part 57


My baby just had to cry around 3am

Mandla was fast asleep next to me and from how he was snoring I just knew there was no waking him up. 

I didn't even wear sleepers but just walked out of my room and to the nursery where I picked her up. 

Her nappy was still clean but I changed it either way. 

She didn't stop crying so I picked her up so I can go make her a bottle. 

I had to pass by dad's room and I was surprised to see the lights still on. 

Buhle was quiet surprisingly. 

His door was slightly open. 

I peaked through and the sight could have had me faint. 

I could see their faces clearly. 

I just ran down the stairs with my baby. 

I had to get a glass of water to do away with the shock. 

Me: "So it's... It's MamCarol. "

I really didn't know how to feel about this. 

I made Buhle's bottle and when it was ready I fed her burped her and finally she fell asleep again. 

I couldn't even sleep the last hours. 

I kept tossing and turning as the image of dad banging MamCarol from behind kept haunting mu thoughts. 

How could he do this? 

I just didn't understand because Minni is with BKay so it was really wrong of me. 

I knew I'd never see her the same ever again. 

Mandla: " What's going on? You were tossing all night "

He was coming from the bathroom and I had Buhle in my hands. 

I hadn't showered yet. 

Me: " I saw something. "

Mandla: "What did you see? "

Me: " I saw dad And Carol in a compromising position "

He laughed. 

Mandla: " Shagging? "

Me: " Carol is BKay's mom. BKay being Minni's boyfriend of a year and some months "

Mandla: " Wait what? "

Me: "This is going to kill her "

Mandla: "You going to tell her? "

Me: " It's not my place but if I could see that it's only a matter of time before she finds out. I can't believe she'd do this to her own son. "

Mandla: " She's selfish. I give her that "

Me: " Nothing will be the same between us after this. You know it wouldn't be a problem if Minni wasn't dating her son but now this.. I don't know "

Mandla: " Just make sure you're there for her when it happens. She'll need your support. "

I nodded. 

I put Buhle down since I could see she wanted to play already. 

He sat down next to me then cupped my face and we kissed. 

Mandla: " Relax Ok. It's Ashanti's party Today and we should be looking forward to that"

I smiled. 

Me: " You're right "

Mandla: " I'm hungry now "

Me: " We should go down for breakfast. We having it in the garden "

He took Buhle and we left. 

Vuyo was already sitting down.

I greeted and we sat down. 

Dad: " I thought Minni was joking when she said you're here "

Me: " Mm"

Mandla gave me a nudge on the rib. 

Even Troy was here having breakfast with us. 

It was Me Mandla Dad Minni

Troy and the kids. 

Me: " I mean yeah "

Minni looked at me and I faked a smile. 

Me: "Feels good to be home again "

Minni: " And I'm glad you're here. I missed you so much"

Me: "I missed you too. You're actually the reason I'm here. You and baby Ashanti "

She grinned at me and I'm glad she didn't get it. 

Troy Mandla and Dad did though. 

I could feel their eyes on me. 

We went to shower while the nanny looked after Buhle.

I had to get a nanny for this day. 

Mandla: " Your dad knows something is up"

Me: " Good because I'm going to have a word with him"

Mandla: " Baby "

Me: " No"

I got out of the shower and took a towel and dried My body. 

Mandla: " You're angry. It's understandable but let's not forget that this day is about Minni "

I sighed. 

Me: " Fine but I'm so having a talk with him "

Mandla: " Yes ma'am "



Carol: " I think you're exaggerating. She doesn't know anything "

Me: " I know my daughter And I saw how she looked at me. She knows something "

Buhle: " Yes I do"

It was after the party and we were in the corridor. 

She folded her arms and looked at us. 

Buhle: " Carol you'd do this to us after how good We've been to you? We were kind treated you like our mother and didn't even pass the same treatment dad had on you but you go and do this? "

Me: " I won't allow you to talk to her like that "

Buhle: " I'll talk to her however I want. I've lost all respect for you. To think I once saw you as a mother. How could you be so selfish? "

She was looking down with tears falling down her eyes. 

Me: " Can't you see you're upsetting her? "

Buhle: " I don't give a Damn. I was so convinced she loves her son but I guess I was wrong. Now it makes sense why she stuck with you even when you were rude. It's because she wanted to get into your pants! "

I slapped her. 

I was just so mad. 

She gasped and I regretted it. 

Me: " Buhle I.. "

She didn't even wait for me to say anything but ran off. 

Carol: "She hates me "

I pulled her to my chest and brushed her back. 

Me: " It'll be Ok "



I saw my wife running towards my direction and I immediately caught her in my arms. 

I had been talking to Troy Ashanti's father. 

Me: " Baby what's wrong? "

Troy brought her a glass of water and I helped her drink. 

He excused himself. 

Buhle: " Dad slapped me. He put his hand on me. He's never hit me before "

We were in her room now. 

Me: " You confronted him? "

Buhle: " I can't believe he did this. She's coming between us. How can she? "

Me: " I'm sorry baby "

Buhle: " Please tell Vuyo to start packing. I can't stay here any longer. We'll have to drive to Cape Town. "

Me: " Not with a baby "

Buhle: "You guys will find us there"

Me: " Look baby "

Buhle: " Hayi Mandla. Please don't "

I just knew I would not get through to her so I went to tell Vuyo to pack. 



Me: " You're leaving? "

I was so sad that my sister was leaving so soon. 

Buhle: " You know work and stuff. Mandla is staying though. "

Me: " Don't be a stranger. Thank you for coming "

We hugged and she left getting into her car. 

It's actually the one that had been here ever since she left. 

BKay: " Don't cry"

I laughed. 

Me: " I'm not a baby "

He laughed kissing my cheek. 

BKay: " It was a great party "

Me: " Definitely. Let's go have some after party in my room "

I grabbed a bottle of wine and left. 

Me: " What's going on? "

BKay: " I think mom is pregnant. "

Me: " What? "

BKay: " The signs are there and she's glowing. "

Me: " You should be happy "

BKay: " I thought she'd trust me enough to confide in me "

Me: " She's probably not ready. Stop worrying and let's have some wine and make love "

BKay: " That's all you want? "

Me: " Yes. Don't make me beg "

He laughed. 

BKay: " Never "

I smiled and poured us the wine. 





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