part 6 her story

I really thought dad was kidding with this church thing but nope. On Sunday when I woke up I found him trying to tie his tie. He was tapping his foot on the floor while humming a song softly and that told me his in a good mood. What was happening with my father though? Trust me I don't have any problems with him being happy cause I think everyone deserves to be happy though it has never happened to me but I think there was something or someone behind his sudden mood. Me: Good morning. Dad: Good morning my beautiful princess oh what a great morning. Me: And then? I folded my arms and looked at him with both of my eyebrows raised and he chuckled shaking his head. I tapped my foot down just to show him I mean business. Dad: So you really meant it when you said you not coming with me. Here I was thinking you'd change my mind. I rolled my eyes. He was trying to change the subject and totally ignore the direction my question is headed. Me: Which church are you going to anyway? He thought for a while and I stared at him. Dad: I actually had no idea. He cleared his throat and looked at his wrist watch. Dad: I gotta go cupcakes. Me: Who are you going with? Dad: Umm.. I'm late. He kissed me on the cheek plainly ignoring my question and left me just like that. I sighed then filled the urban with water so I can also bath. Someone knocked on the door while I was waiting for the water to boil. I had just had breakfast. I wore my flipflops and went to open the door. I was surprised to see Tiisetso on my doorstep. What could she possibly want? Me: Hello. Tiisetso: Hey can I get in? I nodded and made space so she could get in. I closed the door after and we went to sit in the chairs in our kitchen. I waited for her to say something cause I knew she wouldn't just pop at my doorstep like that. I usually meet with her in the afternoons just to catch up cause we don't talk at school. Me: Would you like something to drink? Tiisetso: I'm fine thanks. She cleared her throat. She was busy fiddling with her fingers. Silence had filled the room till she broke the ice. Tiisetso: I.. I heard about what Nobuhle did. Embarrassment embraced my face. A few thoughts and questions ran through my mind but the was one which was highly audible ; How did she know? With this one followed another; Does the whole school know? And again I thought of how I might be the laughing stock through out school. I suddenly didn't feel like going back there. It was going to be hell for me just like with the other schools. I had no idea how I was going to survive all of that but something in me told me not to worry. Something inside told me to smile and be happy. It actually felt like I was going mad. All this many voices inside my head and a very gently voice that I couldn't help but listen to. Me: How did.. How did you know? My voice came out as a whisper. I actually didn't Know how to feel about all this. Tiisetso: A friend of mine is.. Umm(clears throat) She's friends with.. With Nobuhle. Me: Oh I could actually see that there was more to this than she was letting out but I just brushed it off and decided not to over think too much about lest I fall back into that deep dark place. Tiisetso: I just.. Thing is.. I focused my attention on her. It seemed as though what she was going to say wasn't going to be anything nice. Something I had gotten so used to. Me: What? Tiisetso: Look Nokubonga you a good person and I really do like you and as a friend I'd warn you against Nobuhle. Me: But I didn't do anything to her. Tiisetso: She won't stop until she destroys you and now she's.. She stopped for a while and sighed then took a deep breath in and out. Me: She's what? Tiisetso: She's planning something against you at the bash hence I asked if you going. With that said she upped and left leaving me alone to digest all that she had told me. What did she have against me that would make her go to such extremes to make my life hell? Was it ever going to end? I somehow wished that my dad's happiness could just rub off of me for a minute. I didn't go to school on Monday and I had to fake sickness so dad could let me bunk. I just couldn't do it. I couldn't go to school and face Nobuhle and although I knew I couldn't run forever but it'll just have to do for now. Dad came while I was resting inside the blankets on my bed. Dad: What's really wrong with you? My eyes had bags under I had cried myself to sleep the previous night because frankly all this was running in my mind. The tears would just stream down my cheeks without me putting in any effort. I faced the other way. I didn't want to talk about this I just wanted to sleep it all away. I had drank my pills but they didn't help me in anyway and as much as I wanted to drink more I couldn't. I can't say I knew what was stopping me. Dad: You know you not going to run away forever. I know you not sick at least not physically. With that said he got up as he had been kneeling next to my bed and went out of the room. I sighed

