part 58


I heard her throwing up in the bathroom yet again. 

This was exhausting for me. 

Just my mom suffering like this then turning a blind eye to everything. 

It's like she was convinced I didn't know anything. 

She literally thought that I'm a fool but I did Life science and I've seen some documentaries on TV and stuff on movies and soapies. 

I don't know why she thought deceiving me was better. 

I had to go to school now. 

We were writing our final exams. 

Our prom was going to be after exams and I was happy because that meant having nothing to stress about. 

Me: " Are you Ok? "

I asked when she came out but she just nodded. 

Me: " Mother do you have something you want to tell me? "

Mom: " Something like what? "

Me: " I guess there's nothing "

I just stood up not even waiting for her to reply. 

I was going to school. 

Khaya: " You don't look good "

He said immediately when I arrived. 

Me: " I just hate the secrets man. "

Botho: " You should ask her straight up. Like 'mom are you pregnant and who's the father? ' "

Me: " What if it's Mr Jacobs? "

Enhle: " What about dad? "

She hugged me from behind. 

She had just arrived at school. 

Me: " How are you? "

Enhle: " What about my dad Zendae? "

Me: " We'll talk after writing. I don't want to stress you"

It was November and we had only three exams left. 

The last one being next week Tuesday. 

Enhle: " How are you guys by the way? "

Botho: " I'm good. I don't have any complaints. I actually can't wait to be done with high school. "

Khaya: " I'm looking forward to varsity and seeing my girl everyday. "

Me: " Let's go to the examination hall. We can't afford to be late"

I thought Enhle would have forgotten about this but immediately after writing and eating on our way to her car The question resurrected. 

Enhle: " So Dad? "

Me: " I think he's the reason.. Umm.. I think he's the reason my mom stopped working as a maid"

Enhle: " You do? "

I couldn't really tell her the truth. 

It's the same truth which I hoped wasn't true. 

I hoped I'm wrong because the reality was too bitter and hurting for me. 

Enhle: " I know you're lying "

Me: " What do you want me to say? "

Enhle: " Actually never mind "

She got into the car and I knew she was mad. 

When I didn't get into the car she hooted And I just chuckled and got in. 

Me: " I know you mad"

Enhle: " Am I? Really? How nice "

With that said she started the car and drove off. 

She was practically racing to her home. 

I didn't say anything. She got immediately when the Car stopped and I remained behind. 

She came back an hour later gave me Ashanti and started driving. 

The time came for our matric dance

Enhle and I were now good. She didn't speak to me for about two days but I had to beg beg and beg and here are we now. 

I was excited anxious and I had hardly slept the previous night. 

I was going to change at the JACOBS. 

Mom approved and her father didn't have any problem with it. 

We were at the spa getting ready for later today. 

It was a Friday The last Friday of November. 

Enhle: " This is so great. Being here

with you. I believe In a happily ever after each day because of you. Because of our love"

Me: " I'm usually the poetic one"

She laughed. 

Enhle: " I think it's sexually transmitted. "

I laughed and I saw the masseur blush. 

Don't ask how. 

Me: " I love you and I need you to know that I'll always do regardless of what happens "

Enhle: " I don't care. I just wanna enjoy the present And let the future worry about itself. "

After our spa treatment we went back home after eating and her glam squad and our photographer was already there. 

We took a shower together then dried and lotioned. 

I went back to the guestroom where I was pumped up. 

Of course not like Enhle but I had to look good. They did my hair and something to my face. 

I got dressed up in my formal pants a blazer and a black collarless shirt. 

I could finally get out of the guestroom. 

I met up with my beautiful girlfriend and she looked like a goddess. 

I just knew she was going to steal the show and that made me even more proud. 

We had an amazing evening. She even got an award for English and Life science. 

I was really so proud of her.

Enhle: " I've heard it Geez "

I laughed. 

