not like I was just lazing around. I was actually doing my homework. I didn't answer him. I didn't want to come out as being disrespectful or him having to remind me that he's my father. After doing my homework I went to do as instructed. I didn't allow that to hurt me. It's at that moment that I concluded I didn't have a good day. We were now sitting in our little dinner table opposite each other while eating. Dad: When are you planning to come to church with me? Me: You know church ain't my thing. Dad: Why are you so angry at God? Me: Are we really about to talk about this? I really didn't like talking about God or anything that had to do with church. The people there are plain judgemental and maybe If they acted like people in the Lord

I wouldn't be this much against church. Dad: Yes. Me: I don't believe in God. Dad: Why? Me: Oh my gosh dad give me a break. Dad: You know my life has become so much better ever since I repaired my relationship with God. Me: Good for you. Dad: Yours can change too. Me: Dad please. Dad: Just come only once if you don't like it then you can never go again. Me: Can I think about it? I wasn't going to. I just needed this topic to cease. To think that I was now going to have to listen to Dad too Thuli's preaching was enough for me thank you and now this. I sighed and took the dishes. He just nodded. I went to wash them then went back to watching soapies. My dad was religious now. Too religious if you ask him. I had to watch him being happy with someone else. Surely he can't say it's God who was making him happy like this. I wasn't going to pry though. I had begged him too much to level with me and I was fed up. I had a friendly match the following day. I was a bit anxious about it. We still didn't Know who we were playing against. Good thing we were only writing on Friday. I finally went to bed when I felt sleepy. Dad woke me up with bathing water the following day. Me: Is it morning already? He chuckled and I groaned. I wasn't ready. He left me and I took off my clothes then took my bath. I wore my golf shirt and skirt with stockings. I didn't take much books to school we weren't writing anyway. He gave me a bowl of porridge and we ate over a light conversation. At least it wasn't about religion or God I wouldn't have survived. He took me to school after. Dad: Calm down. Me: It's my first game dad. Dad: You guys have been practicing since January. Me: I can't help it. He held my hands and I looked at him. Dad: You going to win. Have a little trust in yourself. Even if you lose you'll always be a winner to me. I smiled. Dad's words are always soothing to the soul. We shared a hug then I kissed him as usual took my money then left. Thuli was waiting for me and the gate and she met me halfway and attacked me with a hug. Me: I can't.. Breath. Thuli: Sorry. She giggled and let go. Me: And now? Thuli: I'm sorry about yesterday. From now on no more team President. It's when she said the last part that it clicked what she was talking about. I laughed a bit then smiled. She's too good to be true. Me: It's OK. I kissed her on the cheek and she breathed out probably from relief. We went to assembly after taking our bags to class. After announcements we departed to our respective classes. We sat at our normal seats. Nobuhle came a while later looking a bit sad. Thuli: And then? Me: I don't know. I shrugged my shoulders. It looked as though she had been crying. At break time I had to go practice so I let Thuli go to her boyfriend. School out came earlier than I thought. Thuli: Stop panicking. I'll be there cheering for you. I laughed a bit and we hugged tightly. The team went to the toilets where we went to change into our kit. " Good luck " I turned and it was the "ass" guy. Remember the incident outside the staffroom? Yep. The nerve of this guy. He flashed a dirty smile at me winked then went on his way. Me: Nxa. We had quite an audience. Something I wasn't expecting and that put more pressure on us. I was able to score two goals and I was very proud of myself and so was my team. It might have been a friendly but it meant everything to me. Lerato the girl who was our goalie came to me. Lerato: Good game. I smiled and we hugged. Me: We all did our part. Lerato: Can I get your number? I chuckled. If only she Knew. Me: I don't have a phone. Her jaw dropped. She was shocked. Lerato: How old are you? I laughed. Lerato is a slender chick dark in complexion. She's a beautiful darkbone. Me: I'm turning 17 next month. Lerato: Wow. Me: I know. I ran to Thuli. I was just so excited and she screamed engulfing me in a hug. Thuli: I told you not to worry. Our team had won 4-1. It was great to know I had contributed to our win. "Congratulations " Oh God. I turned and he had a rose in his hand. He gave it to me. Me: Thanks. I turned to walk away and then he pulled me then immediately attacked me with a kiss. I broke it and slapped him before running away. I really was having a good day before he came. Why did I hate him this much? I I wish I knew the answer that too.

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