part 12 cassie forbidden love

BOIKANYO Botho: Dude where's Enhle? Me: Why you asking me? Khaya: She's your friend nje. Eish yazi I had such a bad day not seeing her it sucks. Me: This is so unlike her. I mean she never skips school. Botho: What if she got kidnapped? I looked into her accounts and she hasn't posted anything since yesterday. Khaya: She posts a picture everyday on Instagram. There's nothing for today. Me: I'll go check up on her then. Botho: Please. My heart can't handle this. I laughed. These two are something else. I took a taxi to the Jacobs mansion. I was actually also worried. I know she hates school but she never just skips school like this. I met up with mom at the door and we hugged. Me: Is Enhle here? Is she okay? She smiled. Mom: She's just heartbroken. Me: Huh? I looked at her perplexed and waited for her to tell me what she meant. Mom: I think she fought with her boyfriend. Now I got it. Me: Oh. And here I was thinking its something serious. Mom: It's more serious than you think. Anyway she's in her room. I have to go back to my work. Me: Is Mr Jacobs here? Mom: He's still at work along with Buhle. Me: Oh okay. I went up the stairs leaving mom to her work. I knocked in her door and she said I could come in. She looked like a mess. Enhle: What do you want? Me: Came to check up on you. We were worried when you did not pitch up for school today. Enhle: We? Me: The boys and I. She chuckled. Enhle: They don't give up do they? Me: You made quite an impression on them. Enhle: Am I a bad person BKay? Me: What? No. Why? Enhle: Then why do bad things happen to me? Me: What happened? Enhle: I've been such a fool. Me: Unm Enhle: I was his side chick. He had been cheating with me all along. Me: What? Are you sure? Enhle: She called me a "trophy girlfriend" . What the hell is that? Me: That's.. That's really bad. Enhle: On top of that she takes a video and the bastard has the guts to blackmail me on top of that bullshit. Me: Blackmail you? Enhle: He's threatening to post the video or should I say his girlfriend is . You know Tina? Me: She's always in his videos. Enhle: They've been together for five years Boikanyo five years. Then she started crying again. I went over to her brushed her back. She already looked like a mess. In her gown her hair messed up with a swollen face and baggy eyes Me: I'm sorry I'm really sorry. Enhle: I just hate him so much now. Me: He's not worth your tears. She looked at me. I wiped her tears with my thumb. I really don't like seeing women cry. More especially because of a guy. This is also what I hate about this dating thing. They end up getting hurt. Enhle: Why does it hurt so much? Me: You shouldn't give him the satisfaction that he hurt you. He's probably with his Tina right now doing God knows what. Enhle: I love him. I can't live without him. Me: You here alive and kicking. Enhle: My life is practically over now. Me: This exactly why I don't date. My mom is the only woman I love and in my life and it's less stressful that way. Look at you crying over someone who's moving on with his life like nothing ever happened. Enhle: You don't understand. Have you ever been in love? Have you ever given your all into a relationship then after two years find out it was all a lie? You just don't get it. Me: You right I don't. I have never had a relationship with anyone all my life. Enhle: So you have never kissed a girl? Me: Umm I don't. I have never had a relationship with anyone all my life. Enhle: So you have never kissed a girl? Me: Umm well I have but that's not the point. Enhle: Does that mean you a virgin? She looked at me amazed. Now I felt like she had pushed me into a corner Me: That's a personal question. Enhle: So you don't find me attractive? That's it? Me: Umm no. Enhle: You gay. I laughed. Really laughed. Me: Just because I'm not interested in girls doesn't mean I'm interested in guys. It doesn't work like that. Enhle: You've never really answered my question. Me: What? Enhle: Are you a virgin? Me: We should be talking about you here not me. She screamed. Enhle: Oh my word. You are a virgin. Me: Yes I am. Is that a problem? Enhle: It's actually cute. I chuckled. Me: Wow. Enhle: Really it is. How old are you? Me: I'm 16. Enhle: I was 16 when I met him. She started getting sad again. Me: You thinking too much about him. Enhle: I don't know what I'm going to do. I mean if she leaks the video my life is over. Me: I've noticed something about trends. Enhle: What? Me: They're new everyday. My point is sure they might leak the video but it won't last for long. Enhle: Everyone will know. They'll all know how he's been playing me. I mean of course I'm a fool. Who fails Grade 11 twice? This sucks. I'm 18 I should be in varsity now. Me: Pitying yourself won't help either. You can change that. You can pass it this time. Enhle: How? Me: That's where I come in. I took out books from my bag. Enhle: You can't be serious. Me: I am. We'll take it slowly this time. Enhle: BKay.. Me: Remember you got to prove to everyone that you not stupid. Let's do this. She smiled. We high fived. Enhle: Let's do it . NOBUHLE Mandla: My lady. Me: This is so risky. Mandla: I'd slay lions and serpents for you. I laughed. Me: That's so original. Mandla: Oh but I mean it. I'd kill for you. Me: I got myself a strong black man. Mandla: All yours baby. Me: Umm Mandla? Mandla: Yes. Me: How come we haven't kissed? Mandla: I don't want to end up in the snare of temptation and getting a taste of the forbidden fruit. Me: I'm not a virgin you know that. Mandla: That shouldn't be the reason we have sex before marriage. Me: We just going to kiss nothing much. Mandla: Don't tempt me Nobuhle. I really don't want to do anything to you now. Me: Oh. Mandla: Yes. So now when are we telling your father about us? Me: He's not in a good space now Mandla: There's no better time than the present. Me: What's the rush? Mandla: The uncles are on my throat About it. Me: Uncles? Mandla: Yes. Angithi we have to meet up with your uncles for Lobola and after that you'll come to stay ekhaya until the wedding. Me: As in Mpumalanga? Mandla: Yes baby that's how it works. Me: You seem to forget I have a job. Mandla: Oh no you won't need to work after I pay dowry for you. Me: Really? Mandla: Yes. Me: That's so amazing. Mandla: Yah. So when? Me: Maybe next week. Mandla: I'll inform them. Me: I personally can't wait for the wedding. I got so many ideas in mind. Mandla: I'm looking forward to making you mine. Me: Till death makes us part. Mandla: I'll drink to that.

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