part 13 her story

Life was going more smoothly for me. It was actually less stressful. It's a month later and well things are different. I've gotten used to the new dad. He'd disappear sometimes without bothering to tell me where he went and he'd come back in a pretty jubilant mood. I had decided to just let him be lest he reminds me he's my father like I had forgotten or seem to forget. Only two weeks then we done with the first term and frankly I couldn't wait. Nobuhle hardly insults me and although she hadn't stopped it was better. I think sometimes we just come to a point where we get used to certain things or situations that they don't bother us anymore. We just let things be and lose hope of things ever changing but instead we adapt and accept them as part of our lives. Kamo. Well I was so glad he wasn't bothering me anymore in fact him and Nobuhle were happy now more than ever. I was actually living a peaceful life of course with its own challenges. Can you believe dad went to church every Sunday and even on Friday nights? Well yeah. As for me I still wasn't about that. Thuli and I are still the best of friends and inseparable. She has a boyfriend now so she chills with him but I'm not complaining. As long as she still gives me attention. It was a Tuesday morning. I took a bath dried and lotioned. I wore my tunic which I had now gotten used to. I took my bag I didn't take many books because we were writing after break so I only took books which I'm going to use during the lessons before break. I went to the kitchen to find my father making coffee. Me: And breakfast? Dad: There's bread in the bim. Me: Oh. Dad: Yes and today you won't find me home. Me: Oh? Dad: Yeah I'm going somewhere and I'll probably be back in the evening. Me: Alright dad. I won't ask since its clear you don't want to tell me anything. I took a few slices of the bread spread some butter then ate with a cup of Rooibos tea. He drove me to school after breakfast then gave me my money as usual. Dad: Goodluck with your test baby I know you gonna nail it. Me: Thanks dad. I kissed him on the cheek then got out of his car. I was the early one today so I waited for Thuli at the gate like she usually waits for me. She came and we shared a hug. Thuli: You glowing. Me: What? Who? Me? I touched my face and I wonder what made me think touching was somehow going to sense whether what she was saying is true or not. Thuli: For someone who gets A's in class

you stupid. We both laughed at my stupidity and walked to class. Me: How are you though? She blushed. My friend was very happy this days and I was happy for her. Her boyfriend Xolani brought out the best in her. In fact she's the one who was glowing. Thuli: I'm feeling so loved happy. Gosh I'm beyond good. Xoli is just the best I smiled. You'd think I'm the one dating her boyfriend the way I was so happy for her. Her happiness actually rubbed off on me as well. Me: I'm glad. If you happy then I'm happy. Thuli: You the best friend ever! Me: And never forget that. We chuckled as we entered into our class. We put our bags down then went to assembly. We were dismissed to our respective classes after assembly. At break time I was alone because Thuli was spending it with her boyfriend. I went to buy some fruits then sat down under a tree on some stone bunk while looking at the boys who were playing soccer. Kamo: if you had said yes you wouldn't be this lonely. I rolled my eyes. Here I was thinking that I was finally rid of him but yet again I'm proved wrong. Me: Who said I'm lonely? He sat down next to me then took the pack of grapes I was holding and ate. I didn't even have the strength to fight him. Kamo: Really? You sitting alone while watching some fuckers playing soccer. It shows you bored. Me: I was actually not bored before you came. Kamo: Come with me. Me: I don't want to. Kamo: I won't do anything to you unless you want me to. Me: I just need you to leave me alone. Kamo: I'm not gonna propose or anything. We'll just try to enjoy each others company. Me: I'm actually fine alone watching these "fuckers" as you call them. He got up and took my hand and made me stand. Kamo: If you won't come I'll have no choice but to lift you up. Me: You wouldn't dare! Kamo: Wanna try? He looked at me with a plain expression. I groaned. Me: Okay fine I'll come with you. He tried holding my hand but I yanked him off. He just let me be. Me: Where we going? Kamo: I'm going for a smoke. Me: You smoke? Kamo: Yes. We even went out of the school yard to a shop five minutes away. He got in and bought his cigarette before we went to the back where he was going to do his smoking probably. I watched him as he lit it and started smoking. Kamo: You have a beautiful body one I wouldn't mind seeing in its natural form if you get what I mean. Me: What the fuck? Kamo: It was a compliment. I looked at this guy refusing to believe he just said that to me. He's so unbelievable. Me: I'm leaving. I attempted to go but he grabbed my arm and pulled me to him. Me: Let me go. He puffed two times then threw the remaining cigarette away. Kamo: I'm tired of playing hide and seek. Me: No one asked you to. Kamo: It seems I'm forced to with you. Me: I only asked you to leave me alone. Kamo: Yeah. He pinned me on the wall while holding my hands on top of my head. He parted my legs with his knee remember I'm wearing a tunic with only my underwear under. His knee was touching my pussy. Me: What are you doing? Kamo: Nothing yet. He brought his face close to mine and I swallowed spit. He was too close for my liking with his cologne intoxicating my nostrils.

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