part 7 her story

A word came up to me as I was sleeping and I actually thought I was going crazy. I was only with my father in the room and I saw that he was sleeping deeply hence I say I felt I was getting crazy. "Finally my brethren be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might." The voice saying this was gently and very Angelic. When I opened my eyes I felt the presence of a heavenly being. The presence was too light. It was as light as a feather and it filled me with greater peace. When I woke up the words were still echoeing in my mind. I couldn't take em off it and it sounded like a bible verse or something of that nature. Me: Finally my brethren be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. I wondered was it a God speaking? Surprisingly I was in a good mood if I do say so myself. My father had boiled water for me already. I poured and bathed. I really thought I'd be nervous but I was actually just relaxed. I dried lotioned and wore my tunic because it's Tuesday. How I wish that I had actually bunked today instead of yesterday because I really don't like wearing it and I didn't have a choice. To think I'm always complaining everytime I wear it. If it had a mouth I'm thinking it would've long talked back to me. I made a neat bun with my hair took my bag then went to the kitchen. Dad: You were fast. Me: Is that a compliment? Dad: Of course baby. Me: Thank you dad. I sat down and he gave me a bowl of porridge then we ate breakfast together of course he had to say Grace first. I'd have to talk to Thuli about it first. Dad's new attitude was really suspicious and I had to have an opinion from someone else before I decide to confront him. I quickly washed the dishes before he drove me to school. Dad: You'll have to take a taxi back. Me: That doesn't sound like a request. Dad: It's a command. Me: What? Dad: I've babied you for a long time now. How will you be able to face the world if I'm always shielding you? Me: What's the sudden change from now? Dad: Baby I only want what's best for you. Me: So you think this is what best for me? Leaving me to be exposed to the world and its cruelty? So much for being my father! I got out and banged the door. I can't believe that my own father was doing this to me. He of all people knew all that I had been through. He was there through it all and now he was leaving me all alone to face it. "Ephesians 6:10 beloved" I looked around. I didn't see anyone facing me. Who just spoke then? I couldn't fathom what was going on with me. Was I really going mad? Suddenly I'm hearing Bible quotes I think someone is pranking me but who the hell could that have been. I sighed and went through the school yards meeting Thuli by the gate. Thuli: You seem disturbed. I sighed deeply. Me: Where can I start? She gave me a brief hug then we walked to class. Thuli: You know you can talk to me. Me: Something weird just happened. She nodded assuring me that I can carry on. Me: I heard someone speaking to me but when I looked around

everyone was just minding their own business. Thuli: That's weird. Me: Tell me about it. I put my bag down on my chair then we sat on top of the table. Thuli: What did they say? Me: Huh? Thuli: The person dummy. Me: Ephesians 6;10 beloved. Her face lit up and a smug embraced her face. I was confused by all of this. I'm not a religious person so I don't even Know where in the Bible I'd start to look for this verse. I don't even have a Bible. Thuli: You should rejoice. Me: I'm confused. Thuli: You have heaven's protection. Me: What are you on about? Thuli: I think an Angel is the one who said that to you. God knows all about our troubles and he's always there to cater for our every needs. Me: It's too early for a preaching. Thuli: You so ignorant . Me: Hai Thuli. Me and God are like water and oil we don't mix. Her mind was just not with me. Thuli: Be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. My jaw immediately dropped. Those are the words I had heard in my dream. The question is how did she know cause I never told her? Me: How did you... How did.. You Know? Thuli: That's Ephesians 6:10 silly. Me: What? Thuli: Yes that's what God was tellin you. Me: Huh? The bell rang and she got up immediately leaving me astonished like that. So it really was God who spoke to me. But what does he want from me? I don't go to church I don't have a Bible I don't even believe in Him or in religion for that matter. Why couldn't he speak to Thuli? It's like he knew what I needed to Know but how? Where has He been all this time? Why did he come now? I didn't even hear a word of what was said at assembly. My mind was just thinking too much. The teacher arrived immediately when we got in and I forced myself to concentrate because she might end up banning me from class and I couldn't have that. Thuli: Your mind has been away since assembly. She said as we were sitting down in our spot we had just bought snacks it was during break and I could Finally breathe. Nobuhle kept giving me death stares and I pretended not to notice although I was shit scared. Me: I just got a lot in my mind.. Thuli: Care to share? Me: For starters my father has been acting weird. Thuli: Weird how? Me: Well firstly he went to church on Sunday. Thuli: I don't see anything wrong with that. Me: He has never been interested in church since like forever he didn't even know which church he was going to. Thuli: Mm tell me more. Me: You Know he says Grace before eating and today he didn't wanna come pick me up anymore. Thuli: Don't you see it? Me: What? Thuli: Your father has someone who's been influencing him in a rather good way. Me: You mean a.. No. Thuli: Seems to me you'll be having a mom soon. Me: No way! Thuli: Yes way She giggled and I just wasn't there. I couldn't imagine my father having another female in his life. It had always been just me and that's how I preferred things. I had to Know of this person who was stealing my father from me and reprimand them for it Could it be She's right? Well it all made perfect sense now. We went back to class when the bell rang and I just passed time waiting for school out. I hadn't seen Tiisetso and I wasn't bothered by that. I was still contemplating coming to the bash on Friday. I didn't wanna disappoint Thuli but again I didn't want to infuriate Nobuhle any further. This was really going to be a tough decision for me. Why was I so scared of her? I mean she always knew which buttons to press and I still had no idea what is it that I had done to her that made her hate me this much Thuli: I can't come with you today. Me: Oh? I was disappointed to say the least. I had gotten so used to having her in my back. Thuli: I'm sorry but my mom is picking me up we going to visit a sick relative. Me: Oh go well. Although I was disappointed I understood that family comes first. Blood is thicker than water right? Yeah her mom came sooner than we both thought. I hugged her before she got inside her car then I had to walk alone to catch a taxi. I waited and waited I tell you. I don't get why dad was punishing me like this and I felt myself getting more and more angry at him for doing me like this. I immediately got into the taxi when It came and at least I wasn't the topic. It dropped me off at my home and I got out then dragged my feet to our door. I took out my key and unlocked since my father wasn't there. I undressed out of my uniform and into dad's old Tee. I threw myself on the bed and deep sleep consumed me immediately. I was woken up by my grumbling stomach. Dad was busy with his sewing machine. I didn't even greet him because of what he had done. I made some sandwiches for myself and ate. Dad: You avoiding me now? I got up and went outside. I really couldn't deal with the fact that he was replacing me. My own father. After all we had been through together. It had always been him and I against the world

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