Me: " But I'm really so proud of you "

Although we had booked the hotel we realised we had left our clothes at her house plus we wanted to get out of our dance clothes. 

We had a blue Lamborghini as our ride. 

Enhle: " Do we really have to go to this after party? "

Me: " Not really. We could go to the hotel and have our own fun"

I winked at her and she giggled. 

We arrived at her home and the chauffeur opened her door while I just got out. 

I had her heels and purse In my hands. 

Enhle: "It was such a beautiful night "

Me: " Definitely but I think it's your presence which made it even more fun"

She smiled. 

Enhle: " Thank you "

Surprisingly The lights were dim And there was something like a romantic setting with Rose petals on the floor. 

We followed the petals. 

We could hear her father talking somewhere in the house. 

Mr Jacobs: " I love you and our unborn baby. I know that you're a little undecided but I'm certain. I've already said a lot. To cut right to the chase will you marry me? "

Enhle: " I wonder who that is"

Me: " Only one way to find out "

This moment happened in slow motion. 

Mom: " Yes yes yes"

I still remember her face. I still remember catching her as she was about to fall.. The tears couldn't stop falling from my eyes. 

I had to run to the kitchen to get her a glass of water with my shaking hands.

Mom: " Look baby I.. We "

I gave her the hand took my girlfriend's hand and we walked out. 

This was just too much to process. 

My mom was pregnant with Mr Jacobs child.

I just knew that that was the end of my relationship and that My mom and I would never be the same. 



I hadn't talked to my dad since I left his house and I wasn't planning to. 

He had been calling blowing up my phone but I didn't pay attention. 

I ended up putting him on the reject list 

I just wasn't ready. 

Just the thought of my sister in harm couldn't sink in well with me. 

Me: "Do I really have to be there? "

Mandla: " It's my brother's traditional wedding. Of course we have to be there. Plus I want to meet this mysterious wife"

That was his final word. 

We drove to the airport then to the Royal house. 

There were already so many cars parked outside. 

I don't know how this happened but I had left my phone behind. 

I couldn't even call to check on my sister Or for her to tell me how her dance was yesterday. 

Vuyo: " I miss Zoe already "

I laughed. 

Me: " I miss her too but it's your dad who wants us here"

Mandla: "Do I always have to ask you to at least pretend you're happy to be here? "

Me: " Baby you know I love you right? "

He started to soften up. 

He likes it when I soft talk him but I was being truthful. 

Mandla: " Yes? "

Me: " And there's nothing I won't do to make you happy. I'm here because it makes you happy which makes me happy "

He smiled. 

Mandla: " I love you Buhle "

We kissed shortly then finally got out of the car. 

He was holding his daughter while I was holding hands with Vuyo and him on the other hand. 

Mandla: " Quickie in the shower? "

Me: " And the kids? "

We were whispering. 

Mandla: " She's sleeping. "

Vuyo: " Dad I'm going to find Musa "

Mandla: " You can go"

He looked at me after he was gone. 

Mandla: " Problem sorted "

We got dressed in our traditional attire after our steamy shower. 

There were people singing outside. 

Apparently the bride was on her way. 

No one prepared us for the shock. 

We were in the big stretch tent. 

Everyone gasped when she entered and I looked at Mandla before Looking at the entrance. 

Vuyo: " Ma.. Mama? "

He tried standing up but fell back down. 

Mandla just stood up and left. 

I sat there not knowing if I should stand or sit. If I should follow my husband or comfort his son.

The King was hyperventilating. 

The Queen was shook. 

I was... I was just numb.

Noluntu is alive? 

It didn't make sense but as soon as I remembered that we weren't allowed to see her corpse it all came back. 

I looked at her huge stomach. 

King: " This is... I must be dreaming "

Vuyo: " Didn't she Die Bubu? Is she a ghost? "

My heart broke as I looked at the son I had fallen fond of. 

I felt my world spin. 

My heart was just too heavy. 







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