part 66 her story

LUTHANDO'S POV Getting off the phone with Khensani I almost threw it against the wall. Space? Space sa masimba. I was literally going crazy wondering what wrong I could have done that would make her suddenly want space. I looked up at the heavens maybe God will be able to explain what the hell is going on. Me: God why did you make my heart fall in love with this girl like this? Why did she have to be the one to bring all these light in what had been a dark miserable heart? Why? I didn't know where I had gone wrong with her I thought we were way over this age issue so what could be wrong now? I went to the kitchen and straight to the fridge and took out a can of Castle Lite which I drank like nobody's business. I was just stressed nje I didn't know what to do and I wasn't going to let her think she controls me I was going to give her the space that she wants but I wasn't going to give up on her. When I finished the first can I just took the remaining five put them on the table and started drinking. " Trying to drown your sorrows? " I looked up to find Tizz one of my niggers. We fist pumped. Me: Bruh. Tizz: He's really all out to ruin you guys and it's no longer funny. I looked at him confused. How the hell did he know that we not alright? Me: She wants space Bruh. He chuckled took one can and sat down on the bar chair opposite to me. Tizz: You know you should have let me pop a cap on that kid. Me: Nah you know that's not how I operate. Tizz: And yet here you are drowning your sorrows in alcohol. Me: What does he have to do with this? Tizz: You know my woman and your girl are friends. Me: Tell me more. Tizz: Turns out they were chilling e chisanyama when that kid and his friends decided to join them. My jaw clenched this kid didn't know what kind of beast he was provoking. Me: What did he say? Tizz: Well he told her about your fiancee and a little glimpse of why she left you. Me: Son of a bitch! I said squeezing the can that I was holding and it's contents. Tizz: Just say the word and it will be done. Me: I think it's high time I paid that boy a visit. Tizz: Wulfric man I don't think that's a good idea. Me: He's Messing up with my life and he got no idea who the fuck he's messing with! Tizz: And what will Khensani say? You know she has a soft spot for him. Me: You right let's just let him be. Tizz: Just tell her all about your past. That way it won't be a surprise when she hears it from him or somebody else. Me: Says the guy who has been talking about popping a cap on a nigger. We chuckled and just continued to drink. My mind was actually wondering why Khensani would let my past mistakes get to her. I never judged her for her mistakes so why should she judge me based on my past? She was suppose to give me the benefit of the doubt not demand "space" over hearsays no matter how true they might be. Tizz: Is she a virgin? Me: Technically she is. He laughed but I was right though she's only had sex to please someone she had never experienced the pleasure in love making. Thing about Tizz is we can talk about everything and I trust him. He's been my nigger from day one and although the bitches tried they have never gotten between us. We've been through thick and thin. Tizz: What the fuck man? I chuckled. The way he asked was just funny man. Me: Exactly that. Tizz: Okay whatever I just think its high time you gave her some. That girl needs some dick in her life. Me: That's my girl you talking about man. Tizz: I'm just saying. You can't be keeping your dick to yourself man lest you suffer from Lamarckism. Me: Dude what the fuck is that? Tizz: Didn't you do science in high school man? Me: How the hell am I suppose to remember something a did more than a decade ago? He chuckled he's just crazy. I had no idea what the fuck he was talking about. Tizz: It's pretty simple Continuous and extra use of organs make them more efficient while the continued disuse of some other organs lead to their degeneration and ultimate disappearance in your case the disuse of your dick. I looked at my pants and back at him. Me: You crazy. Tizz: Don't say I didn't warn you man. We chuckled my door bell rang and I kept quiet just to listen who that may be. "Thando my son! " Me: Shit! Tizz: What? Me: That's my mother. I whispered and disposed of all the cans quickly before going to open up for her. Me: Mother. Mom: Who are you hiding here? Me: What? No one geez. She didn't even wait for me to say she can come in but just got in and started looking around I followed her. Mom: Oh hey Tshepo. He was drunk but he knew better than to show it to my mother so we both had to act sober. Tizz: Hey Ma. Mom: I hope you not cheating on Kholiswa's daughter I see how your eyes were showing guilt. I hope you not hiding some girl in here. She said that pointing a finger at me. The way she loves Khen you'd swear she's known her forever but they only met yesterday imagine. Tizz: That's my cue it was nice seeing you mamzo. I'll call you man. Me: Sure njayami We fist pumped and he left leaving me to face the music all alone. Mom: So? Me: What ma? Mom: Where's she? Me: There's no one here ma. Mom: This place smells like a brewery. She said opening the windows before she started cleaning up the entire place and forcing me to help. The way my mom treats me like a child you'd swear I'm not 29. I had to listen to her complain and tell me how lazy I Am and all that stuff. After cleaning she started cooking and I could finally rest. It was alright so late but I couldn't even ask if she's spending the night or not I just let her be. I was watching TV while waiting for her to finish with the cooking. Mom: She's still coming to the dinner right? Me: Who? She had dished up for the both of us and forced me to sit on the dining table with her. Mom: Don't play dumb with me Khensani. If only she knew that she actually demanded that I give her space. I just don't get why it's so hard for Khensani to talk things through with me instead of running away . I was actually mad at her for behaving so childish she's no longer 16 after all. Mom: Tumelo weh. Know that shit has hit the fan when she calls me by my Tswana name. Me: She wants space. She dropped her fork as if she didn't believe I just said that. It was pretty hard to believe for me too but I wasn't going to run after her lest she takes my love for her for granted and decides to fuck me up. Mom: Wareng? Me: That's what she told me so I'm giving her her space. Mom: O dirileng? Me: Who? Me? Mom: Yes you. Me: I didn't do anything Ma. Why would you think I did something? Mom: Cause you always mess things up Wena. Me: I didn't do anything. She heard something about me and instead of asking me about it she decided to sulk. Mom: What did she hear? Me: I was once engaged. Mom: Oh. Me: It happened like what 6 years ago? Mom: But does she know that? Me: She should've come to me and asked me instead of demanding some space. Mom: Le ENE why did she have to act so childish? She sighed. My mom really loved Khensani I don't know why she was doing this. Mom: Fix it. Me: But Ma I - Mom: Just fix it Tumelo be the bigger person In this issue. Me: Literally I am. Mom: Then act like it. I wanna see her at that dinner. She stood up Mom: And wash those dishes. Me: Yes ma'am. With that said she disappeared into the house probably to the guestroom cause I know how much she hates driving at night. I washed the dishes as per her command while thinking about this Khensani issue. I really thought I had dealt with this boy but it seemed I hadn't done nothing at all. The only thing I could do know was to tell Khen everything that way she'd know before he even thinks of saying something. Naye why was she still entertaining her bitter ex? I can't be trying to put a 20 year old boy in his place. I don't understand why he can't just get a life and let Khensani be . The following morning when I woke up I brushed my teeth and took a shower. I dried and lotioned when I was done. It was a Friday meaning there were a Lotta parties all over and vibes. I wore my adidas shorts with a T-shirt and wore my adidas sandals. Going to the kitchen my mother wasn't there and I saw a note stuck on the fridge. " I went back home. Breakfast is in the oven. Don't forget what I said I love you. " I have the best mother in the world shame. I took my food and ate while thinking about all this thing with Khensani it was driving me crazy. Me: Argh fuck this. I took my phone and car keys then left locking the door before getting into my car then driving off. To her place. I wasn't going to let a little boy ruin what we have something we had worked so hard to build. No way. She'll just have to forget about this space business. I don't care. Space? What space?


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