he was right in anyway. I poured cold Water and bathed I didn't even feel it's temperature. I wore an old dress then went to sit outside under the shade. I didn't want to think I just needed the feel of nature for a while and that's when I decided to go sit by the river. The flowing sound of the river was soothing to my ratchet soul. I went back home when my appetite had returned from wherever it had ran to and my heart skipped with joy when I found Dad dishing up for the both of us. He smiled when he saw and I sat down. He gave me my plate and I was just about to dig in when he spoke. Dad: Let's say Grace. What the heck? He didn't even give me a moment to decline cause he immediately closed in eyes. I really had no idea what the hell was going on with my father cause we usually just eat. I let him be. This new him well I really didn't know how I was going to deal with him. Dad: Father God we thank you for this scrumptious meal and we bless your Holy name. Thank you. Amen. I opened my eyes and he didn't even look at me although I was looking at him but just ate. I really don't know what was going on with my father. The had to be someone who was behind his new attitude at life. It wasn't bad but it was all questionable. My father has never been a praying person then he goes to church only once and this happens? There has to be something behind all this new happenings. I washed the dishes after eating. I had just finished with drying the dishes when I heard a knock. I silently prayed it wasn't Tiisetso cause I was really not in the mood for her. I dragged my feet and opened the door after taking a deep breath in. My jaw dropped when I saw Thuli on my doorstep. Thuli: Close your mouth before a fly gets in there. She pushed me aside and got in before I could tell her to. She had sat down already when I came. Dad had went without even saying he's leaving. I sat opposite her and I could see she was a bit mad. Thuli: You know you such a bad friend. Me: What did I do? I seriously didn't know what I did. I tried to think of something but my mind just went blank I had no idea what she was on about really Thuli: You know I was absent on Friday but you never bothered to check on me and top of that you became absent and now that I see you I can see you perfectly fine. I sighed. I really didn't know how to answer her. Me: I'm sorry I don't know where you live I would have come. Thuli: Did you ever ask where I live? You don't even have my numbers. Me: I don't have a phone. Thuli: Oh? I nodded. Thuli: But still you could have long asked for my address. She was right. I had been a bad friend and I felt really bad. She had always been there for me but I was too selfish always consumed by my own troubles that I forgot about how she could be going through something. Me: You right I have been a bad friend and I'm really sorry. I promise I'll be a better friend from now on. Thuli: You promise? I took out my pinky finger. Me: I promise. We pinky promised and giggled together after. Me: So why were you absent on Friday? I was worried about you. She sighed. Thuli: I was sick. I had a running stomach. Me: Wow I'm sorry. Are you fine now? Thuli: I'm a hundred my mom took me to a doctor. Me: Oh that's much better. I really have to know where you stay especially because I don't have a phone. Thuli: What kind of 16 year old doesn't have a phone though? Me: You asking me the same thing dad said and my answer is still the same. Thuli: Which is? Me: I don't want a phone. Can I get you anything to drink? Thuli: I've been here for over ten minutes and you only asking now? I chuckled. Thuli is just too crazy. Me: Tea or Juice? Thuli: Juice. I got some cakes that my mom baked but since you didn't come. I laughed and went to pour juice for the both of us and went back to her. She had put the lunchbox with the cakes on top of the table so we ate with the juice. Me: They are delicious. Thuli: I know hey why didn't you come cause I know you not sick? I sighed. I didn't think I'd have to tell her so soon. I actually thought she had forgotten about this. Me: I just had a headache but now it's gone. I had to lie if I told her she'd want to go to Nobuhle and sort her out and that would only make matters worse for me. Thuli: Really? I nodded. I don't usually lie but I had to. Not when Nobuhle is apparently gunning for my blood. Tiisetso did say that she won't stop until she had destroyed me and I couldn't give her more ammunition to use against me. Thuli: Mm. I'll pretend I believe you for now. I accompanied Thuli to go catch a taxi. We shared a brief hug and she got in with me closing the door for her. I went back home and watched TV for the time being. She told me they had no homework so I could relax. I just wondered how I was going to be able to face Nobuhle tomorrow because I didn't really have the strength.

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