part 8 her story

Dad: You can't avoid me forever. Me: What do you want me to say? Dad: I'm still your father. Me: You don't have to remind. I took my bag and went to sit in the car. It was the following morning. A new day meaning its sports. I guess I was happy because I just loved soccer that much and I'd actually feel like I matter in the team. It's knowing that my absence would be very loud that assured me that I'm actually filling some sort of void in the team. I hadn't talked to since yesterday and actually I didn't see any need to. I didn't know this man. Yes he looked like my father but how he had changed over night was hard to comprehend. I couldn't fathom how he could become a totally different person in such a short period of time and find no fault in how he was suddenly treating me. I used to be his world but now it seemed like I didn't matter to him. Whatsoever happened to my sweet father. Is it church? Maybe this is why I'd never go to church. I wouldn't want to find myself unable to recognize the sudden person it might turn me to. He came and got inside the car. He looked at me and I just looked forward. He shook his head then started the car. For the first time in a very long time I couldn't wait to get to school. The truth is being in my father's presence infuriated me even more. I just couldn't deal with him now. I stretched out my hand to him after he stopped the car. He put money In my hand and I took it then thanked him. Me: You not picking me again? Dad: Just know I'm not doing this to punish you or- Me: I get it. I got out and banged the door. Thuli was waiting for me as usual At the gate. We shared a brief hug then I faked a smile when we broke it.. Me: How are you? Thuli: That's a first. Me: What? Thuli: I'm always the first one to ask how you doing. Me: Haha I know like I told I'm going to be a better friend to you. Thuli: Well I'm fine you? Me: I'm alright.. Thuli: Why am I not convinced? Me: Why aren't you? We walked to class. We had been standing at the gate. We saw Nobuhle passing by and she wasn't alone. Me: I didn't know they were together. Thuli: Who? I pointed at Nobuhle who was being cosy with Kamo. Thuli: Mxm Me: What? Thuli: I just don't like her. She's bitter always picking out on innocent people. Me: Like me. Thuli: She probably feels threatened by you. Me: What do I have? Look at her she has it all. Thuli: Not everything is as it seems. Me: What do you mean? I was confused by what she had said and somehow it felt there was more to what she was saying than she let out to me. I looked at her so that she could explain to me what she meant. Thuli: They're not as happy as they seem. Me: How would you know that? Thuli: Don't you wonder why she's always picking on you? Me: Not really. I shook my head and shrugged my shoulders. I was really lost and I needed her to explain further what she meant but it didn't seem like she was going to go further. We put our bags down then went to assembly. They reminded us about Friday and I wasn't ready. It's Valentines after all meaning we'd be watching couples publicly displaying their affection for each other while some of us are single. Not that it bothered me but it sucks. I also wish I could receive a rose and card that I could have someone tell me how much they love me even if it's a lie. Is that really too much to ask for? I doubt it is. We went back to class and lessons proceeded. I really don't know why I had to be in the same class as Nobuhle. She really made my body shiver. Is it her tall structure Or maybe it's the dead stares she always gives me? I don't know but I really really feared her and she knew that. The President came to our class with the vice president and as usual he had the girls eating out of his hand. The way everyone warmed up to him though I just didn't get it. What did he have that made the whole school fall at his feet? I admit he's handsome and all but I still don't get why they suck up to him this much. They were busy screaming and not giving him a chance to speak. You'd swear some celebrity just entered. I was just sitting there with my my hands on my ears and my eyes rolling cause I just didn't get what the fuss was about. Even Thuli was smitten while Nobuhle was blushing as hell. He maintained a straight face before clearing his throat and everyone kept quiet. They were so quiet that you'd even hear a needle fall. Kamo: As y'all know we got a little something here on Friday. Class: Yeah! Kamo: There's been a new twist to the event. We all looked at him anxiously waiting to hear about this new twist. Thuli: (whispering ) I wonder. Kamo: There's gonna be a dance. All the girls are gonna get locks with numbers while the guys get keys with matching numbers to those of their destined partners and that will be your date for the bash. Class: Woah! Kamo: This is really going to be pretty fun if you ask me. And who knows maybe one of you yummy mamis might get a piece of this. He smirked and the girls screamed. I rolled my eyes. This guy is just too arrogant

maybe one of you yummy mamis might get a piece of this. He smirked and the girls screamed. I rolled my eyes. This guy is just too arrogant he's too full of himself and too much for me. Actually He and Nobuhle are just perfect for each other cause that is how she is too. He walked out with the vice following him like a puppy but the class still talked about him. Thuli: I wonder who am gonna get. Me: I really don't wish like coming. Thuli: Don't be such a party pauper. Me: No I don't like this twist. What if my date hates me? Thuli: Let's not overthink things. Me: I can't help it. This seems like a blind date of some sort. Thuli: I actually think its gonna be fun. I wonder who's gonna get K-more. " I think that's obvious " We looked up only to be met by Nobuhle's beautiful face. Thuli rolled her eyes while I felt my heart beat accelerate. It's the effect she has on me. Nobuhle: He's mine after all and sorry to break you little girls' hearts but none of you is getting him. Thuli: Don't be sure pretty. From what I heard there's no guarantee of who's getting him. Nobuhle: Oh please I'm his girlfriend dummy I know his number. Thuli: Do you now? Nobuhle: Yeah he's a number 08 so he's obviously going to get a key with that number. I'll just have to make sure I get a lock with number 08. She flicked her hair then went back to her place. I don't know why she had to tell us her plans. She's so obsessed with Kamo to think she even has it all figured out. Thuli: She's really just a pretty face. Me: Huh? Thuli: She's stupid. To tell us all that of course we'll all pray and hope we get an 08. Me: Except for me. Thuli: You don't like K-more? Me: He's too full of himself. He acts like the Kanye West of this school. Thuli: He's the president! Me: I don't care. He's too arrogant and annoying. Thuli: Well I still hope I get an 08. Fingers crossed. Me: Good luck with that. The teacher came and lessons proceeded. I really didn't want to be a part of this. I don't like engaging in competitions because this sure sounded and felt like one. Everyone was all hoping to get Kamo while I hoped I get sick just so I end up not coming to school. On top of that the choir was going to perform an item and being in soprano meant I'll be in the first line and I was shit scared. I'm not shy but I hate public spaces and more especially being the center of attention. At break time we bought pies and a cola then went to sit at our usual spot. Thuli: We should go do our hair tomorrow. Me: With what money? Thuli: Why do you think we've been saving? I shrugged my shoulders. I hadn't even thought it that far. Thuli: You can be slow at times. Me: You mean it was for our hair? Thuli: Duuh! I giggled and punched her lightly. It had been long since I did anything with my hair and at least I'd be looking a bit different at the bash. Things might turn up different for me. When the bell rang for school out we both went to the toilet to change into our sport attire. I had soccer practice and she had netball. After changing we parted ways and I was striking this time. One of the defenders Nosi came to me. Nosi: You have an amazing body yazi. Me: Who? Me? You kidding right? Nosi: I mean it I so wish I had it Me: You can have it anytime boo. Nosi: I'm pretty sure I'd flaunt it all the time. Show it off and shit. I laughed. If only she knew how uncomfortable my body makes me. Whilst in the mist of practice the guys came again and I only noticed when I heard some cheering after I had scored a goal. Nosi: They seem to be fond of you. She smirked. I doubted every part of that sentence. I don't think they even noticed me. We went to change in the toilets to find Thuli having long changed. We walked together to catch our taxis. I was very tired when I got home. That's how I always feel after practice. I immediately went to take a nap cause my body was shutting down on me.

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