part 9 her story

I woke up later and of course I was hungry. I tried ignoring the grumbling of my stomach but I just couldn't. I went to brush my teeth and wash my face first then I went to the kitchen. I found my father there reading a book. Being the well mannered child I am I greeted and proceeded to make myself food. See our house is two roomed so one of the room has the kitchen a couch television and has a dining table and chairs hence you never hear me of going to the lounge or dining room cause they all in the same room. Dad: I am only doing what's best for you. Understand that I've been hiding you under my shadow for too long and if I continue you won't have any chance to be able to grow. Me: Why now? Dad: What? Me: I mean this sudden change. I'm not a fool dad. I don't buy this "doing what's best for me " act. Dad: Eehm.. What do you mean? Me: Really? You gonna pretend you don't know what I'm talking about? Dad: What are you talking about? Me: I think you Know pretty well. I know there's someone in your life who's influencing all these changes. He snickered before turning to look at me again. Dad: That's ridiculous. Me: Really? Is it? Dad: I don't know what you want me to say Me: Fine pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about. I'll be a fool in all this but just know I'm not blind. Dad: You saying things that ain't there. Me: I'm hallucinating now? Dad: That's not what I meant. He chuckled lightly. I made myself a cup of tea and ate it with the bread I had made. I don't know why dad hadn't cooked cause he usually does. I decided to just let him be. I'm the child after all so I can't dictate his life. I just hated that he had to hide things from me but I hoped that he didn't have a girlfriend. That was going to be pretty weird and was going to make things very awkward for me. Imagine my dad saying his going out on a date. Eeuw. I'm actually the one who should be on about dating and stuff not him. It doesn't make sense at all. I went to do my homeworks then went to sleep after. It had been a long day for me after all. I woke up as usual and took a bath. I was a bit nervous the bash is tomorrow and I had no idea what I was going to wear. When it comes to clothes I have quite a fashion sense and my father always told me I got it from my mom but I think he also had something to do with it he's a designer afterall. I had the kicks I was going to do my hair today so what was left was for me to find an outfit. I sighed and wore my uniform. Skirt golf shirt stockings and my school shoes. I made three buns with my hair put all my books into my school bag. I took it then went to the kitchen. Dad: Good you here. I rolled my eyes. Where else would I go? I stay here after all and it's morning. Me: Where else would I be? Dad: You really need to drop the attitude now. Me: I'm sorry then. Dad: Anyway I wanted to ask you what you going to wear tomorrow. I shrugged my shoulders. This bash was stressing me and if it weren't for Thuli I would not have even bothered to go to school. This was frustrating for me and again Dad would never let me bunk more especially because I was absent on Monday. Dad: What do you have in mind? Me: Truth is I don't know. I thought about it but nothing comes to mind. Dad: I'll make a plan for you. Me: You will? I grinned. That was going to be one less thing to worry about. Dad: Of course you my daughter. It's my rightful duty to look after you and I never mind. Me: Thank you dad. I threw myself in his arms and we shared a tight short embrace. Dad drove me to school then gave me money for lunch and to take a taxi home. I was slowly and surely getting used to going back with a taxi. I had to be the one to wait for Thuli because surprisingly short embrace. Dad drove me to school then gave me money for lunch and to take a taxi home. I was slowly and surely getting used to going back with a taxi. I had to be the one to wait for Thuli because surprisingly I was early. Nobuhle just had to come but who am I kidding? I'm at the gate so anyone is bound to pass by me. She was with her boyfriend they were holding hands. I saw her scan me from my shoes to my head before she even approached. For the first time in my life I exchanged stares with the president. He looked even more handsome at a closer view and I actually understood while all the girls were so into him. It's when Nobuhle cleared her throat that I noticed we had been staring at each other for way too long. I looked down as they passed me and I was very sure that she was