part 11 her story

You know I'd never have imagined that I'd be here with someone I just despise. I'm one person who prefers hanging with someone humble regardless of their class than being with someone who's preferred by everyone who looks down on other people thinking his better than everyone. Kamo: Can you just tolerate me for the time being? I mean everyone else is enjoying themselves. I looked around and he was right. The dance had began and you could clearly see everyone was having the time of their lives except for well me. I really wish I hadn't come cause he would have been with someone who was actually going to fall down at his presence figuratively speaking. I sighed deeply. Me: Fine. Kamo: Thank you. He took me by my waist with his eyes fixed on me. He's taller than me like very tall but not to tall I'm actually the short one here. I gazed back at him. His beautiful face enticed me but I wasn't about to fall victim to his womanizing ways. I put my hands on his neck and he brought our bodies closer together. I really don't know what was happening and I couldn't fathom how he was making me feel. All the feelings were foreign to me. We were dancing slowly to the beat of our own hearts cause I'm pretty sure the music was a bit faster than our own pace. I put my head on his chest as we continued to dance and I could feel the beating of his heart. Kamo: This feels so right. I stopped and looked at him in the eyes. He had a serious facial expression on. I've never really seen him smile or at least not with me. Kamo: Just go with the flow. Me: Why do you find the - He cut me short by putting his thumb on my lips and I gasped. He brushed my face with his hand and I just stared at him not blinking. " I knew it! " She shouted behind us and by that voice I already knew who it was. She shouted so much that everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at her and I guess it's what she wanted. Kamo tightened his jaw and I thought he was going to let go of my waist but he didn't. It was clear that he was getting pissed. I might not know him but I realized then that he didn't like being shouted at and his girlfriend sure had a mouth. Nobuhle: I asked you nicely Nokubonga not to piss me off but you just had to make sure you get him. I was speechless not because what she was saying was true but because I just couldn't find any words to say. I opened my mouth to try and say something but my throat just got dry. She came closer to me and was about to slap me I already had my eyes closed. I've always said I'm not a violent person so I couldn't fight her back I don't even know how to fight. So there I was waiting for a burning sensation and when I felt the delay I opened my eyes and Kamo was holding her hand. I didn't even realize he had let go of my waist I guess everything happened that fast. Kamo: I don't want to reprimand you in front of all these people but I'm going to ask you once leave. Nobuhle: What? Baby this is me. She touched his face but I couldn't stand the stares. Me: I'll leave. I said walking. Kamo: Khensani. Me: No. It came out as a whisper I ran away from there because frankly if I had stayed a minute more I would have cried in front of all those people. If only she knew if only she knew how I didn't want to be his date. I wish she knew how much I didn't even want to be in that place. When I was tired I stopped to catch my breath and the tears just fell. Why me? Now I don't know how I was ever going to face everyone after all that happened. " I'm sorry" I looked behind me and it was Kamo. I wasn't in the mood for him not now and from what happened never. He hugged me and I couldn't even fight him I sobbed on his chest while he softly brushed my back. Kamo: Please don't cry it's all over. I moved my head from his chest and looked at him. Me: is it really? He nodded. Me: This just made things worse and I'm just tired. Kamo: What do you mean? Me: You know she's hated me from the first time I got in this school. She made it a point from that moment to make life hell for me and I didn't even know her name then. Kamo: I'm sorry. Me: Don't be. From now on I won't even look at you. Kamo: No please don't. Me: No Kamogelo she's going to hate me even more from now. Kamo: What can I do to make you feel better? Me: Just leave me alone. Kamo: I love how you call my name. Me: This is no time to be cocky. Thuli came running to me and I immediately rejoiced because she had our bags with her. Thuli: Are you okay? I don't think she even saw Kamo she immediately covered me in an embrace while I assured her I'm fine. I actually felt better maybe it's because I had cried and let it all go. Kamo cleared his throat. This guy loves attention shame. Thuli let go of me. Thuli: Let's go. Kamo: Now? Thuli: Yeah I mean after what happened I mean after what happened I don't see the bash continuing. Me: I don't even care about the bash. I just wanna go home and forget about this. I took my bag from her. She walked away probably to give us some space. He put his hand on my cheek. I touched his hand on my cheek. A tear escaped from my eye I couldn't do this. Me: I have to go. Kamo: I just.. I wish. I shook my head then took off his hand from my face. Me: Goodbye Kamogelo. He groaned and watched me leave. I didn't understand why he didn't want me to leave we don't know each other that much. Yes he knows my name and I don't even know how but that's where it all ends. Thuli seemed to understand that I didn't want to talk much so we were both silent on the taxi to her house. When we got off on their gate. I just couldn't believe it. They had a huge house and it made me feel so small. I couldn't fathom why someone who came from such a place would want to be friends with me. It's then that I realized how much of a true friend she really is. We got inside and it was beautiful breathtaking. They even had a maid. Me: I feel so small right now. Thuli: Why? This is still me Bonga. Me: I just.. I wonder why you would be friends with me I mean this this is just - Thuli: Don't. Don't belittle yourself. I'm friends