part 65 her story

Me: I'll see you again soon VA.. Thandi: Okay Sisi. We hugged one more time. Kholiswa had come to fetch her. Kholiswa: Can I please talk to you Bonga? Me: Okay fine. It's not that I wanted to but again she needed to apologize for her anomalous behavior. We went outside and she gave Thandi the key to her car so she could stay inside. It seemed she was happy to know me and she couldn't stay away from me and that made me feel so appreciated and like I matter not that I didn't. Kholiswa: I'm sorry I really am sorry for my behavior yesterday. It's high time that I accepted that you're grown and capable of making your own decisions. I know I've acted like quite a bitch and as hard as this might be for you to believe I love you and I only want what's best for you. If Luthando is what's best then you have my blessing. I only wanna see you happy and again I'm sorry for all the pain that I have caused you through out the years and now. My decision was completely selfish And I should have put you first. Please find it in your heart to forgive me. Me: I forgive you I long did. And I accept your apology I just hope you mean it. Kholiswa: Believe me I do. Me: Okay so tell me do you have more children other than Thandi and I? Kholiswa: Well I'm actually pregnant again. Me: Woah what? I looked at her stomach and it was completely flat. My mother had the same body like mine with a hour glass figure so I knew where I got it all from. She chuckled probably because of my facial expression at that time. Kholiswa: I'm five weeks pregnant. Me: That's Umm.. Nice. Kholiswa: Well my husband doesn't know yet. Me: Why? I think he's gonna be happy. Kholiswa: He wants a son I just hope I don't disappoint. Me: Typical of some men to think an heir is a male child. Kholiswa: You too smart for a 19 year old. I giggled. Me: I get that a lot. I guess I got daddy's brains Kholiswa: Hey I'm not all dumb. I'm the major shareholder of a gold mine. Me: Chesa Kholiswa. We laughed. I was just glad that we were getting along now with no gnashing of teeth. Kholiswa: I'm not trying to push but I'd really like for you to visit me. Me: I'll try and make some time. I still have your business card Kholiswa: Eish that. I'm sorry you probably thought I was taking this as some business deal. Me: Actually I did. Kholiswa: Haha I'm sorry about that. Can I have your number Ke? Me: That's so weird. We laughed. She gave me her IPhone and I munched in my number. Me: Wish we could exchange phones. Kholiswa: I could always buy you your own. Me: Ha.a too soon. She laughed we shared a hug which was very warm for our first one and she left. Dad: I see you guys bonded I laughed and sat down next to him on the couch. Me: She's not that bad after all. He chuckled. Dad: See? I told you. Me: Thanks again for the talk. I said and threw myself in his arms and he kissed my cheek. Kitso: What talk? She said coming with Bandile and I got free from dad's embrace and held the mini me. Well I'm saying that because he looks like me. I kissed him all over the face making him giggle. Dad: I just asked her to see where her mother is coming from. Kitso: Oh. Me: She won't replace you in any way. Kitso: You don't have to say that to make me feel better. Me: I mean it though. I continued playing with Bandile until he fell asleep again And I went to tuck him in. I cooked lunch then dished up when I was done. It was just pap with fried chicken and gravy nothing hectic. Kitso: Luthando is one lucky bastard this is amazing Khen. I smiled. If only she knew that they're actually the same age. Imagine your boyfriend being the same age as your stepmother. Me: Thank You. Dad: Don't encourage them he still has to pay your bridal price first. I laughed. Dad can just switch from being an intellectual to being a cultural man in the snap of a finger. Kitso helped with the dishes since I was the one who cooked. I took my phone put on some headphones and just went for a walk. I couldn't wait for Varsity being home just sucks sometimes. It was actually boring and to think this was gonna go on for about three weeks made me wanna just sleep and wake up just in time for registration. " Bonga" I could clearly recognize that voice but not what could have brought her here. It was Nobuhle and she was with Tiisetso never thought I'd see the day this two become friends not that they were enemies. Me: Hey I hugged the both of them. Buhle: We wanted to surprise you but got lost. I chuckled. Me: Ncoaa that's so sweet. Tiisetso: I never could have thought you were living in the same street as K-more. I looked at them a bit confused on how they came to know of that. Buhle: Oh I'm the one who showed her his place. Used to come when we were together. Me: Oh yeah I had Totally forgotten about that. We actually weren't that far from where I live. Me: I was actually just going for work staying at home is so boring. Buhle: Too much I actually can't wait for results day to know where I stand. Tiisetso: Yoh me too. Let's go to the chisanyama I heard they're hunks there. I laughed I never could have imagined I'd hear her say that. Haike