going to murder me when we meet alone. She was so possessive of him and I actually understood why. It would have been better if he did the same. It was no secret there was other girls and I had heard from Thuli how she used to beat all the girls that he cheats with. Apparently they have an on and off relationship. She's very popular (Nobuhle) around the school and its understandable because she's dating the president. Thuli: Hey. It was her voice that brought me back to reality. I had been so lost in my own thoughts. I smiled as we shared a brief hug. Thuli: This must be a miracle. I chuckled. Me: What? Thuli: You coming before me. Me: Haha it's only today. Thuli: So how are you? Me: I'm good babe you? Thuli: I'm good hey hanging in there. Me: What's wrong now? Thuli: My mom is a bit sick. Me: Oh I'm sorry. I gave her a hug and assured her that all will be well. We went to class to put our bags down then went to assembly. We had choir practice today and it was more for tomorrow's event. We were dismissed to our different classes and lessons started. I was waiting for Thuli at the toilet during break time when Nobuhle came to me and I really wished the earth could swallow me up. She was with her two friends. Nobuhle: Well well well. What do we have here? They giggled. I was alone in a corner with these three. Nobuhle: If you know what's good for you you wouldn't come to the bash tomorrow. Me: W.. Why? My voice was stuttering but I had to force it out. I can't always show her how much she intimidated me. To think she's thin you would think I could just squeeze her up but she's taller than me so I didn't even think about it. I'm not even the violent type and maybe that is why she felt she could rule over me. Nobuhle: I saw how you looked at him. You really don't wanna see my other side. " Ooh we scared" That was Thuli speaking behind me. She never sucked up to Nobuhle while I trembled at her presence. Nobuhle: I don't get what this has to do with you. Thuli: I'm actually sick and tired of you Nobuhle bossing everyone around. Nobuhle snickered then shook her head before maintaining a straight face. Nobuhle: You don't wanna mess with me trust me! She clicked her tongue before leaving and I could finally breathe. Thuli: You should stop letting her take control of you Me: It's not that easy. We went to buy ourselves some food. We ate and went back to class when the bell rang. After school we went to the hall for choir practice then we took a taxi to town so we could do our hair. Thuli: What are you getting? Me: I don't know. Maybe cornrows. Thuli: I'll do a simple straight back. We got into the salon and I did those big cornrows. It was about seven rows while Thuli did a small lines straight back. We paid then left since it was already late. We shared a short hug before we both departed to our different homes with the taxi. I was going to finally see where she lives tomorrow where I'd be sleeping and dad didn't have a problem with it. I think he just wanted to get rid of me. Anyway I got out at my gate and dragged my big ass to the house. Me: I'm tired! I said as I entered into our home. Dad: Rest. I got something I need to show you. Me: Actually I don't think I'm that tired. He chuckled. Dad: You like things. Me: No I mean it. I'm not really really tired. Dad: Okay go and change. I half run to the bedroom where I put my bag down then changed out of my uniform. I wore some shorts and vest with flops then went to where dad was. Me: So? Dad: I got you something but I'll only show you tomorrow morning. Me: What? Dad: It's a surprise. Me: But Dad that's not - Dad: Patience baby patience. Me: That's not fair. Dad : Life isn't. I knew dad wasn't going to show me so I gave up. Lucky for me I didn't have any homework. I went to take a nap like I usually do. I made food for the both of us when I woke up. Dad used to cook but I don't know what happened. I dished up then we ate watching TV. Dad: It's been such a long time since we spent time together. Me: We always do. We live in the same house. Dad: You Know it's not the same. Me: Maybe if you weren't keeping things from me. Dad: What am I keeping from you? Me: I think you know. Dad: You too smart for your age. Bedtime now. Me: What? Dad: Come let's go tuck you in. Me: I'm not a baby dad. Dad: You like acting like one. I let him be. He picked me up bridal side and I just giggled. He tucked me in and I fell asleep almost immediately. I so wish tomorrow wasn't this near.

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