part 10 her story

Me: Are you sure it's not too tight? I said turning. He chuckled and I didn't find any of this amusing. I actually wondered if the joke was on him or on me but either way I was on a very serious note. Dad: Yes I'm 150% sure. Me: I don't know dad. I wasn't convinced. I kept turning around while looking at my reflection on our full body mirror. It was hanging in our bedroom. Dad: You do know that you actually wasting your own time. Me: You not helping. I was just worried about the tightness. I had never been a fan of tight clothes. Like my tunic they just made me way too uncomfortable. I couldn't handle people looking at my ass or breasts or curves. Actually I can't handle people looking at me at all. Dad: You look splendid marvelous fabulous fantastic amazing exquisite magnificent dashing.. Need I say more? I giggled. My own father was making me blush and that made me feel very special. Hearing him say those words made a certain little bridge of confidence buildup on me. Me: Okay I get it. I turned to look at him. Me: Thank you daddy. Dad: I'm just saying it like it is. Now finish up before you become late. I poured some oil sheen on my cornrows before brushing my baby hair with my hands. I took my sports bag which was sort of like a bag. Me: Did I forget something? Dad: You didn't. You getting late. I peeked through it just to make sure then I closed it. We went to the kitchen where he gave me my bowl of sorghum porridge. I ate then he drove me to school. Dad: Don't let anyone bring you down. Always remember that in my eyes and the eyes of God you beautiful and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I smiled. I really had a good father and I could never ask for anyone else cause he's just the best and more. Me: I love you dad and thank you. Dad: I love you too baby. You everything to me. I smiled then we hugged. We had arrived at my school. He gave me my money then I kissed him on the cheek then got out of the car. I was holding my bag very close to my body. The way people were looking at me I felt like just turning back and going home. My dad has a good eye when it comes to fashion. I was wearing an all white two piece with my vans old Skool. The top was a long sleeved crop top which had an open O shape at the back so I wasn't wearing a bra. The bottom was a high waisted skirt that was just below the knees and had a slit on the side which went up to my thigh. I had big gold hoop earrings and a brown lipstick. I don't do makeup. I found Thuli waiting for me at the gate as usual and she was looking very radiant. She was wearing a short red jumpsuit which hugged her body and black wedges. We shared a hug Me: You look sizzling. Thuli: Thank you darling. We broke the hug and she looked in front and behind me. Me: Something wrong? She giggled. Thuli: What? No. You look sassy babe and that booty oh my gosh. I giggled. I had planted all that my dad told me on my mind and I was not going any less than he told me at least not today. Me: Thank you. She took my hand and we walked a bit far from people. All those eyes piercing through my body but I just sucked it up and braced myself and some confidence. Thuli: Let's go put our bags in the office. Me: Which one? Thuli: Don't worry about that. Come. She took my hand and I accompanied her to the staffroom. I stood outside and waited for her as she went in with our bags. "That ass that ass that ass" someone sang behind me and I involuntarily rolled my eyes. I turned to look at who it was and my jaw dropped. He winked at me then got inside the stuffroom. Me: Asshole. I mumbled under my breath. This boys weren't taught how to treat a lady and somehow he made me feel fat. I don't know if it makes sense but he just left me feeling so little. I was so used to people noticing my body before they can look at my face especially guys. Thuli came and I tried not to show her how down I was. Me: You sure took your time. Thuli: I had to do some serious convincing first but it's all done. I nodded. The bell had rang already so we had no other choice other than going to the assembly area so we made our way there. We stood in our usual line and it started. Midway through Nobuhle graced us with her presence # Rolling_eyes She was being followed by her sidekicks who's names I didn't know though we in the same class. That's embarrassing I know. Anyway she looked flawless. Her dress was too short though. She was wearing a black body hugging dress which hugged her barely there behind. It was so short that I think if she was to bend we'd see her bare butt. She had matched it with Red platform heels. Her sidekicks were wearing matching jumpsuits black in colour with pumps. I might not be rich but I've never and I mean never in my life been a fan of pumps. I don't own even one pair of pumps. The attention had shifted from whatever was being announced to her that's how she had intrigued us and with her heels that had been making noise there was no way we wouldn't have turned to look at her. We turned our heads back to the front we were told the choir was meeting immediately after this for final touch ups on our item. When we were dismissed from assembly we immediately went to the hall and that's where we remained until we had some music playing from the assembly area. That's where the bash/event was going to be held. We then went back there. Thuli: You wearing matching outfits.. Nice. Me: Huh? She pointed to who she was talking about and my eyes travelled to who she was speaking about. I immediately got bored. It was Kamo and he just had to he just had to wear all white like me. He was wearing a white longer length T-shirt with a white skinny jeans that was torn in the knees and Vans old Skool. Me: Lord take me now! Thuli chuckled shaking her head. This was going to be a long day for me. Though I wondered if this was a mere coincidence or what. I didn't see him in the morning before and at assembly then boom he comes wearing like me. Anyway I didn't think too much about it. He doesn't know me so yeah it's just a coincidence. They gave him the mic and the crowd went crazy before he even said a word. Even the boys admired him they were whistling while the girls screamed. I just rolled my eyes and was like " Can this day just end already ". Kamo: Mamiies and papiies I greet y'all. They went crazy again. Kamo: So I'm not the MC but I'm just here to warm things up for her. They all seemed disappointed but I was actually glad he isn't. The guy is just too full of himself we'd probably hear him tell us how hot and handsome he is not that he's lying though. Kamo: So we gonna start with the choir and some other performances then y'all will get your keys and locks. They shouted again. He gave over to the vice president. We went to the stage and performed. Well soon after we were done then Thuli and I went to sit down cause she claimed her feet were killing her. Me: You could have just worn flat shoes. Thuli: Hell no babe I can't be dancing with K-more with flat shoes. Me: Here we go again! I rolled my eyes. Thuli: Why do you hate him so much? Me: I don't hate him I'm just not a fan of the guy. Thuli: Mm.. If you say so. It was announced that only the guys from Grade 12 would be part of the dance. I don't know why though and the girls from Grade 10-11. We gathered again to hear how it's all gonna walk and Our Kanye West went into stage again. This guy is the Kanye West + AKA of the school. I hope y'all get what I mean. Kamo: Let me just cut to the chase. I know y'all love seeing my handsome face but Time ain't on our side.. They screamed. His ego is oversized and his pride is just on overdose. Kamo: So the boys on one side and the girls on the other. You'll only mix after everyone gets their locks and keys. We don't want any foul play. If you don't get me or your crush you'll just have to suck it up. Music was played while members of the RCL gave us locks. The guys from the RCL gave us girls while the girls from RCL gave boys their keys. When everyone was sorted Kamo went to the stage with his key on his hand. Kamo: So now that we all sorted boys go find your dates. Nobuhle came to us. Nobuhle: I told you bitches I'll get an 08. Thuli: But the question is did he get an 08? Nobuhle: Of course he did dummy. Me: I thought he said no foul play involved. Nobuhle: I got my ways. Thuli: I just think its being too desperate. Nobuhle: Who asked you to speak? With that said she left shaking her tiny ass and we just cracked into laughter. Thuli: I thought I was going to get an 08. Me: I'm glad I didn't. Thuli: 12. I hopes he's hot. Me: Haha I don't care how he looks I'm just glad it's not Kamogelo. Thuli: What did you get? I hadn't even checked my number. I then decided to look and it was 05. Me: Five. In fact I was actually surprised because 05 is my jersey number. If this be a coincidence then it seems I'm having way too many of those today. " Anyone with a 12?" We turned and it was a handsome chubby yellowbone and he was on fleek too. Thuli couldn't even speak. I had never seen my friend this stunned. Guy: Yes or no? Me: Thuli I said poking her. Thuli: Huh? Me: She's a 12. I told the guy. They had to use the key to unlock the lock just too make sure it's the right one and it was a match. They went to the Other couples and there I was alone waiting. Nobuhle and one of her sidekicks also hadn't found their match too. Nobuhle: Where the hell is K-more? They weren't standing that far from me hence I could hear what they were saying. Kamo came with a friend of his and they first went to Buhle and I saw her grinning before throwing herself in his arms. He smacked her butt and she giggled. "Hey" I looked up to be met by such an ugly guy. I might have been called ugly but I was nothing like this guy. He was dark had pimples he was just scary. I swallowed saliva deeply before replying. I might have said I didn't care who I get but this one oh no. Ayi angeke! Me: Hello. Guy: So are you 08? I wanted to laugh out loud. I was very happy shame I didn't reply but pointed to Nobuhle and this creature left. I couldn't even face him twice. Guy: You my date? Nobuhle: What? Eeuw no. Guy: But she (pointing at me) said you an 08. Nobuhle: I am but I.. He.. Baby? Kamo: Yes babe? Nobuhle: He says his.. What number are you? Kamo: I haven't checked. Wait you her date? Guy: Yeah man. Kamo: Mm.. Okay He kissed her on the cheek. Kamo: I'll see you. Nobuhle: Wait just like that? Can't we do something about this? Why didn't she( pointing at me) get him? They both ugly anyway. They all looked at me and I looked down biting my nails. Kamo: No foul play remember. The guy took her and she left cursing between her teeth and I silently laughed at her. I couldn't be loud lest I find myself victim of her wrath. Kamo: My date. I lifted my face and looked at him. This couldn't be I couldn't believe it. No. No. No. Me: What? He didn't reply but instead took my hand while looking at me. I don't know how it happened but I stared back at him and he didn't break the gaze. When he touched me something weird happened. It was like some electric current flowed from him to me and vice versa. He took the lock and put it in his key and surprisingly it unlocked. Me: No Kamo: Yes. Me: I can't believe this. Kamo: Do you know how many girls want to be you right now? Me: I don't care but I don't wanna be your date. In fact I wish that ugly - Kamo: Are you shitting on me right now? Me: I don't like you man. You too arrogant you too full of yourself and you think you better than everyone. I could see him getting angry but I just had to say it. I don't know where I got the bravery to be that brutal but this guy just brought out the worst in me. Kamo: You actually serious you don't want me? This. He pointed at himself and I rolled my eyes. Outchea acting like he breathes flavored air. Fuck him. Me: Better believe it. Kamo: I'm the president I'm the captain of the soccer team I'm handsome hot and sexy and you don't want all that? I'm Rich I got a car. I got it all tell me what you don't see? Me: Why should it Matter what I think of you? Kamo: Khensani. Me: You know my name? I was shocked. My jaw literally dropped. How did he know me? Kamo: Umm.. Let's go to the rest. Me: You didn't answer me. Kamo: I'm not going to. He tried holding my hand but I yanked it off. Kamo: How we going to dance if I can't touch you? Me: We can always switch with Nob- Kamo: No. Let's just go. All that was on my mind was this is surely going to be a long day for me.


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