part 68 her story

Thando: So you wanted space? The one question I really thought and was hoping he wouldn't ask.. About space. I don't know what I was thinking he wasn't of any fault in this issue. It was wrong of me to hold his past against him cause it was just that.. His past. I looked down but I knew he wasn't going to let it go he's very persistent. Me: Can we please not talk about that? He chuckled I guess he liked the position I had put myself in cause it meant he gets to call the shots now and I'll just have to follow him like a lost puppy. He parked the car and came to my side and opened the door for me. We were already in his house. He spanked my butt just as I was about to open the door. Me: The hell? Thando: I'm just testing the waters. Me: Testing the.. What? He chuckled and opened the door and made space for me to get in and he got in after I did. Thando: Anything to drink? Me: I could do with a glass of wine now. Thando: Not happening. You'll have juice. I folded my arms And looked at him. Me: Why did you ask me Vele in the first place if you gonna make the decision for me? Thando: Then I guess it was a rhetorical question. I rolled my eyes as he poured my juice and just sighed. I knew we were still gonna talk about this something I really wasn't looking forward to. I know I shouldn't have asked for Space but that's because I didn't know what to do everything at that point was overwhelming for me. I had a lot of thoughts running in my mind and it sounded like a good decision then. Thando: Here. Me: Thanks. I took a sip of my juice with him looking intensely at me. Thando: So space? Me: About that... Thando: Mm? I took another sip of my juice. Wine could have made things easier but I'm not much of an alcohol fan and right now I wasn't in the mood for it. I was just playing when I asked for a glass of wine. Me: I'm sorry I didn't know what I was thinking. I just had a lot of shit in my mind. Thando: So you thought pushing me away was what's best? Me: I just... I guess I wasn't thinking. Thando: Why can't you just talk to me about things Khensani? Why don't you ever confide in me? I mean I'm your man you need to trust me enough to lean on me. Me: I don't know. It's not you the problem is just with me I guess. I looked down I really was feeling bad and everything he was saying was true. Thando: You know what your problem is? I looked at him. Me: What? Thando: You like letting what people say affect you when it's just none of your business. Someone's opinion no matter how true shouldn't matter to you. I sighed. It seemed as if he knew exactly what happened. How could Kamogelo stoop so low though? I mean it's really not what I expected from him but again he did lie to me regarding Thuli so I should know I can never know what to expect. Me: You right and I really feel bad. Thando: That Kamogelo kid needs to stay in his lane though. Me: How did you..? Thando: It doesn't matter. He just needs to move on with his life and let you be. Me: You right he does. So it's true? Thando: What? Me: You cheated on your fiancee? Thando: What he didn't tell you is that happened six years ago I was only 23 and definitely not ready for marriage. All I'm saying is that's my past and you're my present and future don't let anyone ruin us ruin this. Me: Okay it's fine. I actually regret letting him get to me. I missed you so much. Thando: All because of space. Me: You never Letting this go are you? He chuckled. Thando: Never. I think I also want some space. I looked at him and he was serious. Me: What? Thando: I want some space in your heart. I laughed he really had me there. He came to stand in front of me then gave me his hand. Thando: Come with me. I took it and we left heading to his bedroom. I sat down on the bed and he sat next to me then held my hands. I looked at him. Thando: You know ever since what happened with my engagement I just told myself to never commit to someone unless I'm really sure about it. Turns out I wasn't the only one cheating so she didn't dump me we both agreed to end things. Me: So this means you could have been married by now had things worked out? Thando: Yeah but they didn't and here am I. Me: Can't believe you were engaged when I was like 13. He chuckled and pulled my cheek. Thando: When you lost your virginity. Me: Hey! I was 14 when that happened. Thando: Same shit to me. I punched him lightly and he chuckled. Me: That's not nice. Thando: Should have been me. Me: That would have been statutory rape. He laughed. Thando: Not if you enjoyed it. Me: What gives you the guarantee I would have? Thando: I can only show you then you decide. Me: Oh? Thando: Yes. Me: Azishe ke. He laughed