part 12 her story

Me: I really had a good time with you. We shared an emotional embrace before breaking it then laughing at whatever. Thuli: I miss you already I had already gotten used to having you around. Me: That's sweet. I'll see you tomorrow at school. Thuli: Awesome. I love you. Me: I love you too baby. She giggled. We hugged one last time then I got inside my father's car. He looked at me with a smile before starting the car and I waved at Thuli till we disappeared. Dad: I love seeing you like this. Me: Like what? He smiled. Dad: Happy. Me: She makes me happy. Dad: At least it's not a he. Me: Dad! Dad: What? Me: You do know I'm turning seventeen right? Dad: I know. Hence I'm allowing you to find your own path alone without me holding your hand. Me: I get it now dad. Dad: I love you Nono never forget that. Me: I won't dad and I love you too. I brushed his hand which wasn't driving he held my hand and the rest of the ride was in comfortable silence. I really felt at peace and though I didn't believe in God I thanked him for blessing me with two people who filled a certain void in my heart. Thuli and Daddy real blessings In my life. When we got home I started with the pots. It had actually been a long time since I cooked and it wasn't because I hadn't eaten at Thuli's place. From the two nights I spent there I already feel like hitting the gym that's how much they fed me there. Me: So what did you do when I was away? Dad: Huh? Me: Are you saying you didn't hear what I said? He cleared his throat. It looked like he wasn't expecting such a question and I don't get why he's surprised. I mean I had told him what I did it was only fair he does the same to me. Dad: I.. Umm.. I heard you. Why do you wanna know? Me: What the? I actually dropped the fork I had been chopping the vegetables with then went to sit opposite him. My father was acting very weird again and I had to be the one reprimanding his sudden change in behavior. I really couldn't recognize him sometimes. Nowadays it seems he never ceases to amaze me and it was hard keeping up with all these changes. Dad: I'm sorry. He scratched his head. I don't understand why such a simple question made him sweat like this. I could by then conclude that he was hiding something for him. That wasn't like him cause he used to tell me everything or at least that's what I thought. I folded my arms then looked at him with my eyes squinted. Dad: Why you looking at me like that? Me: What's going on really? Dad: Nothing why. Me: Really dad? I can see you hiding something from me and from the look of things it's something huge. Dad: You just imagining things. Me: Am I really? Dad: Yes and don't forget I'm your father. Me: Believe me I never will. It's fine I'll let it go. He chuckled. Me: But only for now. I left him there then went back to my pots. I dished up for the both of us then we ate and I washed the dishes after. The rest of the day I spent annoying dad and watching TV. I then went back to bed where I slept for the night. On Monday morning Dad woke me up. He had already prepared bathing water for me. For someone who's busy telling me to grow he sure still treats me as a baby. I stripped then got in the little basin and bathed. I dried lotioned then wore my uniform. I took my bag which had all the books I was going to need in it then went to the kitchen to dad. Dad: This is a first. Me: What is? Dad: I didn't have to come drag you down here. Me: I guess I'm growing up. I grinned at him. He chuckled shaking his head. He gave me a bowl of porridge and after eating we went to his car. He drove me to school then gave me my money. I already knew I was taking a taxi back home. Dad: Be good for daddy. Me: Ain't I always? I rolled my eyes and he chuckled. I kissed him on the cheek then got out of the car to find Thuli waiting for me. We shared a hug. Thuli: How are you? Me: I'm good you? Thuli: I'm good too. For a minute there I thought you weren't gonna come. Me: Why though? Thuli: Well because of what happened on Friday. I had actually forgotten about that. Now having been reminded I was able to fathom why I was getting all these stares from people. Nobuhle really went far this time and now now I wasn't going to let her bring me down any further. I was not at fault in anyway and it's not my fault that I got matched up with Kamo instead of her. I didn't even like the guy so I don't get why she had to feel threatened by me. I'm a nobody while she's the popular girl here in our school. Every one envies her. The girls wanna be her the guys wanna tap her. It's crazy all the fame she got and I think it's what made her this arrogant. I guess that's how she got Kamo. He might be a womanizer but we could all see that she was able to hold him down. Me: I don't wanna think about that. Thuli: Good. You can't always let Nobuhle get to you. Me: I just hate the way they all looking at me. They don't even hide that they talking about me. Thuli: Don't let them get to you. By Friday they'll be talking about something else. Me: I hope so. We put down our bags in our class then headed out to the assembly. We went back to our respective classes. The Queen came in with her two puppets and the teacher followed. She gave me a death stare clicked her tongue before sitting down. Me: Don't let her intimidate you Nokubonga. I said to myself in my heart. I couldn't continue living in such fear of her. I wasn't going to fight her though I wasn't going to be her. I was going to continue being the same person and she'll just be the fool who keeps