with you because I saw from afar that you have a good heart and you a good person. Me: Thank you and you have a nice home. Thuli: Thanks. Let's get you settled in. We giggled and she led the way. I also got to see her room and the guestroom and others although we were going to sleep in the same room. I changed into sleeping clothes because I wasn't gonna go anywhere then we went to the kitchen for some food. The following day we woke coincidentally at the same time and went to her bathroom where we washed our face and brushed our teeth. Thuli: I'm so happy you here gosh it's amazing. I smiled and look at her before engulfing her in a hug. I was glad she was in my life because unlike all the other friends I've had no matter how little she brought a certain light in my life. Me: I'm glad I'm here. Thuli: Let's go feed you. Me: I'm so hungry. My stomach grumbled and she laughed. We went to the kitchen to find whom I think is her mom and brother and a little girl who I assumed is her little sister. I greeted before sitting down I could feel they were looking at me and I actually wondered if I was that ugly a creature for them to find me that amusing. Thuli cleared her throat. Thuli: Family this is Bonga. I saw her mother smiling what a humble soul. T's mom: Nice to finally meet you. Me: Thanks The other too also smiled at me. They welcomed me into their little family ( their words not mine) then we went back to eating. I didn't recognize most of the food there but I went with the flow I couldn't embarrass myself in front of this people. After eating we went back to her room. Thuli: So you and K-more? I really wished she wouldn't ask me about this but I knew I could not avoid the topic forever. Me: There's nothing going on there. She gave me a look Thuli: Really? Me: Yes in fact I want nothing to do with that as- Thuli: Don't swear. I groaned in frustration. The thought of him suddenly made my blood boil. Me: He just brings out the worst in me. Thuli: But I saw y'all dancing slowly before Nobuhle came. Me: He asked me to go with the flow. Can we stop talking about him? Thuli: Mm okay. We going to the club today. Me: What? I can't remember the last time I went to a club but I just know things didn't work out and I decided to never drink alcohol In my life again at least not like that. Don't worry I wasn't raped by a stranger or anything like that but it was a bad experience for me. Thuli: I'm kidding. She laughed and I was relieved because I doubt I would have had the bravery to. Thuli: There's a chillas at the Park Me: Of couples? It's Valentines day today after all. Thuli: We can be each other's plus one. Me: That's weird. I'm sorry girl I'm straight. She laughed out loud before throwing a pillow at me. Thuli: I don't mean it that way. A few hours later I had just took a bath and getting ready for this chillas. The park wasn't that far from her house. I felt very rejuvenated from the bath I usually bath in a basin but this time it was a bathtub with bath salts. Who needs a spa when a Bath can do you like this? She was wearing a short Denim skirt with a vest and a stone washed denim jacket and white superstars. I wore a black high waisted ankle grazer with a white vest and a blue denim jacket. I wore my Vans old Skool. I didn't put any makeup on my face as usual then I put on my gold hoop earrings and lipstick on my lips. Thuli: Now we ready. She poured some parfume on her and I then took her phone and bag then we left. I don't have a phone and I'm not a bag fam so I wasn't holding anything. Thuli: We'll take a few snacks. I asked Ruby (her maid) to prepare some for us. I nodded so we went to the kitchen. The snacks were packed nicely in two baskets with a bottle of wine. I took one and she took the other and we walked to the park. Music was blasting loud and I could see that some people were already drunk. Most of the people I had seen at our school. It was packed just so to say. Thuli: Let's go find a chilling spot. Me: Sure. We found one finally and sat down on a towel that was on the baskets then we put everything down nicely. We were talking about the people and laughing at other things. It was really nice well that was until I saw her majesty with none other than Kamo. I felt my mood dropping from 100 to zero spontaneously. Thuli: And now? She looked at where my eyes were and clicked her tongue. Thuli: Such bravery. Me: You know fuck them. We came here to enjoy ourselves and we gonna do exactly that. Thuli: Woah Girl! We high fived while laughing. We poured ourselves some wine and just continued chilling. I suddenly had the need to pee. Me: I need to pee. Thuli: Should I come with? Me: Umm no I'll be fine. I got up. I wasn't drunk anyway The wine is non-alcoholic and I actually didn't mind. I walked to some BNB which was about five minutes away and went straight to the toilets. I did my business wiped then flushed. I washed my hands and went I got out someone grabbed me and pinned me against the wall. I was startled because everything happened very fast but from their cologne I immediately knew who it was. Me: Kamogelo. Kamo: I missed you. He started kissing me on the neck and there was nothing I could do because he was so close to me pinning me with his body while his one hand was holding my hands on top of my head. Me: Stop! Kamo: You don't like this? Me: No. I half shouted and he let go of me because some people looked our direction before going back to minding their own business. Kamo: Why do you hate me this much? Me: I asked you to leave me alone. Go to your girlfriend. She's probably wondering where you are. Kamo: So she's the reason you hate me? Me: Why does it matter what I think of you? Kamo: Because I.. Me: What? He sighed deeply. Kamo: I... You know what I'll leave you alone. Me: Thank you. Kamo: After you kiss me. Me: You must think I'm crazy. I left him there and walked fastly back to the park to find Thuli with a can of Hunters Dry and three niggers and a girl I didn't know. A few minutes later we were all getting along.

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