probably because of the way I said it. He stood up I was watching him and made me also stand up. His hands went to my waist and he pressed our bodies together before he leaned down and kissed me slowly. His hands went to my butt and squeezed it as He brought us even more closer making me feel his erection. He lifted me up then laid me on the bed he took off his top then got on top of me. I was just looking at him. He came to my neck kissed it leaving bites before taking off my top then kissed the top of my breasts I bit my lip as I enjoyed what his touch was doing to my body in this case in this case his lips. He unhooked my bra then took it off allowing my erect breasts to spring freely. Thando: They're beautiful. He said taking a moment to admire them which made me more arose. He then started suckin each of them while looking at me and I moaned because the pleasure was too much and I was getting more and more wet. He then kissed me all the way to my stomach and below my belly button. He looked at me before taking off my shorts. I bit my lip I was so horny it's not even funny. He brushed my pussy just on top of my panty. He was teasing me and I really was running out of patience. He slowly took off my panties with his teeth and that was such a sexy thing to watch. Thando: You so wet. He said looking at me with a smirk and I blushed. His finger trailed on my nuna then I felt it trying to make its way inside. I gasped as he started to finger fuck me it had been quite a while. I closed my eyes as I moaned feeling his tongue also eat me simultaneously with no knowledge of how he was able to multitask like that. He came to my face after I came no pun intended and kissed me and I just got wet again. Thando: You ready? Me: I am. Thando: Say it. Me: I'm ready. He nodded then took off his shorts and briefs. All In my mind I was thinking and really hoping it doesn't hurt. I wouldn't be able to handle that. It had been about four years since I last had sex and I had only had it twice with two guys. He spread my legs wide before he tried entering me and I screamed it hurt. Thando: Just relax. I swallowed deeply before he tried again and I told myself to just be strong cause it sure hurt more than breaking my virginity. He kept on trying as the tears just fell it was helluva painful and when all his dick was through he didn't move but looked at me instead. Thando: You okay? I nodded. I was in pain but I wanted this as much as he did. I asked for this and I wasn't backing out now. Thando: I need to hear you tell me. Me: I'm okay. He kissed me with his dick still inside of me for a while and the kiss just got me more in the mood and I forgot about the pain for a while. Thando: You so tight. He said before he started to move and I felt the pain change into pleasure. . Me: I don't think I'll be able to walk He chuckled he was finding this funny but I wasn't my vagina was really on fire. Thando: You'll be fine. He perked my lips I folded my arms. We were still laying on the bed just after our amazing love making. For the first time I didn't regret in fact I felt more in love with him. Thando: So was I right? I blushed. Me: Yes. Thando: Thank You for giving me your virginity. Me: I wasn't a- Thando: You bled. He said with a grin. Me: I did. Thando: Yep. I freaked out and managed to get out of bed in the speed of light I even forgot I was in pain. He laughed at me I looked at the sheets and he was right. Me: I'll wash them now get off. Thando: No. Me: It's my blood Luthando get off and let me get this cleaned. It's not hygienic. Thando: You not cleaning this sheets I'm the one who did this to you so I'll figure it out. Me: Please. Thando: No. He got up from the bed too. Thando: Let's go shower. I nodded and he picked me up bridal style and we left. It's only when we were inside the shower that he put me down. Although he tried but nothing happened in the shower I refused because the pain was still too much. We dried and lotioned then I just wore his T-shirt with no underwear. Thando: You look sexy. He said biting his lip. I giggled. Me: Thank You. Thando: You spending the night? Me: I can't go home Walking like a tortoise. Thando: You know what will make it better? Me: What? Thando: Doing it again. Me: Wa hlanya! He chuckled. My phone beeped I took it from the bedside. We were in bed and I was laying in his chest I couldn't go anywhere again. Thando: Should I order some food? Me: Please I'm so hungry. He nodded then got out from bed. It was a facebook notification. "Thuli tagged you and two others in a post" Me: Interesting. I said logging into facebook and my jaw dropped.

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