pursuing me for no reason. I wasn't going to give her any satisfaction by entertaining her bitter ass. Not anymore. Thuli: What are we eating today? I shrugged my shoulders. It was break time and I don't know why but I just didn't feel like eating. Me: I'm not hungry. Thuli: What? Me: I just don't feel like eating. I think I've lost my appetite. Thuli: That's pretty sudden. I mean what's wrong? I smiled. There really wasn't anything wrong. I wasn't full but I also wasn't hungry. Me: Don't worry it's nothing. Thuli: I hope so. "Can I talk to you? " Thuli: How about a hello maybe? He looked at Thuli once. He has a very intimidating look shame he's always serious shame. It was Kamogelo. I really don't know what it's gonna take for this guy to leave me alone. I think his look scared Thuli that she immediately threw her attitude over the roof. Thuli: I.. Umm.. You'll find me at... Umm.. Yeah. Me: You not about to leave me with this per... I didn't even finish the word. I couldn't. Lest I piss him off not that I care but I was not going to let him turn into someone with an unfiltered mouth or speech Thuli: I'm sorry my friend you'll just have to forgive me this time. With that said she left. Leaving me with my mouth hanging. I closed it then turned to look at this asshole. Argh he just brings out the worst in me. Me: What do you want from me? Kamo: I.. I need a chance. Me: To do what? You want your skinny ass girlfriend to come strangle me to death? Kamo: Don't call her that. Me: Just leave me alone. I don't want any trouble. Kamo: I'll protect you. Me: I don't need your protection I just need you to leave me alone. Kamo: Why are you pushing me away so much? Me: Because don't like you. Kamo: Really? He got closer to me and I stepped back. Kamo: You know if you really hated me that much you could have left with your friend. Me: I can always leave. I started walking away and he came to me. We were behind the walls of the staffroom now. It felt like we were hiding but I wasn't complaining cause I really didn't want Nobuhle seeing me with her man. I needed to sort all of this out once and for all. I leaned with my back on the wall and looked at him. Me: Why did you follow me? Kamo: I just can't leave you alone. Me: You amazing you know that? Kamo: I am? Thanks. Me: It wasn't a compliment. Kamo: I know I wasn't expecting it anyway. Me: Firstly you forced me to dance with you then on Saturday you wanted me to kiss you of which I declined and asked you yet again to leave me alone and yet here you are. What more is it gonna take for you to realize I want nothing to do with you? Kamo: You will want me. Me: An arrogant self-praising guy with an ego big enough to consume the whole earth and as annoying as a fly on a bucket of milk? I doubt. Kamo: You really hate me don't you? Me: Yes. You full of pride you think you breathe flavored air think you the shit should I continue? Kamo: No.. It's fine I get it. Me: Yeah good. Now get this. Kamo: What? Me: Leave me alone. Don't come to me. Don't speak to me. You never did anyway at first so let it go back to that. Kamo: Fine I'll leave you alone. Me: Thank you. I turned and left. I could feel his eyes looking on me but I didn't dare stop or look back. I was just glad that he was never going to bother me and I could finally live in peace. The bell eventually ran so from reliving myself in the toilet I went to class immediately. Thuli winked at me and from that smile I knew she had a whole lot to say. I was right immediately when the bell rang and we had gotten out of the class she spoke. Thuli: So what did the President say? You guys disappeared for quite a while. She winked at me. She was grinning looking at me with sparkling eyes waiting for me to spill the beans. If only she knew what I was about to say was going to burst her little bubble. I told her everything and she frowned. Thuli: Why you playing hard to get though? Me: Geez I don't want him. Thuli: Really? What sane girl would say no to that? I mean he's hot sexy rich with a sex appeal that's on steroids and gosh he's the President! The most wanted and envied guy in the whole school! Me: Why don't you dare him then seeing you speak so highly of him? I rolled my eyes at her and she sighed. Thuli: If he wanted me I would have long said yes but unfortunately he doesn't. Did you see how he looked at me? He's got eyes that would make any girl drop her panties. Me: That girl ain't me though. Thuli: I think you crazy. Me: I'd rather be crazy than be with that asshole. We hugged then got in our different taxis. I really hope he leaves me alone. I might not have a guy approach me like that but I was done with guys. I didn't want to go back there. Besides he just won't be worth it. I don't get why he'd fall for me a beyond average girl while she has a good looking girlfriend who'd bend over backwards for him anytime. I got out of the taxi at my gate then went inside the yard. Dad's van wasn't there so this meant I was alone. I took out my key unlocked then got inside the house. I hadn't seen Tiisetso today come to think of it she wasn't there on Friday. I brushed it to the back of my mind. I was probably worrying for nothing. I changed into my casual clothes then did my jomeworks before taking a nap. School is really draining and thinking that I have two grades before I finish made me wanna dig a hole then throw myself inside of it for a few years. I put all of this evil thoughts at the back of my mind and allowed sleep to overcome me.

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