Prologue her story: the ugly girl

Beauty. I’ve often heard many expressions regarding this word. They say “Beauty is In the eyes of the beholder “. True? I think so. I think it’s true and it’s probably why everyone had to keep rubbing it in my face. There was one point where I didn’t believe what people said about me but even I a mere humanbeing get enough. My father a wonderful man. He’s the only one who Never called me a bad name he never for once confirmed what everyone was saying to me. He always said all the beautiful words to me he complimented me in every way. Unfortunately all that would flush out of my mind as soon as I walked outside. I’d have to hear people laugh at me and call me all sorts of disgusting. Some would call me an alien some a man and others a witch. I tried not letting all of that get to me but as I grew older

I couldn’t. I’d tear up each time when I reminisce it all. Everywhere they were mean. At school at the mall I even ended up being homeschooled after I fell into severe clinical depression because of all this. Why me? Why couldn’t I have a normal childhood like other kids? I’m grateful for my father my pillar of strength who has been with me through it all. Unfortunately I had to go back to school when I was starting grade 10. We had often moved from this neighborhood to the next because of how people treated me somehow I’d feel like a burden to my father. I’ve lost count of the many times he had to move his businesses because of me. I’m starting at a new school next week and I’m very nervous. Yes we have moved again and I have no idea how the kids from that school are going to treat me. I’m Nokubonga Khensani Dlamini and this is my story.

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