I didn't mind since I didn't have anything to do. We walked there talking about things that really didn't make sense until we arrived. See the walk there Is a bit long but since I had company it was pretty short so as to say. Buhle: Man it's packed. Me: Ke December ntate! We laughed and went to find ourself a table first. Me: Yazi I don't have any money on me. Buhle: And even if you did we would not have let you pay for anything. Tiisetso: We the one who took you out after all. Me: Well in that case azishe. We laughed. I stayed behind while they went to get us some drinks and snacks since I told them I wasn't hungry. " Hey" I looked up to meet Kagi with Thuto and Kamo. Me: Umm hey. Thuto: This is a surprise. Me: Indeed it is I wasn't expecting you guys to be here. Kagi: Actually we just got here. Me: Oh Kamo: It's actually kinda packed so we gonna chill with you. Me: How about asking maybe? Buhle: Khen we finally got our order.. Oh hey guys. Kamo: Y'all are chilling together? Me: Yeah they're actually the one who brought me here. Thuto: Well it doesn't matter. Kamo: I'll go buy us something to drink and some food first I'm sitting next to Khen. I rolled my eyes and they laughed. Thuto sat next to me while Kagi sat between Buhle and Tiisetso. Kagi: So tell me how does it feel to be unemployed? Us: It sucks! We laughed at how we all said that at the same time. Thuto: Trust me you'll get used to it. Buhle: I don't see that happening any time soon. We continued Talking while eating the snacks that had been bought before Kamogelo came with alcohol and meat. He sat on my other side so I was between Thuto and Kamogelo. Kamo: So tell me Khen how does it feel to date someone so old? I looked at him in disbelief. Did he really have to do that? Buhle: Don't mind him. I mean my boyfriend is like ten years older. Kamo: What's his name? Buhle: Tshepo. Truth is my heart just calmed down when I heard that because I wouldn't want to think she's dating my man. Me: Again why we talking about me? Thuto: Cause you interesting. Kagi: And Lil brother that was a low blow. Me: I think I should leave. Kamo: Please don't leave I'm sorry for what I said. Me: How did you even know about him? Thuto: Well we did a little research on him. Kagi: Turns out he's not as clean as you might think. Buhle: This to me seems like a plan to try and get Khen back with Kamo. She's happy with Luthando and compared to someone I know he's not a cheater. Kamo: Then she should ask him why his fiancee left him Me: His what? Kamo: Oops you didn't know? My bad. I didn't even wait I just stood up. This was just too much. Buhle: Please don't leave. I could hear her but somehow I felt dizzy. All that kept ringing in my mind was "Fiancee" I didn't know how to stomach this I was shocked. I couldn't even cry I didn't know how to react. I mean this happened before I was in the picture but again it would have been better to hear it from him Why did Kamogelo have to be so bitter? I actually hated him at that moment. Why couldn't he just let me be happy? I couldn't understand why they couldn't just let us be. I wasn't expecting Luthando to be perfect and I really would have never thought that Kamogelo would stoop so low as if he's perfect yena. Getting home I just went to my room. I didn't even feel any tiredness from the long walk I had taken. A lot of thoughts had been running through my mind and I was just feeling numb. I mean I didn't know whether to cry or scratch myself or maybe pinch myself just to know if this was reality. I threw myself on my bed and it's comfort was really all that I needed When my phone rang I couldn't even bring myself to answer it. I just let it ring and instead sang along to its ringing Tone. From then flooded texts and I just didn't barge. Dad: Why you not answering your phone? And it's then that I realized I hadn't even closed the door. I looked at him he had his phone in his hand. I couldn't even bring myself to answer back. Dad: What's wrong? Me: Umm nothing. He gave me a look that said I'm not buying that before he left after telling me to answer my phone. I just nodded so he can give me some space. When it rang again I just answered without checking the caller id. " What's going on? " Luthando well I didn't say anything. I couldn't. Thando: Khensani? Me: I'm here. Thando: Why haven't you been answering your phone? Me: I just don't know Luthando I need some space. Thando: What the hell? Me: I need to think. Thando: What the hell you on about? Don't fuck with me Khensani. Me: Bye. Thando: Don't you dare drop the phone on me! I didn't but just kept quiet not saying anything. My mind was just so far away. Thando: Now tell me what's your problem? Me: You are. He chuckled and it wasn't the same funny chuckle. The problem wasn't him but it was with me and all the crazy people I have in my life. Why did things have to be so complicated? Thando: I'll give you your space. With that said he hung up and I just threw my phone on my side and slept. Maybe the rest was going to help me take a break from overthinking.


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